The story of the Anunnaki - Those who from heaven to Earth came- was unfolded when the ancient Sumerian clay tablet were unearthed. The Khemites myth has a similar story that attribute the origin of Homo sapiens to the interferance of alien visitors from the stars.  There is a living legend, the 97 years old Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa, the most respected knowledge bearer of the Zulu traditions, who swore that one of the sacred message passed down to him at and after his initiation into shamanism at a very young age was that extraterrestrial beings from the stars (constellations) were involved in the genetic manipulation of the wild ape of Africa to create mankind.

From the various interpretations of the tablets available such as the writings of Zechariah Sitchin the Serpentine Clan (symbols includes snake, dragon, double snakes on a cross denoting DNA strands) arose from the elder son of the Anunnaki brothers, Enki, who was known as Ptah, the founder of Egypt and custodian of ancient wisdom, a very great scientist. The Eagle Clan (symbols include Eagle, a double-headed eagle which is still in use by the Russians and was also used by the Arab during their conquering era) arose from the younger son of the Anunnaki brothers, Enlil, who was the heir apparent. As the story goes, the black race was the first to be created and among them was “the world’s earliest, most enduring and most impactful civilizations of all times.” The story of the Sumerians and Egyptians were intricately woven around the black race. The Hindu culture and traditions were built around the female goddess Inanna or Ishtar who was a granddaughter of King Anu, the king of Nibiru up till 1400 CE – this accounts for the reason why the Hindu gods appear to be quite feminine in their looks. Nanna, the father of Inanna and Utu, the son of Enlil had since become the King of Nibiru since 1400 CE. Any major change in history from this period across the globe must be seen in the light of new leadership of Nibiru. (These are well enunciated in my new book.)

From 2020 BCE Marduk began to rule the civilised world from Babylon though Africa was his natural domain given to his progenies. Marduk (Ra or Amon-Ra) is the first son of Enki (Ptah) and Nabu is the first son of Marduk. Marduk-kabit-ahheshu c. 1155–1140 BCE, Itti-Marduk-balatu c. 1140–1132 BCE, Ninurta-nadin-shumi c. 1132–1126 BCE, Nabu-kudurri-usur (Nebuchadnezzar I) c. 1126–1103 BCE, Enlil-nadin-apli c. 1103–1100 BCE, Marduk-nadin-ahhe c. 1100–1082 BCE, Marduk-shapik-zeri c. 1082–1069 BCE, Adad-apla-iddina c. 1069–1046 BCE, Marduk-ahhe-eriba c. 1046 BCE, Marduk-zer-X c. 1046–1033 BCE, and Nabu-shum-libur c. 1033–1025 BCE were the rulers of the second Babylonia Dynasty of Isin. Note that the names were prefixed with the names Marduk, Ninurta, Nabu, Enlil, Adad, etc. which are the names of the Anunnaki personalities as found in the Sumerian clay tablets. That Marduk began to rule the civilised world means that Marduk determines who rules and every ruler usually ascribes the eligibility of their candidature to the approval of Marduk – see the stele of Hammurabi, see also the Enuma Elish. Marduk of the Serpentine clan was designed to rule the Age of Aries, from 2,020 BCE to 140 CE.

With time, the Eagle clan grew impatient and began to secretly work with a nation salvaged from the Babylonia captivity – the Jews. The Jewish Scripture was largely written during and after the Babylonia captivity with a genealogy even unto Adam and Eve intricately fabricated into its helm. Just as Marduk fabricated or forged henotheism which recognised him as the creator god above all other Anunnaki Earth mission leaders, the Eagle clan also fabricated the “In the beginning Elohim (the gods) created the heaven and the earth” story of the Bible. In other words, the Eagle clan fabricated monotheism of the Jews.

The original plan was to rule the world, using the Jews, from Jerusalem. However, during the Nibiru Window of 200 – 160 BCE (that is, a 40-year period when the Nibiru planet comes closest to the Earth space), the council of the larger Anunnaki leadership review human's activities and the different plans in the hands of the Earth leaders. They frowned at the incursion made by the Eagle clan into an era belonging to the Serpentine clan. Therefore, they rejected the Jews and Jerusalem. Instead, they decided to use Caucasian to rule the New Age of Pisces. The Jews of that era were largely a mixed race of many people displaced from the other parts of the Babylonia Empire and resettled within the nation of Israel. Many of them were blacks. To streamline the blood mix, Rome and the Romans were picked as the new hub for the New Age while the Jews were marked for removal from Palestine. This was eventually executed at the end of the Age of Aries (132 – 136 CE).

The implication of this is that, just as the henotheism of Marduk and Babylon was a forgery, so was the monotheism of the Jewish nation. Since the Romans were earmarked to rule the New Age, they began to formulate the appropriate religious tool that would be most suitable to rule mankind. Pharaoh Ptolemy I Soter experimented with Serapis or Sarapis which was coined from “Osiris-Apis,” a non-existing deity that was fabricated by syncretism – the merging of a Greek face (elderly man) to the body of the Egyptian god Osiris. According to Wikipedia, “Serapis continued to increase in popularity during the Roman Empire, often replacing Osiris as the consort of Isis in temples outside Egypt. Hence, the Jesus story was fabricated by the Roman aristocrats such as Josephus (to the world he was presented as a Jewish first-century historian), Philo, and a host of the so-called early church fathers.

The idea behind religion was never to unite mankind. Rather, religions were designed to divide people into pockets of groups and then they are controlled by those who formulated the "holy books." The early Church of Rome used force and forgery to win people into Christianity. It comes, therefore, not as a surprise that in the seventh century, the same fable of Jesus Christ, the son of God, the son of Mariam, was sold to the man who would become the Arab prophet. The Abrahamic faith has been used to promote the slave trade and to suppress humanity in the hand of civic leaders and religious leaders alike.

It is important to note that there was never a historical Jesus Christ in the first century. This submission is premised on the discovery that there are as many as four (4) different birthdays for Jesus Christ in the Bible and Church history. According to the Book of Daniel, there is a prophecy that "Messiah the Prince" would be born in the 69th week of Daniel 70-weeks prophecy. This has been calculated, starting from the seventh year of Artaxerxes when the King issued the edit that Jerusalem should be rebuilt after the Babylonia Captivity Return. Hence, the Messiah the Prince was expected to be born 3 BCE. However, the Gospel according to Matthew associated the birth of Jesus of Nazareth to King Herod who carried out infanticide two years before his death in March/April 4 BCE, thus providing a clue that Jesus was born 6 BCE. The Gospel was not done with the contradictions, the writer of the Gospel credited to Luke stated that Cyrenius was the governor of Syria Province when Ceasar Augustus commanded that a census should be carried out to count everyone under the Roman Empire, and according to Josephus, this was in the second year of Cyrenius’ reign, that is 7 CE. This is now making the 3rd possible birthdays of Jesus of Nazareth, that is, 6BCE, 3BCE, and 7 CE. In the sixth century, there was the need to revise the calendar after the expiration of the Septuagint Calendar, that is, the said calendar read 6000 AM (Anno Mundi) to signify the end of the sixth millennium after the creation of Adam and Eve. The genealogy in the Hebrew Scripture was reverted to and the date for the beginning of a supposed New Age was signified by the birth of Jesus Christ at 1 CE. This date thus became the 4th birthday for Jesus of Nazareth. Curiously, it is not difficult to identify that 1 CE was derived by the Catholic monk who carried out the exercise by 524 CE by a mere picking of the middle point between 6 BCE and 7 CE. If this is assumed to be true, then, invariably the two dates of 6 BCE and 7 CE were carefully woven into the fabric of Jesus’ story as a secret sign for the future monk who would understand the telltale and do the most appropriate thing – chose the right date.

For these permutations to make any sense, it must be proven that the date of 1 CE is of any relevance in whatever way. True to our imagination, the precision of allocating the 1 CE was most necessary in order to fulfil a prophecy in the Book of Daniel chapter eight verse fourteen which reads, "And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” How are these related? The work of Zechariah Sitchin becomes handy in order to resolve this puzzle. First Sitchin picked 2024 BCE as the year in which Marduk battled the other Anunnaki gods for the control of Earth from Babylon. Sitchin picked this date because the destruction of Jerusalem fell on 134/135 CE. An astrological age is approximately 2,160 years. However, the author of this article begs to differ that the year 2020 BCE is more accurate leaving a marginal error of ±5 years. Therefore, the Age of Aries is 2,020 BCE to 140 CE and the Age of Pisces is 140 CE to 2300 CE. Hence, the reason why the date for the birth of Jesus of Nazareth was mutilated was to “accurately” predict the end of the Age of Pisces. In other words, astronomy was more important to the writer of the Gospel than the birth of the saviour of the world. This will lead to a subtle submission that a historical Jesus never existed; rather, the story given to mankind as the story of Jesus, the son of God, was, in fact, the myth of solar deities of old was merely recanted in the New Testament – Jesus, the sun-god.

Having come to this conclusion, it is apparent that Monotheism of the Jews was a forgery and so was Christianity. And ultimately Islam, in the same vein, was an inevitable counterfeit to complete the threesome falsehood. To imagine that the three religions were designed to deceive mankind is almost unthinkable, however, when we cast minds back to the fact that henotheism of the Babylonia upon which the Akitu festival was established as an indoctrination of  the Babylonians in religious matter was a forgery, then, the idea that there is only one God in heaven is fake. The idea was fabricated in order to streamline the activities of the Anunnaki gods who were like Greece and Roman gods and goddesses of the later era, very promiscuous and riotous. Hence, the notion that there is one God in heaven is questionable.

Has man ever pried behind the farce of religion to obtain a much assured and reliable record of the spirit world, the realm of the spirits (souls)? This is the question I provided an answer for in my new book.

My name Tunji Adeeko, I am the author of the new book THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity and Islam Religion Were Forged.

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