The world is filled with many religions with monotheism claiming half of the world population; that is, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other branches of the Abrahamic faith. Most of these religions were created in the Middle East and then spread across the Western World, Latin America, and Africa with little success in the Far East. 
As a young African prince, growing up in my semi-urban town, I would often wonder in my teen ages how I could rule over my people, if and when called upon to do so. My grave concern was not unconnected with the multiple religions in the land.

This website is set up to:

  1. Make inquiries and report if indeed there is One God in Heaven
    1. How did humankind conclude that there is One God?
    1. How did the idea of One God evolve?
  2. Are the Jews right in their claims to have the prerogative of being the Oracle of God?
  3. How could the Christians also claim to be right and yet contradict the Jews?
  4. How could Islam claim to be better than all others?
  5. Is it possible to know the truth?

Considering the devastating effect of religion in Africa, I am obliged to revisit and review all claims. For many years, I learned to empty myself of all known philosophy and creeds. I have now authored two topics, and more are to come. These are:

  1. THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity and Islam Were Forged.
  3. THE VATICAN’S SNAKEHEAD AUDITORIUM – Is The Black Race Destined To Rule The New Age?

My earnest wish is that the eyes of the Africans will be open to the deceits in religion so that we can till the land, make inventions and transform Africa into becoming, once again, the land of the giants.

Tunji Adeeko

The African Prince