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As a follow up to Part 1 of this article, the second place where the word “serpent” occurs in the Bible is in the prayer of Jacob for his children. This is can be found in Genesis 49, specifically, verses 16, 17.

Any interested reader may wish to read up this passage in the Bible, preferably the King James (Authorised) version.

Contrary to what the general Bible reader has been programmed to see and read, here are the hidden messages:

“And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days.” Jacob then proceeded to call his sons one after another, blessed and described them, saying:

Reuben, unstable as water (Genesis 49: 3, 4) – AQUARIUS

Simeon and Levi are brethren (verses 5 – 7) – GEMINI

Judah is a lion’s whelp (verses 8 – 12) – LEO

Zebulun shall dwell at the haven of the sea (verse 13) – PISCES

Issachar is a strong ass (verses 14, 15) – TAURUS

Dan shall be a serpent, an adder in the path (verses 16, 17) – SCORPIO

Gad, strong as ram (verse 19) – ARIES

Asher his bread shall be fat, and he shall yield royal dainties [season of harvest] (verse 20) – LIBRA

Naphtali is a hind [female deer] (verse 21) usually associated with Christmas – CAPRICORN

Joseph is a bow, abode in strength (verses 22 – 26) – SAGITTARIUS

Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf (verse 27) – CANCER

and the unnamed female, Dinah (Genesis 46:15) stands for a virgin, VIRGO, that was defiled.

Are we to believe that Jacob gave birth to all the zodiac signs? What was relayed in this chapter of the Bible is astrology.

The chapter was signed off with the Masonic or Illuminati number, the total number of verses is “33”. Also, the verses that refer to ‘serpent’ are 16 & 17. 16 + 17 = 33.

*                                             *                                             *

The ministry of Jesus Christ was supposedly principally undertaken by himself alongside 12 disciples representing Jesus as the Sun, ably surrounded by the 12 constellations of stars (zodiac). 1 + 12 = 13

*                                             *                                             *

“The idolatrous reminiscence of the Israelites’ life in Egypt was revisited in the wilderness at the foot of Mount Sinai in the event of the molten golden calf which depicts the Age of Taurus (Bull)

[4,185 – 2,025 BCE].

The Jewish book of Leviticus is chiefly about priestly traditions of the Levites and sacrificial rams which depicts the Age of Aries (Ram)

[2,024 BCE – 138/139 CE].

The Jews still celebrate an amazing Shofar Ram’s Horn service to date.

The story of Jesus was filled with events and sayings about fishes and fishers thus depicting the Age of Pisces (Fishes)

[140 – 2,300 CE].

In the tail end of his ministry, Jesus was made to refer to a pitcher in Luke 22:10 thereby alluding to the next Age of Aquarius (Water-bearer)

[2300 – 4460 CE].”

Tunji Adeeko: THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity and Islam Religions Were Forged, pg. 349

Without any doubt, Christianity and Islam are ASTRONOMY PERSONIFIED.

Christianity represents the Sun – she uses a solar calendar and carries her flock to worship on a Sun-day.

On the other hand, Islam is Moon worship – she uses a lunar calendar and displays the moon crest with a star (the symbol of Nibiru) to the world to see.

The moon has no light by itself except that which the sun casts on it. The main contents of the Qur’an are revised biblical stories and experiences carefully domiciled in the culture of the Arabs. Hence, the Qur’an is intricately derived from the fabric of Judaism and Christianity. The two religions of Christianity and Islam, are two sides of a coin minted by the Sumerian, Egyptian, and Babylonian gods and goddesses that transfigured themselves into a highly abbreviated polytheism now called the TRINITY. In Catholicism, the chief Sumerian deities became the TRINITY while the larger and lesser deities became the SAINTS of the church. In Islam, however, the Jesus story was used to create what appears to be a strict monotheism. The truth is, the dichotomy was necessary to deceive, divide and rule mankind. The trio of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is the tripod stand that brews the religion called Monotheism.

WHAT GOD IS, NOBODY KNOWS. The superior races, somewhat extraterrestrial, have played a major role in playing GOD unto mankind. Not until mankind begins to see through and beyond the Anunnaki and other master races will human beings ever come together as ONE. As things are, we are divided and will remain divided in our ignorance.

In my next article, I will like to separate facts from fiction about whether there was a historical Jesus Christ in the first century or not.

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