– The crescent of Islam (moon god) at the heart of the Roman Catholic sun (sun god).

In my book titled THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity And Islam Were Forged I made a review of human history. I juxtapose four different calendars to drive home many points and to clearly show how human race have been controlled by a very powerful force that believes strongly in astrology and astronomy.

1.       Our common calendar that recognises this month as January in the year 2018 is called Gregorian calendar. By the use of a 100-year scale, I realised that the existence of an average human being is restricted to a very small portion of history. As a result, mankind tends to have and maintain a very myopic prejudice because in this limited space of existence. Only a very few people stretch beyond this limit to know what had been, what is going on, and what shall be after now.

2.       When I consider the 144,000-day Maya calendar; I began to have a wider view. The Maya calendar was believed to have been designed by an Egyptian god, Thoth who journeyed to Mesoamerica in the year 3113 BCE to become the god Quetzalcoatl. He was known as Ningishzidda in Sumer-Akkad texts. This Maya calendar indicates that from 3113 BCE, at every 144,000 days or an approximate 394.52 years a civilisation falls and another one rises. Therefore, the world has recorded, in the past two thousand years, the rise and fall of the Ancient Roman Empire (c. 40 – 435 CE), the Roman-German Empire otherwise known as the Holy Roman Empire (c. 800 – 1220 CE) and UK/US Empire (c. 1600 – 2012). From this understanding, we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the UK/US civilisation, and in the next two or three centuries humanity shall most likely grow to see another world power, in whatever form.

3.       The star constellations are grouped into twelve by the Babylonians and each is named after some animals. Collectively, these are known as the astrological zodiac signs and the period required for the Sun to travel through each zodiac is approximately 2,160 years. Therefore, the last three phases are Age of Taurus (4,180 – 2,020 BCE), Age of Aries (2,020 BCE – 140 CE), Age of Pisces (140 – 2300 CE). These references are Bible compliant. 

4.       The ancient Sumerian text which has been dated to exist long before 2500 BCE tells the story of the ancient astronauts who visited the Earth some 500,000 years ago. Their planet is said to orbit our Sun once every 3,600 years, and they probably remain in earth vicinity for about 40 years during each visit. The last visit, which is commonly referred to as the Nibiru Window, took place 200 – 160 BCE (my deduction).

One amazing thing I came across in the Bible is the contradictory references to the Birth of Jesus of Nazareth. The Book of Daniel predicted the birth of a “Messiah the Prince” in the first century, precisely 3 BCE (Daniel 9). However, the Gospel according to Matthew records that Jesus of Nazareth was born 6 BCE because his birth was associated with the infanticide carried out by King Herod of two-year-old-children and below, going by the last period the three wise men came from the East and never returned. King Herod died March/April 4 BCE, indicating that the baby Jesus was born 6 BCE. Similarly, the Gospel according to Luke associated the birth of Jesus to the census ordered by Caesar Augustus which was carried out when Cyrenius was the Governor of Syria Province (Luke 2). According to Josephus, popularly known as a first century Jewish historian, this census took place in the second year after Cyrenius became the Governor in 6 CE, that is, 7 CE.  From the above, three (3) dates have been referenced as the date of birth of Jesus of Nazareth. These are 6 BCE, 3 BCE and 7 CE. This is a whopping thirteen (13) years difference between the Matthew and Luke’s record!

Naturally, one would assume that there must have been a mistake somewhere along the line since no historical person can have multiple dates of birth except the record was forged. I would have followed this line of thought if I had not discovered that in the sixth century, Pope John instructed a monk called Dennis the little to revise calendar. Dennis came up with the calendar that had been in use till date which is commonly tagged Anno Domini (AD) - “in the year of (our) Lord Jesus Christ.” Thus, 1 AD was established as the date when Jesus of Nazareth was born. This is making the fourth date. Curiously, it is not difficult to detect that 1 AD is the middle point between 6 BCE and 7 CE. In this regards, it appears as if the records in Matthew and Luke were a kind of a secret code to guide the Catholic Monk to specifically place the 1 AD where it is. Then, this date must be of great importance that the men in the first century would not want the future generation to misplace at a later date.  

One thing is very clear, irrespective of the importance of the placement of the Anno Domini date; this act has mutilated and discredited the date of birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Why would the writer of the Gospel ridicule the person of Jesus for a mysterious Anno Domini date? This has made me wonder in another article whether Jesus was actually the Son of God or the Sun-God going by the similarity between his ministry and the features of the Sun. In that case, the salient message by the Gospel writer is that the story of Jesus was not literally but fictitious!  What is the importance of the Anno Domini date?

In a series of event which I have carefully put together in the new book, I was to realise that the Anno Domini calendar is directly related to another portion of the Bible in the Book of Daniel. The bottom line for this finding is that the Bible writers were very much inclined to astrology, more than they would openly admit to an average Bible reader. If the latter observation is correct, then, it could as well be admitted that a personal individual called Jesus of Nazareth never existed.

In the same vein, if Jesus Christ was never a real person, but a rebrand of the ancient solar deities as it were in the past, who sold the story to the man in Arabia? An ex-Jesuit by the name late Dr Rivera Alberto confessed that the Vatican created Islam. From what is now unravelled, this is highly plausible. It will make a whole lot of sense when the doctrines of Jesus Christ were built around Sun-worship with the use of solar calendar which the Romans adopted in the first century BCE. It is not difficult to realise that the Moon crest and the lunar calendar gave Islam away as a lesser light that further promotes the presence of the planetary companionship of the Sun and the Moon. The moon has no light of its own but reflects the sun rays cast on the moon surface by the Sun. If the Bible related stories are removed from the Quran, nothing of substance would remain in the Islam holy book. Hence, Christianity (Sun) and Islam (Moon and stars) are two sides of the same coin.

Tunji Adeeko

January 21, 2019

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