There are three (3) major cities that are controlling the global affairs: Washington DC controls the world military (with stiff opposition from Russian and China), London City controls the global commerce, and the Vatican City controls world religions.

The Vatican is controlling almost 55% of the world population. This comprises the Christians and the Muslims.

I am sure many Muslims will protest that they are not being controlled by the Vatican City. From the picture of the monstrance used to dispense the Blessed Sacrament, one can see that the Moon crescent which is the symbol of Islam is carefully imbibed in the Sun disc with its rays.

Christianity is Sun worship with the characters of Jesus Christ depicting that of a sun-god (…). The Moon has no light all by itself, it only reflects whatever light is shown on it by the sun. If you remove all Bible related stories from the Qur'an, nothing tangible is left. Christianity is the Sun while Islam is the Moon.

From time immemorial mankind had always worshipped the Sun, the Moon and the Stars as well as other planetary bodies. The modern men are in no way different, they have only fleshened the story with human details.

An ex-Jesuit, while he was still a priest, discovered how the Vatican created Islam. He was stunned and made open his testimony. He had since died from suspected food poison. The original publication can be viewed here , they have a distributor(s) in Nigeria for retail sales for those who will be interested in the story. You may Google HOW THE VATICAN CREATED ISLAM to read the pdf format.

Who then is the Vatican controlling?
1. Anyone who believes in the tale that says a virgin gave birth to a son some 2,000 years ago. 2. Anyone who believes in Trinity.

It is either or all. Search yourself. Whether you run to Rome or Mecca or America, you are in the same boat.

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