The Allegory of the Cave, or Plato’s Cave, was presented by the Greek philosopher Plato (born 428/427 in Athens – died 348/347 BCE) in his work Republic (514a–520a) to compare “the effect of education (παιδεία) and the lack of it on our nature”. It is written as a dialogue between Plato’s brother Glaucon and his mentor Socrates, narrated by the latter.

In Plato’s allegory of the cave, Plato likens people untutored in the Theory of Forms to prisoners chained in a cave, unable to turn their heads. All they can see is the wall of the cave. Behind them burns a fire……and the puppeteers…..who are behind the prisoners, hold up puppets that cast shadows on the wall of the cave. The prisoners are only able to see the shadows and link it to whatever the puppeteers announce their names to be.

The shadows represent a false vision of the truth, an illusion created to produce various realities…..HINDUISM reality, BUDDHISM reality, TRADITIONAL BELIEFS reality, CHRISTIANITY reality, ISLAM reality and ATHEISM/AGNOSTICISM reality.

Plato represents the philosopher (The Seeker) with the brave prisoner who climbs out of the cave to discover the real world.  He sees that his former life and the guessing game they played is useless. He wants so badly for his fellow prisoners to know the truth that he voluntarily climbs back into the cave to tell them. The rest of the prisoners, however, do not believe him, they made a jest of him and threaten to kill him if he tries to set them (their mind) free.

The illustration above represents the overlapping interaction between three ancient calendars, interpolated on the Gregorian calendar. Ironically, most people are not even in a good grasp of the human history of a few centuries ago. They typically arrogantly display over-bloated view which they assume is capable of being a worldview. As a result of our failure to know more about the past, most people get easily deceived about the true human histories. And these, advertently, have greatly beclouded our sense of judgment and in its place, we become very argumentative, defending what is never true.

According to the Jewish calendar, as derived from the chronology in the Hebrew scripture, Adam and Eve were created circa 3760 BCE. But, everyone who has reasoned properly knows that this cannot be true. God could not have created Adam and Eve just about 4000 years ago. There is no evidence to support that. Rather, everything we know about the past human history stands contrary to such a view. However, many would argue that, since God said so in the Bible, then, it is true. The truth is that human history extends beyond 3800 BCE by millions of years. With the use of the above-mentioned illustration, the 40-year gap of 3800 – 3760 BCE represents a highly decisive moment in human history which can better be understood if we would spare the time to go back in history to the era of the Sumerians and Egyptians. According to the Sumerian stories as translated by the late Zechariah Sitchin, this was the period when mankind was granted the right to rule the Earth. Before this time, many now-mythical individuals ruled the Earth. Their times and deeds are now confined to the prehistoric era when characters such as Osiris, Horus, Ptah, etc. were gods and goddesses over Egypt while Enlil, Nanna, Inanna, Ninurta, etc. ruled the land of Sumer.

When we go back in time to carefully decipher the true human stories, then, we would be able to identify the many irregularities and cover-ups. The Jewish worldviews as documented in the Hebrew or Septuagint scriptures are false. If the story of the presumed first couple is false, so false are the stories built upon it. Thus, the story of the ancient world as written down in the Bible is over-bloated and untrue. If the story of Adam and Eve are not true as told the story of the second Adam that is popularly called Jesus Christ is untrue as well. If there was never a historical Jesus as my book exposes, the world created in the Qur’an is also false. However, in the words of Plato, the prisoners in the cave (Earth) who have been fed with delusory ideas cannot reason this out or accept its possibilities.


The knowledge about this orbit was made popular in the writings of Zechariah Sitchin. Sitchin made copious references to the archaeology’s discovery of the foundation of the temple of Enki at Eridu at about 3800 BCE and the invention of the lunar calendar at the temple of Enlil at about 3760 BCE at Nippur during the first Nibiru Window that ushered in human civilisation. However, there had never been the linking of another decisive moment that fell between 200 – 160 BCE to a 40-year Nibiru Window. My work, as revealed in my book titled THEY LIED TO US, would be the FIRST to make these deductions, hence, the FIRST work to expose the magnitude of its importance. It was during this period that the Jews were severely persecuted in the hand of Antiochus VI Epiphane starting from 167 BCE. During the visit, the visiting, larger, Anunnaki council rejected the use of the Jews to rule the Age of Pisces; in their place the Romans were chosen. The accurate knowledge of this period has enhanced the understanding of the behind-the-scene scenario that culminated into the changing world in the tail-end of the millennium BCE.   


Sitchin was right in identifying that the Bar Kokhbar revolution of 132 – 136 CE which was the final revolt that terminated the Jews from Palestine marked the end of the Age of Aries. This knowledge influenced Sitchin’s siting the beginning of that Age at 2025 BCE. However, Sitchin was unable to link the end of the Age of Pisces to a Bible passage as found in Daniel 8:14 wherein 2300 CE was cleverly stated as the end of the Age of Pisces. I, therefore, became the FIRST person to make the accurate deductions and thereafter adjusted the years for the immediate past three ages as follow:

Age of Taurus             4,180 – 2,020 BCE

Age of Aries:               2,020 BCE – 140 CE

Age of Pisces:             140 – 2,300 CE

All dates carry error margin of ± 6 years.


This unique calendar has a starting date of 3113 BCE. The calendar was believed to have been invented by an Egyptian god known as Thoth. It was reported that during a war that lasted for about 350 years among the children of Enki in Africa, Thoth abdicated the throne for his elder brother Ra who was later called Amen-Ra and sojourned to the Mesoamerica where he became a leading god. Thoth was understood as one who founded a lasting Mayan civilisation. The calendar he invented identified that at every 144,000 days (a bak’tun) human civilisation would rise or fall. Going by this definition, the 13th Bak’tun introduced the British-American civilisation. However, the Bak’tun came to an end in December 2012, therefore, alluding to a possible decay of UK/US during the 14th Bak’tun. The date that a new civilisation will emerge is tentatively put by the Bible writer at 2300 CE or thereabout.

THE VATICAN’S SNAKEHEAD AUDITORIUM (The title of my second book)

The Vatican’s Audience Hall was built in 1971 and till date, no one seems to know its meaning and importance. In my second book, I made it clear that this edifice stands as the physical evidence to support that the content of my first book was well reasoned out. This auditorium is proof that the content of the Sumerian Clay tablets is true to a very large extent. The reader of this book will get to know how I decoded that the American Great Seal is a symbol of an Eagle and a Serpent. I am not aware if anyone had previously made this deduction, hence, I will pride myself as the FIRST person to make this accurate inference. The reverse side of the Great Seal carries the pyramid and the all-seen-eye thus depicting the land of Pharaoh, yet, it is not certain that anyone had previously identified the scroll on the beak of the Eagle possibly as a Serpent. This knowledge implies that the two Anunnaki brothers are still ruling our world while the entire world is plunged into religious fervency and irreligiousness.

In closing, all Earth dwellers need to come to terms that for many aeons (ages) the Anunnaki brothers had preserved the Earth as their private estate, a colony. They had successfully kept mankind under their firm control. The Eagle clan (the family of Enlil) has been ruling the Earth for the past 2000 years in the Age of Pisces. Going by the Vatican’s snakehead auditorium, it can be concluded that the New Age of Aquarius will be ruled by the family of Enki, the Serpent. So far, the human population had been indoctrinated into HINDUISM, BUDDHISM, TRADITIONAL BELIEFS, CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, and ATHEISM/AGNOSTICISM. These are pockets of realities created to keep the entire human race busy with something. In these pockets are the worldviews of individuals preserved. And outside it, each person cannot reason out his/her purpose of existence. The worst that often happens is that some individual would jump from one reality into another or jump from one arm of a reality into another still within the large group in the search for the true meaning of life, futility. To escape from this endless circle, every individual must become awakened to the game plan of the extraterrestrial beings who from heaven to earth came to steal everything that belongs to mankind. Until we can do this and stand on our feet, we would continue to slug it out in the divide, rule and conquer mud water of shortsightedness, greed and self-hatred. 

My name is Tunji Adeeko

I am the author of the books:

THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity And Islam Religions Were Forged










6 BCE – Matthew chapter 2:16 (Herod killed children from 2 years and below before he died 4BCE)

3 BCE – Prophecy of Daniel (chapter 9:25) 483 years from Artaxerxes’ edit comes to 26 CE

1 CE   – Dionysius Exiguus – the Catholic monk who designed the modern calendar

7 CE   – Luke 2:2 (Josephus says Caesar Augustus’ census took place in the second year after Cyrenius became the Governor of Syria in 6 CE)


On my Facebook post of November 22, 2019, I demanded to know which of the dates stated above is correct for the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Following the reactions I got, it is obvious that many Christians are not even aware that such discrepancies exist in the New Testament. Therefore, I find it very pertinent to explain the circumstances that surround the four (4) different birth dates for Jesus of Nazareth and its importance.

To start with, did King Herod’s supposed infanticide some two years before he died in 4BCE assume the date of 6BCE for the birth of Jesus? The answer is YES.

[Many scholars have doubted if this infanticide was ever possible for a puppet king like Herod to have carried out such a gory event under the watchful eyes of the Roman presence in that area at that time. Therefore, the drama was perceived to have been introduced just to make the 6BCE mark unmistaken since Herod was known to have died, historically, at 4BCE.]

In the same vein, did the mentioning of Cyrenius as the Governor of Syria in Luke 2:2 guard a careful searcher, with additional information provided by Josephus, a supposed first-century Jewish historian, to assume 7 CE as a possible date of birth for Jesus Christ? The answer also is YES!

[There had been many arms twisting to interpret this passage to read something else. One of such is that “Cyrenius (his Latin name was Publius Sulpicius Quirinius) was governor of Syria twice, first term starting in 7 BCE? It was during the first term, not the second, that the Lord Jesus was born.” This submission has been debunked. Augustus decreed a census in 28 BCE and again in 8 BC.  8 BC is the closest census to the one Luke mentioned.  But the census of 8 BCE involved only Roman citizens whereas the decree Luke mentions says that Augustus ordered ‘all the world’ to be taxed or enrolled. During the reign of Herod, Quintilius Varus, not Cyrinius, was Governor of Syria from 6 BCE to 3 BCE. There is no evidence that Cyrinius was governor of Syria before Herod’s death in 4 BCE]

The major problem every Bible reader faces is the assumption that the Bible was inspired by God and that it is infallible. This is very wrong and it is important to get this fundamental fact right. The Bible was put together by people who wanted to force monotheism, that is, the belief that there is one God in heaven on mankind. For those who are familiar with many works on the possible visit of astronauts to the ancient world, it was these ET visitors who became the first set of the gods and goddesses that mankind knew and referred to in the ancient religions as found in Egypt, Sumer and Akkad. Also, these ideas were retained in the natural religions of Hinduism and traditional beliefs; their origin is dated to antiquity. Along the line, many humans who perform ‘extraordinary’ feats also became deified and worshipped as local gods and goddesses, thereby leading to a long list of deities across the globe.  

The two dates of 6BCE and 7CE have a difference of 13 years. This must be recognised to be what it is, a Masonic signature. This, as it shall be seen soon was to be a secret code. The likes of Dennis the Little who reconfigured the old calendars to produce the current one in the 6th century understood this hidden marking. The middle spot between the two different dates is 1CE and this was assumed as the beginning of our current calendar tagged “in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Before the 6th century, the world calendars had no recognition of Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world. The implications of this singular act, however,  is that the sharp-minded searcher can now identify that there are three (3) dates of 6BC, 1CE & 7CE as the date of birth of Jesus Christ. Without beating about the bush, the simple submission by the writers of the New Testament, invariably, is that Jesus Christ was never intended to be understood as a historical person but a fictitious solar deity. No historical person will have three (3) different dates of birth. These dates did not arise as a result of a mix-up in the dating system at the turn of the millennium in the first century. The dates were carefully crafted to tell those who care to see it, that Jesus Christ was fictional.

What about the fourth birthday of 3 BCE?

There is a prophecy by Prophet Daniel (chapter 9), which states that sixty-nine weeks is allotted “from the going forth of the commandments to restore and to build Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince” The student of Bible prophecy identified that the commands or decrees that authorized the resettlement of the Jews and the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem were given by three kings: Cyrus the Great (538 BCE), Darius (520 BCE) and in the seventh year of the reign of Artaxerxes (458 BCE). Sixty-nine weeks equal 483 days which a student of prophecy will interpret to be 483 years. Starting the count from the last date of Artaxerxes, the “Messiah the Prince” will be revealed to the world by 26 CE. Since Jesus of Nazareth commenced his ministry at about the age of thirty, Luke 3:23, his birth will, therefore, be circa 3 BCE. The same prophecy says he shall be cut off during the week (7 prophetic years), the middle of that is 3 or 3½ years. Therefore, he was supposed to have died at the age of thirty-three (33).

The reader must also take note of the fact that the number “33” is another Masonic symbol. Many items on the America Great Seal are grouped in 13s and the number of feathers on the Eagles wing is 33. Are these symbols related or mere coincidence?

The prophecy in Daniel 9 appears to be very formidable, perfect and dependable in unfolding the divine plan of God concerning the arrival of the “Messiah the Prince” in the first century. However, this prophecy came with a caveat and this can be found in the first two opening verses of the chapter:

“In the first year of Darius the son of Ahasuerus, of the seed of the Medes,

which was made king over the realm of the Chaldeans;

In the first year of his reign, I Daniel understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah the prophet,

that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.”

There are two blatant lies in these verses:

  1. Darius the son of Ahasuerus, of the seed of the Medes, does not exist in history.
  2. The Jews never spent seventy years in Babylonia Captivity.

It can, therefore, be seen that the writer has left an indelible clue to indicate that whatever that was contained in this chapter or the Book of Daniel was pure fantasy. Believe it at your peril!

What is the importance of Denis Exigenus’s work?

The writers of the Bible had no intention to promote the One God phenomenon because they want mankind to love God. Rather, they were primarily concerned about how to establish a religious system that they can control. When you control people’s belief, you control them ultimately. People are therefore made to believe that they serve the one-God not knowing that this idea was created by the Extraterrestrial beings who had colonized the Earth a long time before man was created. The ancient Sumerian and Babylonia text reveal that the ETs created mankind from the Apes of Africa. If this statement confuses you, it is because you are not familiar with the content of the aforementioned sources.

In the sixth century, the Septuagint version of the Jewish scripture outlived its usefulness after it had successfully midwived the delivery of the Angel-Messiah in the first century, at least on papers. When the chronology in the said version expired in the sixth century as its date reached 6,000 AM, Anno Mundi, there was the need to revert to the Hebrew version which still had unspent period resulting from variance in chronology they both contained. The work of Dionysius Exiguus or Dennis the Little, the Catholic monk who worked at the Vatican, was to come up with a revised calendar. By adopting 1 CE as the beginning of the Age of Pisces, they successfully misled those who watched and interpreted time. The current year of 2019, therefore, reads 5779 AM in the Jewish calendar – Anno Mundi, “in the year of creation”. The 1 CE, therefore, makes 3,760 BCE as the date and time when mankind was created – this is another blatant lie.

In the least, the work of Dennis the Little recognises that history begins in Sumer circa 3,670 BCE. A more comprehensive history, however, shows that the first three major human civilisations were: The Sumerian, the ancient Egyptian and the Sumer-Akkadian between 4,180  to 2,020 BCE headed by Enlil, Enki (Ptah) and Inanna (Ishtar) respectively. This was the Age of Taurus (Bull). Polytheism was the original and traditional beliefs because the ET gods and goddesses were the first “God” known to the primitive people of the ancient world. In the Age of Aries (Goat), circa 2,020 BCE downwards, the world was moved from polytheism to henotheism and Marduk with his son Nabu were the principal deities ruling from Babylon. The rest of all the Sumerian deities were relegated to the back seat during this era. This was contained in the Enûma Eliš (the Babylonia creation story) and the memories retained in the Akitu festival. As a vexation against the henotheism of Marduk, a chief deity in the person of Enlil went for the Jews and became their Yahweh. Enlil, instead of henotheism of Marduk, went further to write a glowing history for the Jews and called their religion monotheism although every element of henotheism is still prevalent in the Jewish Scripture. 

Why was it necessary that the date of birth of Jesus of Nazareth would be bastardized to give the likes of Dennis the appropriate cue to fix 1 CE?

It is because the writers of the Bible were staunch astrologers and Sun worshippers. Hence, it was nothing for them to discredit and demystify the supposed saviour of the world as long as the memory of their control and determination of the borders between one Age and another is kept intact. In the Book of Daniel (8:14) it is said that “and unto two thousand three hundred days and the then sanctuary shall be cleansed.” Could the 2300 days of Daniel correspond to 2300 CE of the modern time? Does this date signify the expiry date for monotheism – a time frame for religious war centered around Christianity versus Mohammedanism over the Jewish land in the Middle East? If Jesus Christ cannot be proven to be a historical person, yet, the story was preserved in the Holy Qur’an; this means only one thing – the same source authored the two books. 

When other factors are put into consideration such as the appropriate input from Maya Long Count calendar, the time is up for all these falsehood to be “cleansed” or dissolved. The world is living on borrowed time.

Tunji Adeeko.

I am the author of two books:

THEY LIED TO USUnveiling How Christianity and Islam Religions Were Forged!


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In another article, I drew up parallels between the main features of Jesus Christ story and the sun. You can read up the article here

To proof that Jesus Christ story in the Bible was wholly fabricated, one may need to check out the observed abnormality in the details provided in the Scripture.

No best way to start than to look at the prophecies that seemed to have predicted the possible birth of a messiah king among the Jews in the first century. I had debunked the use of Isaiah chapter seven to promote the virgin birth in the article mentioned above. The use of that story to promote the coming of a messiah is unwarranted, unlawful and fraudulent for the simple fact that if Syria and Israel were annihilated at about 722 BCE according to history, the child that was promised to King Ahaz at about a decade earlier must have been born and the King must have been very happy that God fulfilled His promise to him.

The next point of call is the book of Daniel. I took time to explain how Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks had been used to support the supposed prediction of the birth of a “messiah the prince” in my book THEY LIED TO US. Three Kings were said to have been involved in the release of the Jews from Babylonian Captivity (see Ezra 6:14, 15; 1:1-4; 5:13-15 & 6:3). These were Cyrus, Darius and Artaxerxes. The seventh year of the reign of Artaxerxes was 458 BCE when he issued the last order that Jerusalem should be rebuilt. 69 years of weeks or 483 years was to usher in the messiah’s ministry at about the age of 30. Therefore, Jesus started his ministry circa 26 CE. And for Jesus to be 30 years old at 26 CE, he must have been born circa 3 BCE.

1st Inference: According to history, King Herod died in March 4 BCE. However, from the reference to the prophecy of Daniel above, Jesus Christ was expected to be born a year after King Herod died. This is not in agreement with the other portions of the New Testament which stipulates that when Jesus Christ was born King Herod was on the throne. Here is the first contradiction; the birth of Jesus Christ did not fulfil the prophecy in the book of Daniel because he was purportedly born outside the year of prophecy according to Daniel chapter 9. When exactly was Jesus Christ born?

According to Matthew (2:16), King Herod ordered that children from two years and below must be slaughtered when it became clear to him that the wise men from the East had deceived him. Thus, it can be presumed, based on the way the portion of Matthew mentioned above was constructed, that Jesus Christ was born two years before King Herod died, 6 BCE.

However, there is a further twist to this fabulous story. Luke linked the birth of Jesus Christ to a census ordered by Emperor Augustus (Luke 2: 1 – 7). In particular, the census was linked to the appointment of Cyrenius as the governor of the Province of Syria. Reading through the work of Josephus, the presumed first-century Jewish historian, in Antiquities of the Jews 17:13:5; 18:1:1; & 18:2:1, Cyrenius became the governor in 6 C.E. and the census took place in the second year of his reign, that is, 7 C.E.

2nd Inference: Between the date of birth of Jesus Christ as set down in the Gospel according to “Matthew” and “Luke” there is thirteen (13) years separation. This can never be historically possible. A child cannot be born 6 BCE and at the same time be born in 7 CE (AD). The speculated dates of birth are now three, that is 3 BCE according to the prophecy of Daniel, 6 BCE according to Matthew and 7 CE according to Luke.

Taking our probe further, in the six century, the Vatican ordered for the revised of the then existing calendar. The monk who worked on the project picked a date we now know as 1 AD (CE) as the date of birth for Jesus Christ. How did the monk arrive on this date? Having discovered the disparity in the promoted dates of birth in Matthew and Luke, there is no need for a soothsayer to identify that the monk cleverly picked the middle point between the dates in dispute as found the in Matthew and Luke. Hence, one can conclude that the two dates found in Matthew and Luke were secret codes put in place to guide the monk in picking the appropriate startup date for the calendar that was eventually designed in the sixth century.

3rd Inference: The cleverer the Church try to become, the worse they open themselves up to ridicule. By putting in place in the sixth century a calendar that recognised human calendar “in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ” the Church has further compounded the already complicated date of birth of Jesus Christ. From three (3) dates as mentioned earlier, there are now four (4) dates proposed as the possible year of birth of Jesus Christ. These are 6 BCE, 3 BCE, 1 CE & 7 CE! If Daniel, Matthew and Luke were written at about the year assigned to them, it is surprising how errors could have crept into the making of the New Testament when it did. The crux of the matter is that these dates are no errors at all, they were purposely put in place for specific reasons.

I dedicated a chapter to the 2300 days prophecy in the Book of Daniel in my book THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity and Islam Religions Were Forged. Had I not make the extraordinary connection between the 1 CE date of birth of Jesus Christ and the 2300 days of Daniel, the theologians would have made lame excuses about why the apparent multiple dates of birth for Jesus Christ is unimportant and a possible slip of the pen by Luke and others.

From the look of things, those who wrote the story attributed to “Matthew” and “Luke,” if they were aware of the prophecy in the book of Daniel, they chose to disregard it. Also, the two different dates penned down in Matthew and Luke are no mistakes at all, they are secret codes put in place to guide the likes of Denis the Little, the monk at the Vatican in the 6th century to put the “birth” of Jesus at 1 CE. Can the multiple dates of birth be ascribed to a person called Jesus Christ the Son of God? The answer is a NO! This can only happen for a fictitious character. To the writers of the Gospels, the true meaning of the 2300 days in the Book of Daniel was more important than the story they peddled about a Jesus Christ the saviour of the world. In other words, the 2300 days of Daniel is more real to the New Testament composers than the virgin birth. For these reasons one is forced to ask if Jesus was the Son of God or a rebrand of the ancient Sun-gods. The latter is more plausible than the former, hence, the Bible writers and the Church bastardised the historical references to the birth of a Jesus Christ at the expense of the establishment of the end of the astrological Age of Pisces which is what the prophecy of the 2300 days of Daniel pointed to.

Tunji Adeeko

I am the author of the two books:

  1. THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity and Islam Were Forged
  2. THE VATICAN’S SNAKEHEAD AUDITORIUM – The Old Warlord Is Back To Power!

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  • BORN AT DAWN ON THE 25th DAY OF DECEMBER – Jesus was said to be about the 16th deities to be so born. All other solar deities were born on December 25th. Examples of the numerous solar deities are Osiris, Ra, Horus, Krishna, Mithras, Apollo, Bacchus, Hercules, Indra, Oedipus, Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, etc.
  • BORN OF VIRGIN – this refers to the star constellation named Virgo in the zodiac signs. Virgo (Latin for “maiden” which has been roughly translated as “virgin”) is the only female character of the zodiac.
  • A STAR FORETELL HIS BIRTH – the Sirius star with other three (3) bright stars appearing to be pointing to Virgo on December 25th
  • HE WAS BORN IN A CAVE (THE WRITER OF THE GOSPEL CHANGED IT TO MANGER) – This is the dark abode from where the wandering Sun starts in every morning.
  • THE HEAVENLY HOSTS SANG PRAISES – just like in the case of Krishna and other solar deities.
  • HE WAS VISITED BY THE MAGI – The Magi were Sun-worshippers, the astrologers of the Arabs, Chaldean, the Essenes and other Oriental nations.
  • HE WAS ORDERED TO BE PUT TO DEATH – just like all the Sun-gods. It signifies the ultimate ‘death’ as sundown.
  • HE WAS TEMPTED BY THE DEVIL – this represents the clouds of storm and darkness, the enemies that harbour the rays of the Sun from shinning. The enemy of the Sun was called Serpents, Dragons, Sphinxes, and other monsters.
  • HE WAS PUT TO DEATH ON THE CROSS – the Sun reaches the extreme southern limit only to bow to ‘death’ on the cross, the Egyptian Ankh was derived from the Analemma of the sun or the circular arrangement of the zodiac signs with the sun at the centre.
  • AND MANY WOMEN BEHELD HIM FROM AFAR – All the Sun-gods forsake their homes and virgin mothers and wander through different countries doing marvellous things (giving life and sustenance to plants and animals). [When the Lord Prometheus was crucified on Mt. Caucasus, his especially professed friend, Oceanus, the fisherman, as his name Petræus indicates, being unable to prevail on him to make his peace with Jupiter, by throwing the cause of human redemption out of his hands, “forsook him and fled.” None remained to be witnesses to his dying agonies, but the chorus of ever-amiable and ever-faithful women, who also bewailed and lamented him, but were unable to subdue his inflexible philanthropy.]

It is of no surprise that Jesus Christ was made to have a follower called Peter that plied his trade in the Ocean (fisherman) who also “forsook him and fled” at his trying moment.

  • THERE WAS DARKNESS ALL OVER THE LAND – in the same manner, this ends the tale of the long toil and sorrows of all the Sun-gods.
  • HE DESCENDED INTO HELL – the Sun’s descent into the lower regions, it enters the sign Capricorns or the Goat, and the astronomical winter begins. The winter solstice reigns and the Sun seem to stand still in the southern course. For three days and three nights (from December 22nd to 25th), it remains in ‘hell’.
  • HE ROSE AGAIN FROM THE DEAD AND ASCENDED INTO HEAVEN – this is the solar feature, it rises again from the grave or ‘hell’ of the southern course after the “three days and three nights.”

This festival of the Resurrection was generally held by the ancients on the 25th of March, when the awakening of spring may be said to be the result of the return of the Sun from the lower or far-off regions to which he had departed. At the equinox – say, the vernal – at Easter, the Sun has been below the equator, and suddenly rises above it. It has been, as it were, dead to us, but now it exhibits a resurrection. The Savior rises triumphant over the powers of darkness, to life and immortality, on the 25th of March, when the Sun rises in Aries. Throughout the ancient world, the resurrection of the god Sol, under different names, was celebrated on March 25th, with great rejoicing.

Now that we know that in the Gospel according to Matthew, Jesus Christ was born in 6 BCE but in the Gospel according to Luke, Jesus was born 7 CE (AD) and the difference of 13 years depicts Masonic symbol, an ageless secret society from the time immemorial. Would a historical person have two different birth years? And, will it still be proper to continue to allude that truly a messiah was born in Bethlehem (House of bread) in the first century. The religion sold to the world as Christianity is no doubt the rebranded story of the Solar Deities – the Sun worship.

Where, in the Hebrew Scripture, is it written that the Messiah would be born of a virgin? The portion of the Old Testament used to argue this supposition is Isaiah 7:14. However, when reading carefully, the scenario therein was meant to address a particular issue with a historical Jewish king, Ahaz. King Ahaz was compelled to join a coalition of two other kings to fight the Assyrians, but a Prophet named Isaiah was supposedly sent to the king and instructed him not to join the two kings. In the course of the discussion, a sign was promised to King Ahaz beforehand concerning the annihilation of the two kings who tried to intimidate him:215 “All right then, the Lord himself will give you the sign. Look! The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel (which means ‘God is with us’).” vs 14

For what reason?

“By the time this child is old enough to choose what is right and reject what is wrong, he will be eating yoghurt (curds) and honey. For before the child is that old, the lands of the two kings (King Rezin of Syria and King Pekah of Israel) you fear so much will both be deserted” (vs 15-16). Historically, instead of King Ahaz joining the two kings, he called for the help of Assyria, and King Tiglath-Pileser III (734 – 732 BCE) came. The Assyrian army conquered the aforementioned two kingdoms, that is, King Rezin of Syria and King Pekah of Israel, but not without turning Judah itself into a vassal. Within ten years after the first attack, by 722 BCE, the northern tribe of Israel ceased to exist and Syria equally disappeared. History does not tell us if and when a child who was named Emmanuel was born, but if this prophecy was fulfiled at that time and resulted in the total annihilation of the two kings who threatened King Ahaz, within a decade, it can as well be assumed that the prophecy of a child named Emmanuel was fulfiled. It is, therefore, tantamount to quoting out of context and transposing a segment of a factual historical episode onto unrelated scenery seven centuries later, to an assumed event that took place in the first century CE. The reader should note that Jesus, neither as a baby nor as an adult, was ever called Emmanuel.

Only Matthew claims that Emmanuel should have been his name or middle name. The angel that appeared to Mary or Joseph called him Jesus. The angel must have called the child Yeshua’ (Aramaic) or Yehoshua (Joshua) [Hebrew]; no middle name or any other name was ever attached to him, neither in the other Gospels nor in the Epistles. Matthew quoted this portion of Hebrew Scripture because of the word ha-almah (the maid), which in Hebrew meant a young woman of childbearing age who had not yet given birth and who might or might not be a virgin, has been replaced in the Greek translation with parthenos which means ‘a virgin’.

Knowing fully well that the pen of the foot soldiers of the proponent of Angel-Messiah never ceased to work on the Hebrew scripture, the obvious change was made when the Hebrew scripture was translated into Greek, circa 287 BCE. In the first and second century, however, the Ebonites insisted that Isaiah 7:14 was translated “damsel” and not “virgin” in their book, hence they pretended that Jesus was begotten following intercourse between Mary and Joseph.

It is now clear that the Angel-Messiah campaign was smuggled into the Jewish Scripture for the ulterior motives of the ET who are controlling the Earth and the earthlings. They are those who created religion while the KEEPPer of Secret implements and watch over to continually protect the interest of the alien masters.

Excerpted from an upcoming book:

THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity and Islam Religions Were Forged.

Tunji Adeeko                                                                                                                     last updated: January 2, 2020