Samuel Noah Kramer’s book, HISTORY BEGINS AT SUMER listed thirty-nine outstanding “firsts” in the recorded human history. They include: The First “Moses”, The First “Job”, The First Proverbs and Sayings, The First Animal Fables, The First Biblical Parallels, The First “Noah”, The First Tale of Resurrection, Tales of Gilgamesh, The First “Sick” Society, The Ideal King: The First Messiahs, etc. The origin of mankind, when revisited, clearly shows that after millions of years of evolutionary processes, some aliens came down for Earth resources, including Gold. These beings eventually tampered with the primitive life-forms found on our planet; with time they crossbred with these life-forms to produce the first set of Homo sapiens. After they had ruled over the Earth for thousands of years – the Babylonia king list as well as Egyptian pre-dynastic era - they decided to appoint ‘righteous shepherd’ as kings to lead the earthlings. They also helped mankind establish the first civilization at Sumer. The original pantheon of Sumer is headed by King Anu, who is the aliens’ Father in their ‘heavenly’ home planet; his two sons are Ea or Enki and Enlil. There are a host of others who became the gods and goddess for the earliest humans. All these alien beings were given local names in all other lands where civilisation eventually spread to, even unto Greece and Rome. There is no doubt that some local deities were developed in some other localities from noblemen who were later deified.

Starting from about 2020 BCE, by my date deductions, however, there was a change in leadership following a power tussle, and a son of Enki called Marduk took over the reign of leadership over and above the entire pantheons, with the exception of King Anu who never resides on Earth anyway. In Marduk’s reformulated laws and religious creeds called Enûma eliš, he excluded others and promoted himself as the real and sole power behind the cosmogony that produced the universe. By this creation myth, the Babylonian civilisation was ruled. The Assyrians were to keep a copy of Enûma eliš, and replaced the name of Marduk with Ashur, their primary god. Enlil, who was second only to Anu in the Sumerian text would not sit back and watch forever, he struggled to reestablish himself. He knew that with the Marduk’s henotheism, it would be difficult to draw men back to polytheism; he, therefore, opted for monotheism. In the Bible which was ordered by Enlil, it begins with “In the beginning, God (Elohim) created the heaven and the earth…..” The Elohim is plural which suggests the admittance of the presence of more than one individual involved in the creative acts. This was a fact known to the Sumerians, but unto the men of later ages, Elohim was presented as one God. Enlil can be assumed to take the name and position of Yahweh. The name Yahweh or Jehovah has its origin in Egypt. Evidence abounds that the Bible, as we have it today, is a product of the Babylonia Captivity, and its writers plagiarized the ancient writings to produce the ‘Holy Book.’ From Sumer, civilization spread to Egypt and then Asia proper before it eventually came to Europe. 

As mentioned earlier, it is of no doubt that Enlil was the brain behind the writing of the Bible with the choice of using the Jews to curtail and ‘correct’ Marduk’s misdemeanours. For example, in order to get back at Enki and Marduk (of the Serpentine Clan), the serpent was demonized in the Bible and was presented as the enemy of mankind. This story has been fed unto mankind for more than 2,500 years. However, in various secret societies, Serpent and Dragon are worshipped as the Supreme Being for which Enki, the Sumerian god of wisdom, was assumed to be. Factions of the secret societies associate themselves with many other alien personalities. It is therefore a great irony that mankind considers the story of the gods and goddesses of the Sumer, Akkad, Egypt, Babylon, India, Greece, Romans, etc. as myths and evil when the holy books of Judaism, Christianity and Islam which are mere fabrications to re-orientate mankind in a regimented matrix, are considered as ‘holy and pure.’  While the author of this article is not advocating that man must continue to worship our brothers from the stars, the aliens, through polytheism, pantheism, or monotheism, it is important to note that the essence of these religions is to brainwash the human race. The religion of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are false and they are no better than the story of Marduk slaughtering the primaeval sea monster and thereby created the world from the spoil of the war

 After promoting the Jewish monotheism for more than three centuries in a side corner of Palestine, a time came when Nibiru (the alien’s planet) comes closest to the Earth in its three thousand six hundred years orbital journey; this period was termed the ‘Nibiru window’ by Zechariah Sitchin. This period affords the entire pantheon to meet to determine a long-term-fate for mankind. The last time such an event took place was suspected to be between 3800 and 3760 BCE. The former date marks the period when the foundation of the temple of the god Enki was laid at Eridu, while the second date marks the time when a lunar calendar was designed at the temple of Enlil at Nippur. The Nippurian calendar was later adopted by the Jews which stipulate 5778 AM (Anno Mondi) as the date when the world was created, that is 3760 BCE. However, when the Council of the gods sat sometime between 200 and 160 BCE, Enlil’s idea, which was borne out of envy and revenge against an arrogant cousin, Marduk, was jettisoned. Another important reason why the idea to discontinue the use of the Jews to execute the Babylonia Agenda may not be unconnected with the component of the Jewish community which was predominantly a mixed race including blacks. As said earlier, the Jews were saved from Babylonia Captivity to be used to propagate the idea that there is one God in heaven who created all things- something strange and totally unheard of in all past civilizations. It was not a unique ideology per se, rather, it was a reformulation of past experiments dated back to Egypt.

In the politics that ensued, going forth from the Nibiru window, Rome was chosen to rule the New Age of Pisces with Sun worship as the principal religion. As a result, contrary to the lunar calendar already in use which the Romans adopted from the Greeks, the solar calendar was introduced. This was done by no other person than Julius Caesar. He introduced the calendar in 709 AUC (45 BC) which for the first time began on 1 January and ran over 365 days until 31 December. In the further preparation of Rome as the new bride of the New Age and in compliance with the new directives, history records the transfer of many Egyptian obelisks (a symbol of Sun worship) to Rome by Emperor Augustus.  A particular obelisk which was more than 2,000 years at that time was brought from Egypt by Emperor Caligula, this obelisk today stands at Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City. Many more Obelisks were imported from Rome in droves at those early days and today they adorn many league cities across the globe.

Was there a Messiah in the first century? The reader may wish to read my article on this topic here. It is very important to know that the New Testament was not written by those who bore the names on the cover or page titles. This has been firmly admitted by many scholars who study the Holy Book in details. Another key point, worthy of note, is that the precession of the equinoxes had always guided the alien-gods in their major decision as the zodiacal age is regarded as the Fate Stations – the determinant of destiny, for the earth and her occupants. With this in mind we may ask, was the removal of the Jews from Palestine in 136/7 CE a planned task or a coincidence? There is no doubt that the Jews were evacuated from Palestine as the Age of Aries ran to an end, 2024 BCE – 137/8 CE according to Zechariah Sitchin.

Therefore, the Jewish nation was a product of a failed experiment. It was not the one God, Yahweh, who created the heavens and the earth in the form that mankind, has been taught. The aliens interfered with earth evolution to produce man. There is nowhere in the history of the Earth where G-O-D ever spoke and wrote anything. The aliens have been manipulating the earthling for ages, till now. The main reason monotheism was created, beside the primary aim of supplanting henotheism of Marduk, was to bring the entire world under one umbrella for easy control.    The Romans created Christianity and programmed her followers to be a pacifist, submissive, law-abiding, taxpayers, etc., they are taught never to fight their oppressors but to pray for people in authority and always believe that God would fight their course – a very tall order. The greatest undoing of the alien who created these religions was the formation of ‘another’ monotheistic faith in the Islam religion. History tells of how the Vatican was instrumental in the creation of the Islamic religion. The writer of this article has been denied the express usage of the original story regarding this topic; however, the interested reader may Google the topic HOW THE VATICAN CREATED ISLAM. The creation of two monotheistic beliefs is an affront and a great insult to mankind’s collective intelligence. Unlike Christianity where the state was to protect the religion, Islam was designed to win for itself recognition and create Islamic states. Hence, it is unnatural for a non-Muslim to rule over a locality with considerable Muslims – the Muslims were designed to seek self-governance or infiltrate the existing non-Muslim government for the purpose of hijacking it or subvert it to adopt Islamic views. This has succeeded greatly in a country like Nigeria. Naturally, the religion was designed to be assertive, domineering, and if possible, rebellious. Unlike Christianity, Islam was never to submit to any civil authority, except the one that has recognized its existence if not its supremacy; hence, its followers will always foment trouble. And for this reason, anywhere the religion is practised, the plan is to rule and control all others who are considered to be infidels. The two religions of Christianity and Islam are, therefore, a medium designed to destabilize and control the masses. The aliens who designed these religions have zero empathy. They feed on the emotional energy that oozes out from humans, mostly during violent death, accidents, ritual killings, wars, and any other chaotic event. The divide and rule mechanism has been utilized over the ages to successfully ensure that there is no lasting unity among the human races.

At the ‘Nibiru window’ meeting of the Council of the gods which took place between 200 – 160 BCE, King Anu announced that he would abdicate the throne. He eventually stepped down in the 14th century but not without a lot of intrigues. One of the fallouts of the election and infractions was a major loss of position by the high god who was prominent in the Enûma eliš- Marduk. The Serpentine Clan was very close to the black race because the black race was the first to be created. Marduk refused to submit to the leadership of his home planet and was banned from any form of association. He rebelled and was cast to the Earth or any other planet he wished to roam. The new Nibiru government was full of the anxiety of what Marduk may resolve to do. But knowing that he would not dare violate the zodiacal rule which currently belongs to Enlil, Nanna, the new king, fuelled the reprisal attack on the black race as recorded in the many years of slavery, exploitation, and underdevelopment. Europe in the 14thth and 15 century was no better than Africa of that age in civil and economic growth. Religious superstition was on the high, cannibalism and wars were a common thing, Europe was heavily laden with dark ages filled with woeful economic and plagues. For Europe to overrun Africa and establish the UK/US civilisation, help was sent from alien’s ‘research centre’ at China. With the acquired or borrowed technology, the rest is now a history. Within a short while after, the plight of the Jews who were roaming the Earth was reconsidered by the new King Nanna, and the Jews were integrated into the mainstream of global affairs – the rest is now a history.

The world, most especially the third world countries, was designed to experience failed economy, poverty, and unfulfilled desires, so that mankind may continue to look up to a God in heaven for help. Whereas, all that man requires becoming a superman is deposited inside of him from birth. Religion was designed to take away the power of self-development and to becloud humans’ mind from assessing the great power available to him in the multidimensional multiverse.  Religion was created to take away free thinking and limit human prowess. All long, as humanity lock horns in the battle of ‘my religion is better than yours,’ great energy that could be channelled into developing self and the Earth is wasted on avoidable strife, pains, riots, battles, and deaths of many worthy citizens that could improve the lots of mankind. Mankind must quickly come into the term with the reality of who he is so as to escape from the artificial matrix under the control of the draconian aliens, or else, true human upward evolution and development will remain elusive, if not impossible. Mankind must free their minds. The machinations such as the systemic global depopulation programs, ethnic cleansing bids across the globe, the mass murder in various wars and terrorism, the imbalance in technology distributions, the collapse of nation’s economy, the corruption, etc. are the handiwork of the Shadow government reporting to the aliens. They are brutal, dispassionate and evil. Mankind must come off the false believes and show that they can practice love and equity without being remote controlled. The earlier we recognise that mankind does not need religion to have morals the better. If anyone cannot determine right from wrong, such an individual lacks empathy and not religion.

A writer succinctly put it as follows:

We were all humans until Race

disconnected us,

Religion separated us,

Politics divided us, 

And wealth classified us.

The world, according to the Mayan Baktun calendar, is passing through a very crucial phase. This is a stage when the current civilisation of UK/US will be dissolved and another is expected to come in the almost four hundred year phase starting from the year 2012. Which race or people will emerge as the ruler of the New Age? This is a million dollar question only time can tell.


In the main time, to save the Earth, we must free ourselves first. All of us must go back to being humans first and accept everyone as ONE. To accept ourselves as one, we must know who we truly are, that we have come from a spirit world where everything and everyone emanated from the infinite oneness. Some of the aliens have fallen out on the right path and have therefore become evil, seeking whom to drag down with them. Man’s destiny was jointly determined with our consent in the spirit world and we all came because the purpose and the mission of our existence are achievable. However, there are many forces standing on our ways. To start that journey, we must see beyond the religions, colours, the tongues, the races, the geographical locations, the tribes and the ethnic; only when we have broken away from these hindrances can we unleash the power in us. Then we shall fulfil our mission and purpose on this earth void of self and ego.


(This is the main idea behind the writing of the book: THEY LIED TO US – A Critical Review of the Origin of Monotheism authored by my good self Tunji Adeeko. The book shall be due to being released for sale in the last quarter of 2018.)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tunji Adeeko

       August 19, 2018

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