1. In the original Sumerian story that features the first Adamu in the orchard at E.din there was no snake mentioned. However, because the Eagle Clan adopted the Jews and Enlil became their tribal god called Yahweh, the creation story was rewritten, and Enki, the head of the Serpentine Clan was demonized as a serpent that deceived the First Couple. In the original story it was Enki who created the first Adamu by cross-breeding the primitive hominids found very copious in Africa with their own Anunnaki kind, the extraterrestrial species – If there was no snake in the original story, there could never have been an original sin.
 2. In the original story of the Flood, as found in the Sumerian clay tablets, it was the Anunnaki leader, Enki, who saved his son Ziusudra from an Earthling female, from the Flood. The same story was plagiarized and Enlil made himself Yahweh who saved a righteous Noah from the Flood. From Sumer down through human history - nowhere is there any belief in one God who created mankind.
3. Where is it stated that a messiah will be born by a virgin? Nowhere! The promise to king Ahaz of Judah that a young lady would give birth to a child whose name shall be called Emmanuel, who, before he reaches the age of 12 years old the kingdom of Israel in the North will cease to exist. This was fulfilled in 722 BCE. However, the overzealous writers of the New Testament manipulated the Hellenistic Septuagint Scripture to say that a virgin was implied – therefore, there is no ground for a Messiah born of a virgin.
4. There is a prophecy of Daniel about the arrival of a messiah precisely in a 70 weeks' time (490 days, a day is taken as a year in prophecy).  When counted from 457 BCE (being the year king Artaxerxes, the third to issue a royal edit for the resettlement of the Jewish nation after the Babylonian Captivity) the arrival of the Messiah was expected to be in 27AD. At a glance, this looks like a great prophecy that correctly predicted the arrival of the Messiah in the first century. However, there is a snag.........the vision was purported to have been given in the first year of a Darius king of the Medes. The truth is, there is no one in human history known as Darius the Medes. Hence, the entire prophecy was a work of fiction written in the first century. The author has been gracious to leave the telltale so that those who would search carefully will detect the fabrication and realize it is a work of fiction intended to fool many.
5. According to Matthew Jesus was born in the year 6BCE because King Herod died in 4BCE and before he died he killed Jewish children of two years and below in his futile bid to kill baby Jesus. Scholars never believed that a puppet king under the watch of the Roman Empire can ever carry out such a dastard infanticide. On the other hand, however, Luke identified that Jesus was born when a census was called by Emperor Augustus and Cyrenius in was governor of Syria. Josephus attests to it that the census took place in the second year of Cyrenius' reign, that is, 7AD. A historical person can't be born 13 years apart.
6. The genealogy irreconcilableprovided for the Messiah in the book of Matthew and Luke are .
7. The ministry of Jesus was purported carried out by a 13-member team which corresponds with a Sun in the midst of 12 Zodiacs.
8. According to John Jesus died on Nisan 13th, on the preparation of the Passover. According to the Synoptic Gospels Jesus ate the Passover on Nisan 14th with his disciples and then was killed on the same day. A historical person could not have been killed on the two different days.

9. The works or the writing of Flavius Josephus who is publicly known as a first-century Jewish historian is very crucial to the understanding and interpreting of the Bible prophecy and story. Only with the work of Josephus can it be discerned that there was a possible Nibiru Window circa 200 BCE. This provides the clues to understanding Jesus's double birth dates.

10. The double birth dates for Jesus provided the adequate hint to Denis the Little, the Catholic monk who fixed the date for the beginning of the Common Era in the sixth at 1AD. Interestingly, the work of the Catholic monk was carried out in order to make a prophecy of Daniel regarding the 2300 Days come true. Without the correct setting of the beginning of the Common Era, this prophecy will be meaningless and misinterpreted. This has been happening for centuries thereby giving false hope for the Second Return of Jesus of Nazareth.

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