The idea of the book

This book was 26 years in the making, not without the intermittent years to cater for self and family. It all started, during my undergraduate years when my keen mind would not rest but to find answers to why there are multiple religions in my immediate environment and in Africa, and in the entire world at large. I was quick to identify that the many religions have created divergence paths with the claims that each path leads to the one God. However, in my solitary thoughts, I wondered if these claims could ever be true. i also observed, over the time that there are the good, the bad and the ugly sides of every religion: be it Christianity, Islam or traditional. And, as it is, can all religions really be true? Are there true or false religions? If all religions are saying different things and all still claim to be true, can that submission in itself ever be true?

In the course of my search, I discovered that human history has been rewritten many times and that calendars have been changed as well. I also discovered that the essence of the changes is to confuse anyone who is genuinely concerned about humanity’s true past or true history. Besides our common calendar of 365-days cycle, those I regard and called KEEPPer of Secret in my book have a bigger calendar they have used to manipulate the destiny of mankind; these calendars range from ................ cycle. All these calendars play their roles in the hands of the KEEPPer and when any man can rightly interpret and applied these calendars – eureka!!! – you have the true world history at your fingertips. This is a work that was almost never to be published until a successful decipherment of a curious portion of Book of Daniel in the Bible. When this Bible portion collaborates the KEEPPer’s calendar, I knew I have discovered something that would unlock a 2500-years-old-secret. This is no fiction, it is real. 

This book, THEY LIED TO US – A Critical Review of the Origin of Monotheism deserves to be owned by anyone who cares to know the true past, the present and the future of humanity. In religions are many lies and many tales only discernable by the wise and not crowd or crowd pleasers. As the author declared in his acknowledgment and appreciation page “It is my sincere desire that this work will be adjudged, according to Plato, to be “good, true and beneficial to all,” and in that, I shall be well satisfied.”