Do you know that the Great Pyramid of Egypt ("House Which Is Like a Mountain") was conceived by a non-human being called Enki/Ptah, the head of the Serpentine Clan? The work was planned by Marduk(Ra)[son], built by Gibil (Geb)[son], equipped by Niginshzidda (Thoth)[son] and defended by Nergal [son] and Horus [grandson]? In the period when the Earth was in the constellations of Leo (Lion) was its construction [c.10,660 – 8,500 BCE]. However, between 3,450 and 3,100 BCE, there was a great war between the two clans (the Serpentine vs Eagle) headed by two brothers who are extraterrestrial beings, Enki & Enlil respectively. The battle was won and lost, and afterwards, "the Great Pyramid was ripped off its great power and rendered useless, bare, and void, without its apex stone (the capstone). It has been left standing as a mute witness to the defeat of its defender" - Zechariah Sitchin     

As a truce to the war, the ET King Anu visited the Earth and confirmed the division of the Earth: to Enlil was given Europe and by extension North America, unto Enki (Ptah) was given Africa and by extension South America and unto his granddaughter, Inanna (Ishtar) did the King give Asia as a dowry following the accidental death of her fiancee, Dumuzi (Tammuz). The Middle East was reserved as the seat of the gods. Evidence abounds that North America was long discovered and explored by the Enkites before the modern era.
It was also at this visit did the King instruct that Mankind should be granted the autonomy to rule the Earth while the ETs become the gods and goddesses to Mankind. The dawn of a new era was marked by the laying of the foundation of a new temple for Enki at Eridu circa 3,800 BCE in the preparation for King Anu’s visit. 40 years later, after the departure of the king, a lunar calendar was designed at the temple of Enlil which was given to the Jews when Enlil became Yahweh, their tribal god.  The current Jewish calendar which today reads 5,778 AM does not mean that the Earth and/or Adam were created (5,778 - 2,018 =)  3,760 BCE, rather human civilisation commenced or was rekindled at that period in Sumer (pronounced Shumer) under the watchful eyes of these extraterrestrial beings who control the Earth and its resources till date..   
In the Age of Taurus (Bull) [c. 4,180 - 2,020 BCE], the three prominent civilisations were SUMERIAN (ruled by the Enlilites), EGYPTIAN (ruled by the Enkites) and SUMER-AKKADIAN (ruled by Inanna or Ishtar). After the death of Dumuzi or Tammuz Inanna found a new lover in a man called Sargon of Agade and together they founded a far-reaching empire of SUMER-AKKADIAN. At the commencement of the Age of Aries, 2020 BCE, Marduk took fate into his hand to correct a perceived injustice of the persistent denial of him to rule the Earth from Mesopotamia where the ET story started from. He declared war on all the other leaders, even some of his brothers rose up against him. Nabu his son raised a great human army to fight the gods. At this point, a great weapon which was capable of releasing an atomic bomb that was previously stolen and smuggled to Earth was retrieved from where it was long hidden. The nuke was released on cities that supported Marduk. These include Sodom and Gomorrah. In a very dramatic way, however, the chief cities of the gods were devastated by the nuke while Babylon, the city of interest to Marduk was saved. The Anunnaki gods took this as an omen that the Age of Aries belongs to Marduk, they rallied around him, submitted all their weapons before him and gave him the rank of 50 which is next only to that of the king Anu, the OUR FATHER WHO HATH IN HEAVEN (NIBIRU). The Babylonian Creation story (Enuma Elish) was composed which promoted Marduk as the Creator of all things. When the Assyrian overrun Babylon, they continued with the Babylon story but changed the name of Marduk to Assur. In honour of Marduk and his son Nabu, the Babylonia Akitu festival was celebrated even unto the second century BCE. In all the ages before 538 BCE, nowhere was the idea of One God practised. When Akhenaten instituted the first monotheism more than 1,000 years earlier, he considered the Sun as the one God. Who then was Yahweh whom the Jews regard as the creator of the heaven and the earth? Did the 40-year Nibiru Window that was experienced in 3,800 – 3,760 BCE replay itself in 200 – 160 BCE? Did the efforts to make monotheism a global phenomenon in an apparent fight against the henotheism of Marduk, using the Jews, received the blessing of the Anunnaki council of gods? What caused Rome to suddenly change from the lunar calendar previously copied from the Greeks to a solar calendar in the last century BCE? Why were Egyptian obelisks transferred in droves to Rome in the last century BCE? Can these be interpreted to mean that the idea to use the Jews to propagate monotheism by Enlil did not receive the support of the Council of the Anunnaki gods and goddesses; instead Rome was chosen above Jerusalem? If there are ample signs that Rome was chosen at the last Nibiru Window, who then would compose the New Testament, the Roman aristocrats or the illiterate Jewish dissidents? Could there have been a historical Jesus of Nazareth or the story was fabricated? Is Jesus the Son of God or the Sun-God?

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