I gave out a quiz with the hint that there are actually two animals on the America Great Seal. I also provided a hint that the Mexican Flag contains a clue to what the second animal is. Few people who attempted it did not get it right.

The answer is – Eagle and Serpent.

In the accompanying picture is a brief history of how the bald eagle became the symbol of the America nation.

F: Here is an eagle on the ancient Greek coin.
E: This is Aquila eagle on the ancient Roman coin. D. This is an ancient Roman sculpture of an eagle grasping a serpent.
C: This is an improved design of the America Great Seal. Please note that the eagle was clutching the “scroll” (the serpent) close to its head just as the Roman sculpture depicts it. B: This design was first submitted to Congress on June 20, 1782, by Charles Thomson. Please note how the eagle gracefully carries the “scroll” (serpent) at the centre and no longer grasping it at the ‘neck’. In other words, the time has changed from when the eagle (Roman Empire) first clutched the serpent by the throat and the period when America was founded.
A: The scroll in the beak of the eagle is, therefore, an intentional misrepresentation of the Serpent.

The two alien families that are ruling the Earth from time immemorial till date are the SERPENTINE and the EAGLE clan.

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