“There are more than 50 recorded Creation myths scattered across the globe. Roughly speaking, about 34% of these myths are classified as “creation from chaos”; 10% are classified as “earth-diver” and another 10% as “emergence” creation stories; “ex-nihilo” takes about 26%, while ”World Parent” stories make up the last 20%.......... The distribution of the stories worldwide indicates that about 20% originated from Africa, 24% from Native America, 4% arose from South America, while Asia has contributed 24% and Europe 28%.” – Tunji Adeeko: THEY LIED TO US, pgs 48, 49

There had been a very long contentious battle between those who claimed that GOD created all things (creationism) and Science which claims that all things existed by itself. Creationism has been divided into Young Earth Creationism, Old Earth Creationism (this consists of Gap Creationism, Day-Age Creationism, and Progressive Creationism), Neo-Creationism, Islam Creationism, Hindu Creationism, Buddha Creationism and some other Tradition beliefs about a God in heaven who originated the cosmos.

Science postulates that at Primordial Period, within the gravitational singularity, there was a Big Bang, which then resulted in an extremely hot and dense state of the Universe steadily expanding.  The question which so far has defied an acceptable answer is ‘What existed before The Big Bang and what ignited the first act within the singularity, since, according to science, matter can never be created or destroyed? From where did the energy and materials use to activate the Big Bang originate?’ Scientists are quick to recognise that “there is little evidence regarding the absolute earliest instance of the expansion. Thus, the Big Bang theory cannot and does not provide any explanation for such an initial condition; rather, it describes and explains the general evolution of the Universe going forward from that point on.” The Big Bang, they say, is not an explosion of matter moving outward to fill an empty Universe; instead, space itself expands with time between two comoving points. Another Achilles heel in the Big Bang theory which gave birth to evolution theory is the non-satisfactory explanation of how the Apes in Africa evolved to become the modern man. Scientists are still in search of the missing link which they claim is probably extinct with no trace.

Paul Theodore Hellyer, a Canadian defence minister in the 60’s, was to become the first top politician who would openly admit that “the aliens are ‘light years’ ahead of us. And, apparently, “a lot of the things we use today, we got from them.” Specifically, he mentioned that Microchips and Kevlar vests are two of the other creations that came from outer spatial sources. Paul Hellyer’s whistleblowing was in tandem with the alternative creation story developed after the discovery of thousands of baked clay written materials, unearthed in ancient Mesopotamia. These cuneiforms clearly spelt out the fact that about 450,000 years ago, some extraterrestrial beings visited the earth in search of gold. These Beings later tinkered with the gene of the hominids roaming the face to the earth at that time – a possible product of evolution. The genetic engineering of the hominid’s genome resulted in the creation of Homo sapiensHomo sapiens. Credence has been accorded this alternative creation theory following the genetic marking of mitochondria DNA. The successfully tracing of ‘mitochondria eve’ gave the origin of the first woman to be in Africa between 300,000 - 250,000 thousand years ago. This had variously been confirmed by many respectable education institutions in Europe and North America. It is commonly accepted that early migrated out of Africa from as early as 270,000 years ago, although permanent presence outside of Africa was not established only after about 70,000 years ago.

When Paul Hellyer further revealed that lots of the advanced technologies are hoarded in the hand of the Illuminati, this explains that the mystery of the mingling of the extraterrestrial beings with mankind is closely guarded as a top secret by the cult-like societies of our world who have become the Shadow government indirectly controlling the affairs of men. In the place of the authentic story of the origin of mankind, these secret societies established religions. The primary purpose of this exercise was to cloud and confuse human minds and therefore introduce sufficient divisions that will help “conquer, divide and rule” earth’s populace. The spread of irreligiousness and terrorism, the cult-like entertainment industry, and addiction to the use of hard drugs, heavily compromised medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the genetically modified food, has further deepened human perplexity almost to the point of total failure.

Retrospectively, and following the latest discoveries, the scientific Big Bang theory can be reviewed with wider possibilities. Originally, the theory was postulated based on the observation that our world is ever expanding. The scientists, therefore, imagined the reversed scenario when the world would shrink back to just a tiny dot. Interestingly, it was a Belgian priest/astronomer, George Lemaitre, a professor of physics at the Catholic University of Louvain, who first postulated this notion and called the pinpoint source the “hypothesis of the primaeval atom”. Scientists in the likes of Charles Darwin later called this ‘primaeval atom’ Singularity and, beyond it, there was no time and space. Turning the table around, will it be too much to imagine or speculate that the so-called Singularity was not a mere pure energy substance as portrayed by scientists but the first consciousness. Hence, that ‘first’ consciousness in the infinite past generated the required energy to commence creation. At the appropriate age and time, the energy converted into the matter to build up space with its components. Thus, it was a conscious, self-existing, self-regenerating primordial ‘atom’ who decided to become EVERYTHING, seen and unseen. The beginning and the extent of this universe is beyond what human mind can grasp, man can only speculate. Everything visible and invisible, space and time, therefore, is the infinitesimal fractions, creation and recreation of the one infinite being, and as such it can be inferred that GOD became, and not create, YOU.

With this hindsight, is the author insinuating that pantheism, the belief that God and the material worlds are one and the same thing and that God is present in everything should be the ideal religious practice? To answer this, the reader would need to share again with me an ageless allegory. Once upon a time, a King and his men prepared 6 blind men to visit an elephant for the purpose of identifying it. The first blind man touched the leg and called the elephant a TREE TRUNK OR A PILLAR. His generations became the people who established HINDUISM. Hinduism is a religious practice that can be traced even into human’s prehistoric era. The second blind man touched the elephant trunk (the long nose) and called the elephant a TREE BRANCH. His generations gave birth to BUDDHISM philosophy and practice which was a direct offshoot of the Hinduism. The third blind man touched the elephant’s broad ear and called it a HAND FAN. His generation gave birth to the ideology of the TRADITION BELIEFS and practices which was spread far and wide as mankind migrated from their original and common home. The fourth blind man touched the belly and called it a BIG WALL/SAC. His generation gave birth to the CHRISTIAN ideology which houses one-third of the world population. The fifth blind man touched the tusk and called the animal a SWORD/DAGGER. Arabian dagger or sword is a lookalike of the elephant’s tusk. His generation gave birth to the ISLAM ideology. The last blind man, though not the least, touched the tail and called the elephant a ROPE. His generation gave birth to ATHEISM/AGNOSTICS.

From the Sumerian/Akkadian/Egyptian/Hinduism/Babylonia and even Persian texts and records the extraterrestrial personalities became the first great god-figure to the earliest men who were upgraded from the Apes in Africa. The first sets of humans were slaves or domestic workforce for the aliens and for this reason, it was etched in the Quran that men are slaves of Allah and not His children. And continuing from the story above, the King and his men are the remnants of the alien which were sometimes recognised as persons of a ‘Royal Bloodline’, extraterrestrial bloodline, who has been ruling the earth as their private property. These ones usually laugh at the oddity of how the generations of the blind men’s have interpreted their earth reality believing and promoting the false religions and beliefs. The King and his men who are the loyalist of the aliens (also the product and by-product of the infinite consciousness) have brainwashed mankind never to see beyond their nose, that is, the constituted religious institutions, in their quest to find GOD. The King and his men knew very well that the elephant (Earth) is just one of the many animals (planets and realities) in the vast jungle of the Universe teeming with various life forms with their unique characters (they all operate at different frequencies). However, mankind has been so myopic in his interpretations of his grossly limited religious/sociocultural ideologies.

If mankind will sincerely search and reflect on his past and see through the contradictory religions, each masqueraded as THE ONLY WAY TO GOD, only then will man realised that they are just being used by our stellar brothers and their human cohorts. The entire human race is ONE irrespective of colour or tongue. The aliens who turn themselves into ‘God’ for the human race to serve and worship were no GOD at all but earth infiltrator. A careful review of the ancient past has revealed that religions were fabricated by those who knew the true origin of the human race. The religious books are, therefore, nothing but allegorical representations of the human's hidden past. Mankind must come out of the falsified global history carefully prepared to make the selected human race a superior race and others to appear as inferior.

GOD IS EVERYONE and to commune with God is inside-out and not the other way round. That we must love one another is a primary and natural obligation and not a religious duty. That mankind should work and walk in the light must be done by free will in dealing with self and others. GOD dwells not in a temple built with hands but, as the holy books would agree, humans are the temple of God because everything is an infinitesimal fraction of God’s personality and power. God is not on the mountain or in the valley, God is everywhere, God became everything. In quiet meditation, the mind become awakened and realigns itself with the universe. Individual priority is to have a clear purpose of his/her existence and follow the right path of destiny. No man must ever lose sight of the third dimension - the divine connection - or else he will be muzzled by the fabricated religions of the world which was design to derail personal destiny and earth mission goal. We are here for a mission, we must find it out and carry it out to letters – the answer is within everyone. Let us beautify the world and not destroy it, let us spread love and not hate – how well we perform on the assigned tasks will determine how well we grow through the various dimensions of the universe to get closer to the Centre where the true story of God will perfectly be understood. Man does not need a saviour and no saviour need to die for any soul. We are all one with God and God is everyone.


Tunji Adeeko

July 4, 2018

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