The part of the cosmos that can be seen from Earth, that is, the observable universe, is now believed to contain at least two trillion galaxies. A recent British-led study revealed that the previously projected figure of about 100 – 150 billion galaxies is a gross underestimation. A galaxy is a huge collection of gas, dust, and billions of stars and their solar systems. In our galaxy, the Milky Way, there about 11 billion Earth-sized planets suspected to be orbiting Sun-like stars.

With more than 90% of the galaxies yet to be explored by human scientists and with the high possibility of the existence of a multiverse, it is imperative that scientists and mankind should be humble enough to admit that NO ONE KNOWS FOR CERTAIN WHEN AND HOW THE UNIVERSE CAME INTO EXISTENCE, man can only speculate.

Scientists are now more disposed into accepting that life was primarily seeded to the Earth planet from which evolution of species emanated - directed panspermia. In the same vein, it has been accepted that lives of varying forms at different frequencies or dimensions do exist in the universe. A document that was once classified as “top-secret” to the former USSR and restricted among high ranking military, diplomats and politicians chronicled various aliens that had been in existence long before life was formed on Earth. The document lists 58 types (species and sub-species) of the extraterrestrial (ET) beings that had visited Earth and the star constellations they originate from, some of them are of unknown origin.

Broadly speaking, some of the aliens are benevolent (e.g. ELFFAF, RAMAY, EL-MANOUK, MAGELL, etc.) while others are malevolent with few regarded as intergalactic criminals and predators such as MAITRE, MAZAREK, etc. It is reported, specifically, that when evolution had produced primates on Earth, a particular alien species came, like many others, to mine minerals on earth; they took a special interest in the primates. This alien named ANUNAKENE, aka Anunnaki, carried out genetic manipulation on some primates to produce a more intelligent species now known as Homo sapiens. At a later stage and up to the recent time, some other aliens such as INDUGUTK (aka Tall White) do abduct human beings for a medical experiment. Some of the abductees are used to populate many colonies formed on thousands of planets in the universe. The aliens known as RAK are said to create the belief in the "Jinn" in Islam mythology, they no longer visit because of the incompatible immune system to Earth flora and fauna. The RAMAY was said to have greatly influenced Mayan culture. The Anunnaki also created sub-species of Zeta Reticulan who became Pharaohs of Egypt.

Some aliens or ETs are reptilian and capable of shape-shifting into an almost perfect human being. They are cold-blooded thereby making them lack in pity and warmth. Some aliens such as MATRAX are known to be very aggressive while CARAVELDI are considered to be extremely dangerous to humans and other alien species. TANZANY, in order to study how other races react to tragedies and cataclysms, causes enormous death in the form of “accidents”, terrorism and wars. However, the PLEYADIYANS (PLEIADIANS) are associated with spiritual growth and religious beliefs (SMAD). Other characteristics include those that are peaceful, nocturnal, and those that use underwater and/or underground facilities as their base across all the continents. While some announced their appearance to the head of government of the USA, China, Russia and Europe and seek collaboration in the form of exchange technology for access to whatever “material” they want, some are very discreet and are ever hardly seen. About two aliens are known to have only been sighted with the aid of US and Russian powerful military camera and radar system or else they and their ship are invisible to the naked eyes. Dogs do mostly pick up some alien’s presence and bark profusely even when human eyes cannot detect them.

Lastly, it is reported that there used to be a “Council of 9” but currently known as the “Council of 5” aliens whose primary assignment is to ensure that the Earth is protected from invasion by the extremely dangerous aliens.
In my next post I will answer this question and also clearly reveal how the Serpentine and Eagle clans came into existence.

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