MARCH 9, 2019

During the Age of Aries (2020 BCE - 140 CE) the Serpentine Clan which had its headquarters at Egypt but then was managing the world affairs from Babylon introduced HENOTHEISM by the mean of Enuma Elish to the disdain of the Eagle Clan. When about three quarters of the Age was spent, the Eagle Clan anxiously invented MONOTHEISM during the Babylonian Captivity thereby recruiting the Jews to spread the lies. The Jews before now was practicing MONOLATRY (the practice of worshiping only one god without, however, denying the existence of other gods). Hence, Yahweh was only one god in a midst of other Canaanite's gods and goddesses.  

However, the Power-That-Be during the Nibiru Window of 200 - 160 BCE frowned at the encroachment and the reformulated religious creed. As the end of the Age of Aries approached the Jews were violently removed from Palestine (132 - 136 CE). Not because they killed a saviour of the world, rather, the event is a fallout of the struggle between the two world powers - the Eagle Clan vs the Serpentine Clan. To capture a larger audience, and because the Age of Pisces accommodates two fishes which appear to fight each other but ultimately connected one to another at the mouth, the Eagle Clan used the same fable of a Jesus of Nazareth who never lived to create another religion of Islam. Therefore, when the world fight religious wars thinking they are fighting for GOD the alien brothers laugh out loud. Mankind, wake up from your slumber. Tunji Adeeko

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