You may have heard that the Bible says God apportioned "three scores and ten" or 70 years for man's existence (Psalm 90:10). For one to die before this age is considered somewhat not "fulfilling" and when someone dies at a much older age than this he or she is usually regarded to have died at a "ripe" age.

Are you aware that it takes our Earth 72 years to move just 1° within the zodiac belt? Why was man's lifespan restricted just within this minute portion of a very vast existence? When we move back in time to consult the Sumerian clay tablets which were long composed before Abraham was born, it is known that it was the Anunnaki gods who interfered with Earth evolution to create Homo sapiens. On the Earth, they have two clans headed by Ea or Enki (Lord of the Earth and Oceans) and Enlil (Lord of the Air) who rule this world somewhat interchangeably, one age after another. An age is approximately 2,160 years or 30° span of the zodiac belt.

While the Age of Taurus (Bull) was ruled by the trio of Enlil (Sumerian), Enki or Ptah (Ancient Egyptian) and Inanna (Ishtar) with Sargon (Sumer-Akkadian), the Serpentine (Enki’s) clan ruled the Age of Aries (Ram) from 2,020 BCE to 140 CE. Can you recall an event that is now of global concern that occurred ±  5 years from the last date? That was when the Jews were expelled from Palestine in 136 CE.

The Eagle clan which had been struggling to overthrow the government from Marduk of the Serpentine clan eventually took over fully in the second century. But the groundwork for an effective take over commenced in the last two century BCE though this can be extended to the post-exilic era of the Jews six century BCE. The Eagle clan will run her full course to a date carefully inscribed in the Bible. Read Daniel 8:14. All these are coded message for those who can understand it.

If you are not aware of the superhumans and the extraterrestrial beings that are controlling our world, it is because the happenstance on Earth was designed to keep an average man in the dark. Instead, the Anunnaki gods created religions and philosophies to keep Man busy, arguing and fighting one against another. 

Many have been misled into believing that GOD resides principally in religious houses and campsites, thus, they are told that to know GOD they must follow the fabricated holy books and the religious leaders to the letters. GOD has therefore been defined strictly by the six blind men that went to visit the elephant in HINDUISM, BUDDHISM, CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, TRADITIONAL BELIEFS AND ATHEISM/ AGNOSTICISM with each group believing that his/her view is authentic and that others are wrong. This is blatant lies, GOD is bigger than each religion and all the religions put together. If you cannot discern that religions were created to limit and control our understanding of the infinite creator and the infinite power available to man, then, you are far from the true knowledge of who you are. The starting point is to know, first and foremost that GOD is not what the six groups mentioned above have called IT.

Wake up from your slumber son of man and stop allowing the many forces of the world to use you in their endless games. GOD is in you, seated deep inside of your heart; if IT is still there, it will guide you to pursue justice, fairness and empathy for all and sundry. Is GOD really still in your heart or that great but gentle voice in you has been drowned in public opinions of religious teachings, tribalism, ethnicity, racism, myriads of human philosophy that pitched one race against another?

Tunji Adeeko

November 13, 2018

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