Before I got an admission into the university in Nigeria in 1990, my mind was greatly agitated on matters relating to religion. Being an African prince, I had struggled to come to term as regards why there are many religions in Africa. I observed that the shrines of the Christian and Islam are cleaner than that of the local deities. Any of the two religions was, therefore, a very good attraction to my young mind. However, as time goes on, I could not but wonder if indeed there is just one truth or there are many versions of the truth. If truth is one, why do we have triple monotheism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam? If truth is one, which of the many religions is true? For many years my mind was disturbed. As I passed my teen-ages I saw the need to get a copy of Qur’an so that I can get to know its content because I had only known the Bible all my life. No sooner had I acquired the Qur’an did I realise that the Arabs had no prophet or Apostles prior to the arrival of Prophet Mohammed. I wondered aloud after this realization how it is possible for Qur’an to claim that it has a better record of the acts and the ministry of the Prophets of old who were notable Jewish or Israelites. If my royal house keeps a record about the deeds of my forefathers, it is most unreasonable for anyone to claim that a record generated six centuries after the death of the last sage would be more authentic than the original in the royal archive. The story that God (Allah) inspired the Qur’an and that an angel dictated it to the Prophet just never caught my fancy. Anybody can claim anything. 


In my bid to dig deep into the truth that the religion of Christianity and Islam laid claim to, I decided to study the characters of the persons in the two "Holy Books" of the Bible and Qur’an. The life of Lot, in particular, caught my attention. Lot, from the story in the Book of Genesis (chapter 11 – 14, 19), was Terah’s grandson who departed from Ur of the Chaldees alongside his grandfather and uncle, Abram, with the intention of settling down in the land of Canaan. They stopped at Haran where Terah died. Abraham continued the journey with his nephew. The two parties grew so big that they had to part ways amicably. Lot found pleasure in the plain of Jordan, close to the land of Sodom. At a point in time Lot was captured as a POW which necessitated Abram's raising an army to rescue him. Then came the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities whose citizens became so sinful and sexually pervert that God sent two angels to take stock of the happenings. Lot saw them and did all he could to accommodate them and later to protect them from the men of the city. When the cities were eventually destroyed, Lot and his family were saved but Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt when she disobeyed the instructions of the angels. However, Lot and his two daughters escaped into a cave near Zoar. Alone in the cave, the two daughter plot against their father; they got him drunk and each one slept with him. They had a son each who in turn became the father of the Moabites and the Ammonites. This is just a story, let no one pass any judgment for now.

In the Qur’an, however, who is Lūt (Lot)?

·         Lot is considered among those in the ranks of the righteous[1]

·         Lot preached against lewdness and was saved from destruction[2]

·         An almost parallel biblical account of his experience with the men of Sodom was recounted[3]


One way or the other, Qur’an never claims to possess the original copy of the story. As a matter of fact, according to footnote 1049 in The Holy Qur’an, text translation and commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

 “His (Lot’s) story is biblical, but freed from some shameful features which are a blot on the biblical narrative, (e.g., see Gen. xix 30, 36).”

The last quote was the greatest albatross I found in the Qur’an, this ‘holy book’ was filtered from all encumbrances that are regarded as immoral acts. It is, therefore, not a true record of happenstances. The God of the Quran or whoever wrote it did not want mankind to know about the bad habits of the old ‘prophets,’ so he blotted out a segment of their life history in order to present a “perfect” book. Hence, the Qur’an was doctored to be a “clean” book, cleaner than its predecessor (the Bible). The Qur’an never told his readers how the Moabites and the Ammonites came into existence if the story of their origin is wrong as the Bible presents it.


There is always something very intriguing when one goes back in time to review history. Starting with the Jewish calendar, this year 2018 reads 5778 AM (Anno Mundi) which in Latin means “in the year of the world.” This gives the impression or suggests an understanding that the world and Adam were created at about this date (5778 – 2018 =) 3760 BCE.  However, the learned men of the world know that the earth could never have been created 3760 BCE. The age of the Earth runs into millions of years while human's presence on the planet Earth hooves around 250,000 – 315,000 years. On a wider scope, however, the piece of information from the Jewish calendar clearly confirms the established archaeology discovery that ‘History Begins At Sumer’[4]  circa 4,000 BCE. The records on many of the Sumerian clay tablets bear “the first” of almost every major event in human history, thus signifying that the nearest human civilisation took place in Sumer.

Scholars have fully established that the content of the Bible was derived from the Sumerian and Babylonia account of creation and stories, and stories from other lands. The late Zachariah Sitchin in his numerous books on his translations of the Sumerian clay tablets recounts that Abraham married his half-sister, Sarah, who gave birth to Isaac. Isaac was called a child of promise and the approved inheritor of the Promised Land, far and above his elder brother, Ismael, who was born via Abraham’s Egyptian maid. This is most probably an allegory which attempts to preserve the original deep-rooted rivalry between the Sumerian chief deities, Enlil and Enki. Enlil was the younger prince but became the royal successor as a result of his mother being the half-sister to King Anu while Enki was a product of the King’s normal spouse or a concubine. Incidentally, the story also subtly reflects the supposed supremacy of Sumer (Middle East) and by extension Europe (Enlil land) over Egypt and Africa (Enki land).

In Genesis also, the phrase “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”[5] is now better understood as “In the beginning (the) gods (Elohim) created the heaven and the earth.” Thus, the creation of man was as a result of the interruption and involvement of some ancient astronauts who visited the earth and tampered with the evolution of human species by the means of genetic engineering. The primitive human family was originally low in intelligence and make grunts, unable to talk; they were crossbred with the aliens’ species to produce a hybrid species that were used as Primitive Workers to mine gold. Scholars now understand that many ancient stories were plagiarized and refined to produce the Old Testament of the Bible from where the Qur’an’s contents were further extracted.

The modern man should know better by now. The aliens are still very much around. Some visit from time to time from their home planet in the star constellations while some have taken permanent residence in mountains, deep caves and in the hollow of the earth which are considered out of bounds to humans, except for a few selected and anointed ones. These aliens are of advanced technologies and they control the earth governments through proxies of the selected shape-shifting aliens, half-humans and humans who are strategically placed among top government officials across the globe. The earth they have preserved as their botanical garden.

We now know that starting from the beginning of the human civilisation in Sumer, there were three top civilisations during the Age of Taurus - Bull (4,180 – 2,020 BCE). These were the Sumerian civilisation (later extending into modern Europe) ruled by Enlil, ancient Egyptian civilisation (Africa) ruled by Enki and the Sumer-Akkadian civilisation (Asia) ruled by Inanna (Ishtar) with Sargon of Agade. This era experienced polytheism because the aliens were the first set of gods and goddesses unto mankind. This idea of polytheism had continued to pervade the traditional beliefs across the globe with Hinduism connecting human history into the prehistoric era. In the Age of Aries [Goat], Marduk, the first son of Enki, with his son Nabu[6] forcefully took over the reign of the earth in a war that involved the use of atomic weapons which Bible and later Qur'an referred to as the raining of brimstone upon the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Taking a cue from the ancient texts, this destruction came as a result of the war among the gods[7]. The Enûma Eliš (the Babylonia Creation Story) explains how Marduk became the leader of all the other gods. Thus, from 2,020 BCE the Age of Aries was to last till 140 CE. However, long before the end of that Age the rival clan to that of Enki and Marduk attempted to hijack the henotheism of Marduk. The clan formulated monotheism, using the Jews. In a twist of fate, however, the council of Anunnaki Gods that met during the Nibiru Window of 200 – 160 BCE rejected the Jews for the Romans and Jerusalem for Rome. Since such a decision was taken as far back as the second century BCE, then it amounts to gross ignorance to imagine that some illiterate disciples of Jesus Christ wrote the New Testament. The hand that penned down the story of Jesus was no doubt the hand of the Roman aristocrats manipulating the voice or the Scripture (Torah) of the Jews. As the Age of Aries expires by 140 CE, it became necessary that the Jews, having been used, should be violently dumped and removed from Palestine following the Bar Kokhbar revolt of 135/6 CE. This was done in order to pave way for the full control by Rome. In Roman Catholic is the polytheism of Sumer, Egypt, Asia, Greek and ancient Rome crystallized. Anu, Enlil and Enki, the chief Anunnaki gods of old became the Trinity while the place of the numerous goddesses was retained with a woman figure, Mary (or Madonna, the mother of God). The offspring and the successors of the gods became the saints of the church.[8] As at today, there is not a single festival or event that is kept in memory of Jesus Christ. All the Church festivals have their origin in the old pagan practices that predated the Christian era.


Tunji Adeeko

December 9, 2018


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