FEBRUARY 21, 2019

1. Every 3600 years when Nibiru planet comes closest to the Earth, the Anunnaki chieftains review human progress and attempt to initiate new directives. If mankind can key into this elliptical movement and detect when the Nibiru Window occurs, then mankind should be able to scrutinize and discern when human population is being remotely manipulated and in what direction.

2. From the time immemorial, astronomy has played a very key role in the affairs of men. Hence, the chief among men and great nations have carefully understudied the constellations of stars and recorded their impacts on the happenings on Earth. Twelve (12) constellations are recognised and each is regarded to last for 2,160 years.

3. Ningishzidda (Thoth), the son of Enki (Ptah), was believed to have left Egypt at about 3114 BCE after a major disagreement with his brother Marduk (Ra) to become the Quetzalcoatl – the Winged Serpent in Mesoamerica. It was Thoth who devised the Mayan Long Count Calendar where 144,000 days make a phase called baktun. (The Book of Revelation says 144,000 people will be saved at the end of the age, now you know where the idea was borrowed from). From this Mayan calendar, it was understood that starting from 3114 BCE, at an approximate 395 years, a civilisation will rise and then fall in the following phase, only for another to rise up and then fall again, thus creating a sine wave pattern.

4. However, the days of mankind are restricted within 100 years, only a handful of people cross that line.

For any race and nations to succeed, the leadership of the nations must key into this galactic arrangement and negotiate a good deal for her people. The ignorance so far exercised by the black race may have been one of the reasons for her backwardness.

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