I shall be proceeding into a deeper phase in uncovering how humanity got to the current high level of religiosity. However, permit me to recap the last few posts.

1. I had been able to establish beyond reasonable doubt that there are four claims to the date of birth of Jesus Christ in the Bible and Christian history: 6BCE, 3BCE, 1AD & 7AD.

2. I had been able to also establish that the Bible writers carefully introduced two fallacious statements into the book that seem to predict the coming of "a Messiah the prince" in the first century. These false declarations are the writer's caveat emptor that the “prophecy” was never inspired but fabricated.

3. I had been able to establish that the birth, ministry, and the death of Jesus Christ can be reduced to the number 13 & 33, Masonic numbers. Hence, Jesus story fits more as a rebrand of a solar deity created by the Roman aristocrats rather than a historical Jewish saviour.

4. With pictorial evidence of the Catholic monstrance which carefully engraves the moon crescent within the sun disc, and with links provided that the Vatican created Islam, I was able to establish that the same powerful ageless secret society which developed Christianity also founded Islam to control mankind. I, therefore, submitted that God never wrote any holy books, religions are man-made.

5. Lastly, I pointed out that the same Masonic numbers 13 & 33 are conspicuously displayed in the symbols on the America Great Seal.

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