I had the paradigm shift in my life in the year 2013. As the Head Deacon (Head of the Deacons) in the church, I was given the pulpit to preach, it was a very rare privilege. I prayed earnestly to God to give me a message to his people and waited upon God to inspire and direct my thoughts.

After a while, I found myself searching the internet for global religion population and the percentages of their adherents. At the end of the day I succeeded in forming a broad six group, viz, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Atheism/Agnosticism, and last but not the least, Traditional beliefs. At first, I was worried that God has not given me a message to preach yet, however, I continued to wait.

Some days later the fable of the six blind men that visited the elephant came to mind, once again I took to the internet to refresh my memory. Suddenly it dawned on me that I had unconsciously grouped the world population into six and now there are six blind men, could the two different exercises have any correlation? I was not sure but I had a very strong impression that they do. But how? Bit by bit I began to put what seems like a puzzle game together. For example:

The elephant tusk resembles the shape of the Arabian dagger or sword - Muhammad spread Islam by the sword, so, the blind man who touched the elephant tusk and called it a SPEAR represents Islam.

A blind man touched the elephant ear and called it a HAND FAN. A hand fan needs not to be imported, anything within a locality will suffice, hence, the local or Traditional belief is here inferred.

The rest of the interpretations as preached that day was adapted to become the prologue to my upcoming book THEY LIED TO US and this can be read free on this link I titled the sermon of that day WHO IS YOUR FATHER. I used a bible text from Malachi 2:10 and the theme of the sermon were IF ONE FATHER AND ONE GOD HAS CREATED ALL OF US, WHY ARE WE SO DIVIDED?

However, the sermon was to hunt me for a long time to come. I had always believed that Christianity is unlike the rest of other religions, a very unique relationship between man and God, built upon the salvation purchased by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. I found it difficult that “my Christianity” will ever be part of the ‘six blind men of the world,’ men who grope in darkness for a clear direction. After a very disturbing reconsideration, I took solace in the fact that I belong to a remnant church. 

THIS IS MY STORY - Shortly before I got an admission into the university I stumble on the fact that some Christians worship God on Saturday and not Sunday. I was at first very furious at such an attitude because I felt God had always been present with us in church on Sunday worship and many profess of the miracles they receive. But, why would some group of people withdraw from the worship of God on Sunday and worship on a Saturday? From the first year in the university, I withdrew from going to church either on Saturday or Sunday. I made the library my second home. When I became convinced that, historically the first time any law was promulgated for Christians to worship God on Sunday was March 7, 325 AD, I pulled out from going to church on Sunday and join a Sabbath Keeping Church in order to keep God's commandments and not the tradition of men. Going by the date of the introduction of Sunday worship for Christians, it implies that neither Jesus nor his disciples ever worshipped God on Sunday but on the Jewish Sabbath, Saturday. While with the Sabbath-keeping Church, I rose to become an Elder.

However, after this sermon in the year 2013, I began to study the Bible with deeper attention as if to unearth some deeper meanings. I made personal discoveries of some anomalies and query how Jesus Christ could have had two birth, and death dates each ( )? Also, going by the parallels in the features of the Sun and the ministry of Jesus Christ I query if Jesus is the Son of God or the Sun-god ( What exactly has the Church done to honour Jesus of Nazareth because almost all Christian's festivals are mostly a reflection on ancient pagan practices than a reference to a historical person who lived in the first century, The last straw that broke the camel’s back was my discovery that the prophecy of Daniel with regards to the 2300 days in Daniel 8:14 has nothing to do with Jesus Christ or his ministry, either on Earth or in the heavenly sanctuary since 1844 contrary to what my church had taught as a special revelation from God by the church founder.  The moment I came to term that the "2300" was derived purely from astrology and that it is still an event in the future, the scale fell off at once. I realised that the double date declared for the birth of Jesus of Nazareth was carefully done in order to ensure that the year “2300” is preserved in human history – to fulfil the prophecy. The human calendar was, therefore, adjusted in the sixth century by a monk who knew that Jesus's double birthdays was never an error but a code, a secret code. The monk and Church reverted calendar from the Septuagint Bible to the Hebrew Version thereby adopting the chronology in the latter. After decoding this masterpiece I became awakened and I realised that THEY LIED TO US for the past 2000 years.

On my website homepage is a graphical illustration (PDF format) of the world history starting from circa 3,800 - 3,760 BCE (derived from archaeology work mentioned by Zechariah Sitchin and the Jewish calendar, respectively) and ends circa 2300 CE as derived from Daniel 8:14. 

My upcoming book THEY LIED TO US – A Critical Review of the Origin of Monotheism is a book that tells it all. Some of what you shall read in this book are my original findings based on the review of the Bible, Sumerian and Babylonia ancient text and confirmed with the use of Mayan Long Count Calendar. Couple with the work of many great men who had laboured to provide adequate background and foundation about how the present age was created from the ancient past; I represent human history in a new light, in your generation the world history is being retold. Thank you for booking a copy. And please feel free to share.

Tunji Adeeko

October 31, 2018

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