Sumerian civilisation records the ‘first’ in virtually everything in human affairs – see the book HISTORY BEGINS AT SUMER by Samuel Noah Kramer.

From Wikipedia “The Ubaid period (c. 6500–3800 BCE) is a prehistoric period of Mesopotamia." From archaeological findings, the foundation of the temple of Enki was laid at Eridu circa 3800 BCE. Why then is it alleged from the Hebrew Calendar that Adam and Eve were created 5779 AM (3760 BCE)? If there were pottery dated to the Halaf Culture between the period of 6100 and 5100 BCE, then, it cannot be true that Adam and Eve were created 3760 BCE. What is the true meaning of the Jewish calendar? The period of 3800 and 3760 marks the 40-years gap denoting a Nibiru Window – this was the time when King Anu visited the Earth and gifted Sumerian Civilisation to mankind. Sumerian “suddenly” appeared without any direct connection to the Ubaid or Halaf periods that predated it. 40 years, possibly of Sumerian origin, has been a reoccurring date in the history of Bible characters and events.

AGE OF TAURUS (4,180 – 2,020 BCE [ ±5 years]):

The Sumerian Civilisation (c.3200 – 2360 BCE) – The Sumerian Civilisation occurred during the Age of Taurus. The Sumerian pantheon was headed by Enlil as a physical representation of King Anu. Since the king doesn't reside on Earth, he was naturally the "OUR FATHER, WHO HATH IN HEAVEN (Nibiru)".

Ancient Egyptian Civilisation (c.2850 – 2050 BCE) was headed by Enki (Ptah). Solar calendar was long invented in Egypt before this time.

*Akkadian Empire (c.2335 – 2150 BCE) – headed by Sargon of Agade and Inanna

*According to the Sumerian Clay Tablets as translated by Zechariah Sitchin, after the initial division of the Earth between Enki and Enlil, Inanna (Ishtar), a grand-daughter of Enlil attempted to marry Enki’s last son, Dumuzi (Tammuz), but in a mysterious manner Dumuzi died and Ishtar blamed Marduk for his death. Thereafter, King Anu gave the region of Akkad to Inanna. Inanna found and married Sargon of Agade or Sargon the Great and together they conquered many lands. As said in my previous post, ‘Eagle’, ‘Double Eagle’ and ‘Double-headed Eagle’ are the unique symbol of the clan of Enlil while ‘Serpent’, ‘Dragon’ and ‘Winged Serpent’ are the symbol of the clan of Enki.

The deities known to the Sumerians were An(u), Enki, Enlil, Inanna, Utu (twin brother to Inanna), Sin (Ada) - Source: Wikipedia. Other Anunnaki gods and goddesses were mentioned in my previous post.

It can be seen that in the Age (of Taurus) that accommodated the first human civilisation, there is nothing in the resemblance of the knowledge that there is One God or about “Adam and Eve”. It was mentioned, though, in the Sumerian texts that the Anunnaki had an orchard at E.din (Eden) but there was nothing close to the narration expressed in the Bible. The Anunnaki deities were many. As a result of intercourse between the aliens and the humans, many demi-gods (half alien, half human) were born and many of them became Pharaohs in Egypt and all other places in Africa as well as Kings in Mesopotamia.

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