My name is Tunji Adeeko. I am a black man, a Nigerian, who has repeatedly asked questions bothering on: Why is my race, the black race backwards? Why is the black race mostly hated, objects of cheap labour, the unrewarded specimen in the global inhuman experiments and an easy target for the gravest ill-treatment all over the world? Why has Africa unable to attain an enviable position of respect, dignity, and prosperity; for the joy and pride of her teeming citizenry?

At the age of 20 years, I set out to find answers to my questions. I almost gave up after many years but somehow I persisted. Some of the answers I got are now put together in this book titled THEY LIED TO US – A Critical Review of the Origin of Monotheism.

On my website homepage is a graphical illustration of human history covering, precisely, from 3,800 BCE to 2,405 CE. I came up with the idea of the diagram as a way of summarizing my work within the shortest possible time of interacting with anyone. I do hope the reader can interpret it and grasp the key points with ease. The submission of my findings is reflected on the diagram title: that is, the cherished monotheistic religious practice, which started in the Middle East and spread to absorb half of the world population as at today, was a work of fiction; a product of an experiment that commenced in 6th Century BCE.

The current need to review the worldview on the religious matter is not unconnected with the archaeological reports covering the past 150 years. Below is the summary of my findings in the light of my interpretation of the past, the present, and possibly of the near future. I do hope that this will stimulate you, the reader, to buy and read the book. The book will be available for sale on international online bookstores in the last quarter of this year, 2018.

  • 1) Life was seeded to our would-be solar system by panspermia at a timeless period in the past. The Milky Way is our home and we have hundreds of billions of stars, gas and dust held together by gravity. There are other galaxies that are much older than our Milky Way. Before, and as at the time when the Earth was being transformed through the evolution of species, life already existed in other star constellations. And as such, man has never been alone in the universe.

2) About half a million years ago a species of the extraterrestrial beings called the Anunnaki saw the need to establish a colony on planet Earth and mine its resources. This mining activity, especially in Southern part of Africa, eventually resulted in the alien’s cross-breeding experiment carried out between themselves and the primitive life-forms (ape-like) to produce the human being currently classified as Homo sapiens. These human hybrid were used as the labour force at the mine sites. This took place about three hundred thousand years ago; the theory of the mitochondrial Eve agrees with this. There are other aliens who had always interacted with humans for different purposes. While some abduct humans, some relate with humans for the purpose of elevating us onto a higher spiritual dimension. Some are now subterranean, living in specialized caverns or research centres below the Earth surface. It is said that some aliens are human-like, almost indistinguishable from normal humans. Some aliens are discovered to be benevolent while some are malevolent. The many out-of-place artefacts found across the globe are the resultant memoirs left behind by the various visitations of the aliens in the past.

3) The “God” story packaged for human beings in the religious books are references to the aliens’ Earth visit and the interactions they had with human beings in the past. The aliens are still very much around, mostly in disguise, secretly manipulating various governments to effectively control the earthlings. They are using few selected humans who front for them – these I call, in my book, the KEEPPer of Secret.

4) Prior to 6000 BCE the aliens were controlling the Earth and human activities. However, at about four thousand years BCE human civilisation was ordered under the watchful eyes of a class of the aliens called the Anunnaki, at Sumer in Mesopotamia (Middle East). Human civilisation thereafter peaked again at Egypt, India, Akkad and Babylonia (Middle East), and then in Europe leading to the Common Era.

5) The Bible is incorrect in alluding, via biblical chronology, that Mr & Mrs Adam were the first humans created in Mesopotamia around 4,000 BCE. This is one of the aliens’ mind control mechanism. Because mankind arose from the alien’s crossbreed experiment dating to some three hundred thousand years, naturally, the aliens became the first recorded gods and goddesses to the earliest humans. This gave rise to polytheism as recorded in the history of Sumer, Akkad, Egypt, India, Greece and Rome. These activities took place in the Age of Taurus, 4,180 - 2020 BCE, my deduction providing an adjustment of ±5 years. (See PDF diagram on the website homepage www.tunjiadeeko.com)

6) From around 2,000 BCE an ambitious alien by the name Marduk, either by trick or as a result of a true conquest, took over the leadership of the Earth and later composed the Enûma eliš (the Babylonia Creation Story) that was to become a key religious material that ruled the Age of Aries, 2020 BCE – 140 CE. Enûma eliš was not a true story of how the universe originated, Marduk falsified history to put himself far and above the other ancient deities in a composed myth mixed with historical events. He made himself the principal actor of his own story, a henotheistic deity. When the Assyrians conquered the Babylonians, they continue to make use of the Enûma eliš but replaced the name of Marduk with that of their own chief god, Ashur or Marduk became Ashur to the Assyrians.

 7) In reaction to Marduk’s effrontery to relegate the other important deities, including his father, to the background, Marduk’s uncle, an ancient Sumerian supreme god known as Enlil, strategically used the Jews to redirect mankind from the obvious deceits. By creating monotheism, a belief that there is only one God in heaven who created all things, the Bible in itself became another falsified document. Keen searchers have identified that some truth which is preserved in the Bible are hidden in allegories, symbols and parables, just like in the Enûma eliš. For example, the opening chapter of the Bible reads “In the beginning, God (Elohim) created the heaven and earth.....” The meaning of Elohim (gods) was misinterpreted by priests as God, a singular entity when indeed many alien characters were involved in the true creation stories which first took place on the African soil. Archaeological findings have also confirmed that Yahweh was conceived to have a consort or wife, Asherah, an idea not popularly promoted among Bible believers.

 8) Over the time, mankind migrated and inculcated animism into the polytheism to produce pantheism in places like India, and a mixture of diver beliefs in many localised traditional beliefs. Yahweh too started off as a henotheistic deity, that is, to worship one god in a midst of many (aliens). The later monotheism concept was a mastermind of Enlil who presented himself as the Yahweh of the Bible in his bid to rise above every other deity like the time of old at Sumer. Enlil was Zeus in Greece and Jupiter in Rome. In secret societies, some still worship Enki, the elder brother of Enlil (or both). Enki was Ptah in Egypt, Neptune in Greece and Poseidon in Rome. Enki’s first son, Marduk or Bel was Ra in Egypt and Baal in the Bible. Marduk’s first son is Nabu and the name Nebuchadnezzar means “O god Nabu, preserve/defend my firstborn son.” The rift between Enki (Serpentine Clan) and Enlil (Eagle Clan or Ram Clan) resulted in the castigation of one clan by another depending on who authored the history or religious book. Hence, Enki, the head of Serpent clan, was demonized by the Bible writers (Enlil factor) as Serpent and Lucifer, but the same Lucifer is being worshipped in secret societies as ‘god of wisdom’ by those who understand the game plan and deceits.

 9) According to the Sumerian text, as interpreted by the late Zechariah Sitchin, there is a once-in-3600-year-meeting held where the leadership of the aliens from the home planet meet the entourage stationed on Earth, to deliberate on the future of mankind. This meeting takes place when the alien’s planet comes closest to the Earth in its 3600 years orbital journey. The last of such a meeting took place, according to my research, between 200 – 160 BCE. (See the PDF diagram on website homepage.) The fallout from the last meeting was that the council of the gods objected to the Enlil’s use of the Jews to propagate monotheism. The council of the gods reinstated that the Age of Aries still belongs to Marduk or the Serpentine Clan. This objection eventually resulted in the destruction of Jerusalem and the removal of the Jews from Palestine in 136/7 BCE shortly before the Age of Aries expired. The Jewish expulsion has absolutely nothing to do with the purported killing of a messiah popularly called Jesus Christ. Further communiqué to the meeting was that Rome would be the head of the New Age. This informed the changes that came to Rome at the turn of the millennium BCE such as the import of many obelisks from Egypt and the change of calendar from lunar to solar calendar – details in my book. Enlil’s desire to use the white (or pale) race may also have informed the underlining reason why the Jews of that time were rejected - they were of a mixed race.

10) Following Marduk’s composition of the Enûma eliš and the Council of god’s directive to do away with the Jews, a new religion was agreed upon to rule the Age of Pisces . To borrow a leave from Marduk who was ruling from Babylon but was worshipped in Egypt as the god ‘Ra’- the hidden or unseen god, he was also the Sun-god, the concept was entrenched that man does not need to see the gods or “God” in order to worship IT. In addition, the concept of religious syncretism became very popular before the Common Era whereby the features of previous or existing deities are mixed up to produce a new god or deity. On these bases was Christianity invented. The head of the Sumerian pantheon became the Trinity: The Father in heaven (King Anu in the home planet), The Son (Enlil who already adopted the Jews and now the entire world (Christians) as his children was undisputedly the preferred or the chosen son, he was represented as a mythological Jesus who was to conquer the world for his father [Anu]) and The Holy Spirit (Enki, the god of wisdom, the lover of water and thus the water baptism). In the Catholic Church, Mary represents the mother goddesses. The rest of the gods and goddesses became the many ‘saints’ of the Church. Various forms of Trinity exist in other lands and cultures. All the characters attributed to Jesus of Nazareth had once been used for other solar deities in the past such as Horus, Krishna, etc.

 11) The entire world did not buy this idea for some time, such as, the Arabs in the Middle East. Therefore, it became necessary to create another monotheistic religion. 

There was no historical Jesus in the first century and as such, no Jesus is coming back the second time. The fallacy of a Jewish messiah was re-echoed in the Quran, the twin brother of the Bible and the flip side of the same coin. It was the Vatican that created a prophet for the Arabs and as such the birth of Islam. Christianity and Islam are, therefore, representing the two fishes in the symbol of Pisces zodiac; the Yin and Yang, the Sun and the Moon, the light and darkness, the Order and Chaos, etc. The Far East would rather stay out of the fable of the newly formulated religions and stick to their local beliefs or nothing at all. Europe and America have no doubt used the religion to conquer the West and prosper. The same role the Arabs has played using the slot originally reserved for the Jews.

12) In the 14th Century, King Anu stepped down as the king of the alien’s home planet called Nibiru. Nanna, the former moon god of old became the new king. The keen contest for the throne which resulted in the emergence of Nanna had fallout; Marduk was evicted permanently from Nibiru. The new leadership envisaged that Marduk would set his eyes to possibly recruit and empower the black race to fight back. The evidence of fondling relationship that existed between the gods of the ancient era and the black race was left behind in the stone heads found in Mesoamerica. (History has so far been rewritten, many times, in order to erase the black man’s great achievement and contribution to the human race’s progress.) However, the Nanna-led Nibiru also knew or was hopeful that Marduk would still respect the Fate Station, the boundary of the zodiacal ages. In the main time, before the New Age sets in where Marduk may have legitimate claims, the Nanna-led Nibiru kingdom used his vast control base in Europe and the Middle East including the use of Christianity and Islamic forces to destroy and dehumanise Africa and the black race. This was the brain behind the underdevelopment, the brutal enslavement, as well as the psychological war, put up against the black race post 14th century. The two religions are like wedges carefully designed to permanently divide the people of the continent of Africa in order to ensure that unity of purpose would continue to elude them. In order for Europe to achieve a new height in exploration and exploitation, the required technical support in the area of the compass, writing, gunpowder, engineering, etc. was supplied from China (a possible secret alien research centre). From the 18th century came the payback time for the Jews to compensate them for the punishment meted out to the nation for no obvious wrongdoing except the miscalculation of the chief god, Enlil, in his intention to make of them “a holy nation and a royal priesthood” which backfired. For this reason, the Nanna-led Nibiru government (Nanna is Enlil’s son) reabsorbed the Jews into the mainstream of global affairs – the rest is now the history we are witnessing.

 13) Only the poorest of nations of the world and the feeble-minded who cannot reason outside the box, are sticking to the fables of religions seeking for a saviour who never existed, to come and save them from the woes of the aliens’ oppressions. The KEEPPer of Secret are fronting for the aliens and they are ensuring that the aliens’ plans are executed to the letters. In addition, they are amassing and looting the wealth of the world for their sinister plan. To UK/US (the Sun) and Saudi Arabia (the Moon), religion is their conquering logo as of a Master Race over the conquered people, the Slave Race. The aliens have been manipulating people using religions with seemly incredible great results, even performing miracles at religious functions. There was never a historical Jesus Christ, the clear evidence is seen in the double dates both for the birth and death of the one acclaimed to be the saviour, as recorded in the New Testament and ably interpreted by history. (Read my article on this topic here.) These obvious contradictions are no error but are the clear signature of the Brotherhood who wrote the Bible. Religious tales were created by the aliens and propagated by their foot soldiers as a principal tool to rule the Age of Pisces, 140 CE – 2300 CE. (Daniel 8:14)

14) Man is an infinitesimal fraction of the infinite creator. As an immortal spirit being, man, just like the aliens (who are rather on a higher spiritual plane), are wearing a mortal cloth we call the physical body for a specific purpose on this Earth journey. Every man must look inward to connect with the infinite power within and to find meaning in his life. Religion was never designed to unite the world but to divide humanity for easy control. The aliens have recruited the services of selected races to carry out their selfish and sinister agenda. Man must wake up and find his true spiritual path in order to discern the true intent and purpose of his existence. Man must love and relate with one another executing justice and fairness in all his dealings. The aliens are here to distract and entrap mankind on this golden but difficult voyage. They are creating lots of negative energy (evil) in the multiple disaffections through religious factions, conflicts, wars and death, poverty, drugs, slavery, the doomed global economy, etc. When man builds up negative Karma by failing to know who he is to see the entire humanity in its true light, that is, all are of ONE source; and walk in truth and light, he remains on the lowly rung of the spiritual ladder. Only those who see through the evil plans of the aliens and come out of it, helping others too, shall be elevated to a higher spiritual dimension after death. Man does not necessarily need religion to have morals. The time is running short and the dawn of a New Age is here.

 “When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who, by their actions and deeds, shall make the Earth green again. They will be known as THE WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW”

Old Native American Prophecy




Tunji Adeeko

August 25, 2018

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