Do you know that A.D. 1 has nothing to do with the birth of the religious figure called Jesus Christ? According to Matthew, Jesus was born 6 B.C. and according to Luke Jesus Christ was born A.D. 7. Anyone who thinks or alleges that Luke made a mistake in the contradictory dating is uninformed.

It is written in history that in the early part of the 6th century, they thought the world would come to an end because the world chronology in the Septuagint Bible claimed that the Age of man on Earth had reached 6,000 years (6,000 AM), hence, a possible end of the world. When by A.D. 525 the world did not come to an end, the then Pope John 1 instructed a monk called Dionysius Exiguus, aka Dennis the Little to restructure the calendar. Upon a very careful study of the two contradictory references made with respect to the birth of Jesus, Denis must have come to term that it was a secret code.

Here is how it was deciphered: the middle point between 6 B.C and A.D 7 (13 years) is A.D. 1. What then is the significance of A.D. 1 if it is not the birthday of Jesus Christ? That will be a story for another day.

In was not until in the year we now call 532 that the world calendar was first addressed as “in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 532” (anno Domini nostri Jesu Christi DXXXII). Obviously Jesus Christ could not have been born on any of the three conflicting dates of 6 BCE, 1 AD or 7 AD and for this reason, I, therefore, concluded that the figure that the Roman aristocrats created as the saviour of the world was not historical but fictitious. The same story was sold to the man of Arabia descent. Hence, the Bible and Qur'an are of the same source, the two sides of the same coin. Christianity and Islam represent the two fishes in the zodiac sign of Pisces (the outgoing Age), a kind of Yin and Yang, Order and Chaos, etc. Christianity story is all about the SUN worship while that of Qur'an represents the Moon worship (moon crest). The moon has no light other than whatever the sun casts on it. And for this reason, all the stories of the Bible were touched up and repeated in the Qur'an. If you never knew, now you know.

The white men developed the religions to keep us, like sheep, in two different folds, and to use one fold against another anytime they like. When the story of religions expired in Europe following the many discoveries of the ancient texts of Sumerian, Akkadian, Egyptian and Babylonian origin, it came to light that the stories in the religious books were never true but  plagiarized from many ancient materials that were either destroyed, stolen or kept in secret libraries and the knowledge suppressed in the public domain. Then the religions were shipped to the third world or the developing world while China shipped technology advancement to Europe and America.

We must not allow religions to continue to divide the black race. It is high time Africans wake up from this deep slumber. The white race had used religions to divide and rule our people and the continent for so long. The civilized societies are mocking us as lower beings that don't or cannot think. Africans are considered incapable of discovering the web that the religions have entangled them. In the name of being a religious faithful, we are made to work against our fellow human being of the same colour, kill and maim in the name of God none of us had ever seen other than what was conjured in the supposed “holy” books.

My research has shown that the gods and goddesses (aliens) of the ancient world were those who metamorphosed and jointly created the ONE GOD phenomenon. How can the One God be Yahweh, Jesus and Allah, etc., at the same time and yet he's deemed answering everyone's prayers at all time without uniting them? It is the duty of every human being to know himself/herself and to collectively transform the Earth to either a hell or a paradise. No saviour is coming to take anyone anywhere, as we lay our bed in Africa so shall we continue to lie on it, ourselves and our generation to come.

In my upcoming book titled THEY LIED TO US - Unveiling How Christianity and Islam Religion Were Forged I exposed all that I had discovered. The current Age is running out and the New Age is just around the corner.

Please, feel free to share to awake the millions who are still asleep


Tunji Adeeko

September 14, 2018

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