I found it very expedient to make this, hopefully, my last post, on the topic of the multiple dates for the birth of the presumed historical Jesus of Nazareth.

For those who have been following my past posts on this topic, I made it clear that a particular date was declared by prophecy in a vision purportedly given to Daniel that ‘a messiah the prince' would be born to the world 3 BCE.

However, Matthew says Jesus the ‘saviour’ was born 6 BCE with historical backing.

Luke says the same Jesus was born 13 years later in 7 CE, also with historical backing.

I discovered that the Catholic monk by the name Dionysius Exiguus or Dennis the little, under the command of Pope John in the 6th century reworked the then existing calendar to produce the current calendar in use. He, resting on the existing protocol set by Matthew and Luke recognised a carefully coded message. What he did was to pick the middle point between 6 BCE and 7 CE, that is, 1 CE to form a calendar with the appellation of “in the year of (our) Lord Jesus Christ”. This took place 532 CE.

The first question is, is it true that there are indeed claims that Jesus of Nazareth was born on the above-mentioned dates of 6BCE, 3BCE, 1CE & 7CE? The answer is in affirmative.

The second question is, is it possible to know why this mutilation, desecration, damage and doubt was created by the Bible writers regarding the date of birth of Jesus of Nazareth?

As funny as it may sound, I personally think that the Bible writers are exonerating themselves. Yes, it is true that they have written a very lofty story about a purported messiah, the saviour of the world, but with these discrepancies, they have also discredited their own works, declaring it as a work of fiction. In the opening chapter of the book of Daniel chapter nine is the best display of READER BEWARE! In the final judgment, if there shall ever be anything like that as the holy books of Bible and Quran have promoted it, the writers shall be free from any blame. If the reader of the book could not detect the salient warnings, it is their cup of tea.

Most importantly, however, Dionysius Exiguus needed to get the dating of our current calendar right or else another ‘prophecy’ of the Bible would not be fulfilled! Yes. And that portion of the Bible is none other than Daniel 8:14.

If any church organisation, religious institution, or any top-ranked clergy has interpreted this portion of the Bible to mean anything other than 2300 CE, then they have spoken and written in deceits. They were never led by any spirit of God.

Among the few that I know, there are two main church organisations that had dared to oppose the Catholic Church and the Pope in Sunday worship. Many are their members who believe that they are not following the mysterious “BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH” (Revelation 17:5), but their leaders have misinterpreted Daniel 8:14.

On one hand, I had been tempted to see it, possibly as a human error, but they all claimed that God gave them the understandings by which such (mis)interpretations were declared. Who lied, God or the clergy? On the other hand, however, when one discovers that the graveyards of these church founders were littered with miniature obelisk and Egyptian pyramid which are Masonic symbols, then it is clear that what was done was never in error but a calculated attempt to "expand the kingdom of Jesus Christ". What deliberate deceit to fool the gullible sheep!

What does 2300 CE signify? I leave the secret to those who shall read my forthcoming book – THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity and Islam Religions Were Forged.

Hint: For those who care to know, it is100% astrology.

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