AGE OF ARIES 2020 BCE – 140 CE [± 5 years] (continued from the 13th post)


With almost three-quarters of the Age of Aries spent, Nabu’naid, which means “Nabu is praised” neglected the Babylonia Empire and embarked on an extensive archaeological expedition to uncover the temples of the moon god, Nanna (Sin). In his stead was Belshazzar upon the throne. Nabu'naid whore after Nanna, the moon god whom he elevated to the highest status, a role meant for Marduk. Marduk was wrath and snatched Babylon from him in a bloodless coup and gave the kingdom to Cyrus the Great of Persia in 539 BCE. In Cyrus Cylinder which is kept at the British Museum, Cyrus clearly attributed his successive taking over of Babylon to Marduk’s approval and support even though he was a Persian. The Jews were among the people and nations that Cyrus released from the Babylonia Captivity.

It is now understood that the Jewish holy book was composed during the Babylonia Captivity borrowing from many sources to make its content. The Book was further worked upon many years after the Return from the Captivity. The antagonism against the “Serpent” which is the epithet of the Enki Clan clearly give away the brain behind the new religious ideology as the Clan of Enlil. From POLYTHEISM, the world was reduced to HENOTHEISM under Marduk, and now to MONOTHEISM under Enlil influence. Monotheism promotes the belief that there is only one God in ‘heaven’. The only similar scenario in the antiquity was when the young Pharaoh, Akhenaten, attempted to eradicate polytheism in Egypt to the worship of only one ‘god’ – the Sun.

After the period of 3800 – 3760 BCE, another Nibiru Window fell on 200 – 160 BCE. The council of the Anunnaki’s chieftains reviewed human history and came to the following conclusions:

a. The Age of Aries had not expired; hence, it was wrong for the Enlil Clan to have encroached this period with the monotheism of Judaism. The Jews were flatly rejected.
b. The idea of a saviour for mankind, a supernatural man to shepherd human was perceived as a good idea – the Anunnaki had, by this time, withdrawn their presence from direct contact with mankind. Behind the appointed civil and religious leaders they are to determine humanity's fate. c. King Anu announced that he needed to step down as the king of Nibiru, he would appoint his successor in due time.
d. The navel of the Earth, the New Babylon in the New Age shall be Rome. A role Egypt had previously played. e. The Caucasian shall rule the New Age as against the mixed race of which the black race was very prominent which ruled the previous two ages starting from human civilization at Sumer.

At this time in history, the baton had passed from the Persians unto the Greeks. However, in 168 BCE an old Roman Senator was saddled to communicate the new directive to Antiochus IV Epiphanes while he led his army to fight Egypt. He aborted the trip and return to persecute the Jews starting from 167 BCE leading to the Maccabean Revolt and subsequently the stein persecution of the Jews in the hand of the Romans. Since the Romans were appointed between 200 – 160 BCE to champion the New Age and the Anunnaki had long identified religion as a key tool for the control of mankind, who then would design a new religion for the future Roman Empire, the Romans or the Jews?

Evidence abounds that the Roman aristocrats fabricated the New Testament and not the illiterate follower of an imaginary figure called Jesus of Nazareth. The records speak for itself.
During the first century BCE and CE, the Romans discontinued the use of the lunar calendar for Solar calendar that was invented in Egypt. Obelisks, the symbol of Sun-worship, were transported from Egypt to Rome in large numbers. This includes the obelisks at the Vatican and in many important cities of the world till date. Christianity is nothing but a rebrand of the agelong Sun-worship religion.

For details, read the book THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity And Islam Were Forged.


As the end of the Age of Aries was fast approaching, that is 140 CE, the Jews needed to be evacuated from Palestine. The Romans capitalised on the Bar Kokhbar Revolt of 132 – 136 CE to make an end of the Jews as a nation in order to pave the way for the incoming religion called Christianity. The expulsion of the Jews from their homeland had absolutely nothing to do with the killing of any Messiah called Jesus of Nazareth. Many acts and words put into the characters in the New Testament were stolen from other sources and woven into the Messiah image.

The reason why there are four (4) different birthdays for Jesus of Nazareth (a case not plausible were there a historical person) is that the Bible writers do not want the masses to know that the beginning of the current age is 140 CE as against 1 AD currently peddled via Jesus’ story which put this year at 2019 CE. It is a fallacy and blatant lie.

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