Now let us look at some (co)incidences.

The difference between the two contradictory birthdays of Jesus Christ in the book of Matthew and Luke is thirteen years (13).

Jesus Christ and the disciples also equal thirteen (13) in numbers.

According to the Synoptic Gospels Jesus was killed on the day of the Jewish Passover - Nisan 14th, but according to the Gospel of John, Jesus was killed a day before - Nisan 13th!

Jesus started his ministry at the age of 30 and according to the prophecy of Daniel chapter nine, his ministry would last for 3 or 3½ years, hence, he was presumed to have died at the age of 33.

In other words, the birth, ministry and death of Jesus Christ were subliminally filled with the numerical Masonic symbols of 13 & 33.

The sun and the zodiac signs equal thirteen (13)

Now, take a careful look at the America Great Seal for the following:

The number of letters inscribed on the scroll in the eagle's beak - 13
The number of stars in the cloud above the eagle's head - 13 The number of leaves on the olive branch - 13
The number of seeds on the olive branch - 13 The number of arrows in the eagle's left talon – 13
On the reverse side The number of steps on the pyramid - 13

I am aware that the explanation often proffered for this is that America was founded on 13 colonies. Was that intentional or per chance?

But then, when you count the number of feathers on each of the eagle's wings, you get 33.

The highest level in Freemason is 33°

Make your own judgment.

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