Besides the publication of The Alien races – The Russian Secret Book by Dante Santori from where I made the excerpt used for my last post, many researchers and authors had wondered how the many great ancient monuments found across the Earth continents came about when there is no human history to back it up. While some authorities would argue that they are left over from a previous world long destroyed, others will posit that some ancient astronauts came to the Earth.

Incidentally, the Sumerian archaic (pre-cuneiform) writing and the Egyptian hieroglyphs are generally considered the earliest true writing systems, both emerging out of their ancestral proto-literate symbol systems from 3400–3100 BCE, with earliest coherent texts from about 2600 BCE. There was a record of writing, one and half millennium years before Abraham made an appearance on world history. Late Zechariah Sitchin wrote almost a dozen books on his interpretations of the ancient Sumerian clay tablets.
Excerpts are as follows:

*That at about half a millennium years ago, King Anu from a planet called Nibiru, which by the way is part of our solar system but moves in a unique elongated orbit of 3600 years around our sun, sent a special team to Earth for special material. Nibiru scientists are highly advanced and capable of space travel.

*The Anunnaki’s primary assignment was to mine gold from the Earth to salvage their deteriorating atmosphere.

*While on Earth, one of their chief scientist called ‘Ea’ but was later given the title of ‘Enki’ who supervised the gold mining in South Africa area noticed the primate (apes) in the thick forest and began to have a wild, crazy idea – the idea to create an intelligent workforce (slaves) to carry out the mining activities for them.

*They successfully crossbred the apes with themselves and produced Homo sapiens – far superior to apes but not as powerful as the Anunnaki. Besides, it was believed that they also tinkered with genetic codes responsible for longevity; hence, “tree to life” denied compared with the Anunnaki’s extremely long time.

*The black race was the first human race.

*Physicists have confirmed that there were mining activities in South Africa between 80,000 – 115,000 years ago. And according to the theory of Mitochondria ‘Eve’, the first set of genes that gave rise to Homo sapiens has been traced to Africa about 250,000 years ago. This period accommodates the arrival of the Anunnaki around 450,000 years ago.

*The Sumerian record wrote that there was indeed a flood that affected a greater part of the Earth around 13,000 years ago, but the true story was never as the Bible writers manipulated it to be. In the original story, Enki fathered a son through an earthling woman and named him Ziusudra (Sumerian) and Utnapishtim (Akkadian) which became Noah in the Bible. The flood did not occur because men sin against God. Get a copy of THEY LIED TO US to read the details.

*Besides Enki, there was a younger brother, an heir apparent and the head of the Nibiru’s Earth Mission team, called Enlil and a daughter of Anu, a great doctor or nurse – Ninhursag.

*After the Flood, the world was divided into three; the northern hemisphere from the Middle East was given to Enlil and his progeny while the southern hemisphere from Egypt was given to Enki and his progeny. In Egypt, Enki became Ptah while his first son Marduk (in Babylon) became Ra unto the Egyptians. Other sons of Enki are Ningishzidda who became Thoth in Egypt. Others sons were Nergal, Geb, Dumuzi while Horus was Enki’s grandson. Enlil’s sons are Ninurta, Nanna and Ishkur. Many monuments were constructed during the pre-historic period, that is, before human history was written down. The core Middle East was reserved for the gods (aliens)

*There was a royal visit by King Anu about six millennia ago when Nibiru planet came closest to the Earth. This 40-year period was commemorated with the laying of the foundation of the temple of Enki circa 3800 BCE at Eridu. After King Anu departure, a lunar calendar was designed at the temple of Enlil at Nippur circa 3760 BCE. This is the calendar in the hand of the Jews till date. Civilisation commenced at Sumer at this point with human kings installed as a shepherd unto mankind, taking directives from the alien ‘gods’. The aliens were gods and goddesses unto the earliest human race in an organized society.

Enki, going by the double-helical DNA strands was given the epithet of “snake” or “serpent” and became the head of the serpentine Clan. Pharmaceutical shops still carry the symbol of double snakes on a cross – this is an ancient symbol. Enki ruled Africa, Mesoamerica and far lands with the possibility of reaching America – he has a great affinity for water and sailing. Enlil became the head of Eagle Clan. By extension, Enki's clan symbols, besides ‘Serpent’ will include “Dragons” as well as “Plumed Serpent”. Enlil’s clan symbols, besides ‘Eagle’, will also include "Double Eagle" and "Double-headed Eagle".

More to come……

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