How did the Eagle and Serpentine clan possibly come into existence?

Today, one third of the world population has been indoctrinated into believing that "God" created the world or the Earth and/or mankind very recently, that is, 3761 BCE going by the Jewish calendar which recognises this year 2019 CE as 5779 A.M. (the Latin words Anno Mundi means “in the year of the world” or Year After Creation.)

Science, however, says that the universe was created from “nothing” 13.7 billion years ago and that the last universal common ancestor which is the most recent organism, and from which all organisms now living on Earth descended, lived some 3.5-3.6 billion years ago.

According to current paleoanthropological thinking, human beings first appeared on the face of the Earth some two million-plus years ago. However, with the use of DNA mapping, the origin of Homo sapiens has been traced to a Mitochondria Eve which lived in Africa some 250,000 years ago (average).

The gap between 250,000 years ago and 3,761BCE for the possible origin of Homo sapiens is very huge! What possible explanation would suffice for this, and other disparities? These will include:

*Man only discovered Aluminium in 1807, however, a strange wedge-shaped object which was discovered in the city of Aiud in Romania was dated to be at least 300 years old – who fabricated it?

*A strange artefact now known as the Wolfsegg iron was found by a workman in Austria in 1885 embedded in a 20-million-year-old coal seam – no evolution theory can explain it.

*Russian geologists discovered a tiny spiral-shaped object of metals suspected to be debris of rockets made from copper, Tungsten, and Molybdenum dated to be 20,000 years old – where did it come from?

*In the tomb in 1898 in Saqqara in Egypt was found a scale model of an actual aircraft or glider at the time of ancient Egypt. It is estimated to be 2,200 years old, but Man only invented aircraft from 1918.

*In London, a couple on a walk noticed a rock with wood protruding from its core, the object turned out to be a hammer embedded in the rock dating back to 400 million years ago, in fact, a part of the wooden handle was turning to coal – how did it get there and who first used it? Neither evolution theory nor creationism can provide a satisfactory answer!

There are many more out-of-place-artefacts that have questioned the evolution theory and creationism.

To be continued…….

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