My name is Tunji Adeeko. I am the author of the book titled THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity And Islam Religions Were Forged. Also, in my bid to proffer reasonable meaning to the construction of the Vatican Audience Hall with reptilian features, built at Rome in 1971, I wrote a free ebook titled THE VATICAN SNAKEHEAD AUDITORIUM – The Old Warlord Is Back To Power. The enlarged version of this book is underway.

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In an article, I explained that the story of the six blind men and the elephant is most suitable to explain the multiple worldviews as promoted in Hinduism, Buddhism, Traditional beliefs, Christianity, Islam and Atheism/Agnosticism. In almost all the versions of the story which originated in Asia, there was a King and/or noblemen who knew what the elephant is but they made a mockery of the six blind men visitation and their laughable descriptions of what they thought the elephant is. In the book, THEY LIED TO US, I refer to the King and his men as KEEPPer of Secrets. The acronym ‘KEEPP’ stands Kings (Queens), Elites, Elders, Priests and Philosophers who have access to great secrets and knew about what is happening within and beyond the earth sphere. All the descendants of the six blind men, till date, are still wallowing in ignorance, promoting that they have access to the best worldview when indeed they had only held to a fraction of reality which they badly understood and interpret.

In this article, I will review the making of monotheism that culminated into the establishment of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. While working on THE VATICAN’S SNAKEHEAD AUDITORIUM, I searched out the word ‘serpent’ in the Bible and came up with astonishing discoveries. One of these is that the Bible carries secret codes and one of such is the use of the number 13 & 33 to sign off messages coded by the authors. In some cases, the number represents the writer’s names, it is a kind of signature.  You can read about the Masonic (Illuminati) signature in the Bible here and the biblical hidden references to astronomy in another article.

The big question I will attempt to answer is, ‘was there a historical person called Jesus Christ who was born of a virgin, started his ministry at about the age of 30 years, persecuted, killed at about the age of thirty-three but resurrected on the third day some 2000 years ago?’

Some may wonder why this question should be considered necessary. For over 2,000 years the world had believed or was made to believe that the story is true as told. Many would argue that Jesus story had worked very well transforming many lives across the globe forgetting the many woes it had equally brought on mankind in terms of ignorance, strife, slavery, wars and death.

My concern is that the Jesus Christ of the Bible is different from the Prophet Isa of the Qur’an. Besides the common virgin birth, Jesus Christ did not die on the cross according to Qur’an, hence, Jesus Christ needed not to resurrect as the Bible claim. Did the same God author the two books? It is a common notion that those who did not accept the message of Prophet Mohammed or those who refused to confess that Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God would not be admitted into the hereafter as prescribed in each holy book; and yet, billions of people are seated on either side of the divide believing that salvation awaits them even for believing the contradictory views. Are there different heavens for the dead?

Below is my review of the Jesus Christ story using the information available in the Bible.

  1.  MASONIC SIGNATURE, ASTRONOMY & ANACHRONISM: The story that a Jesus Christ who was given the title of the Word of God, came into the world to save humanity was necessitated by the story of creation in the book of Genesis. The first Adam failed; hence, the second (last) Adam came to redeem mankind. Simple and good, a very beautiful story from a caring God. But,  is the story of Adam and Eve true as told? In recent articles, I have shown that there is a Masonic signature in the serpent and Eve saga, the serpent story was also carefully enmeshed in astronomy. Genesis 3:5 introduced the first evidence of anachronism when the innocent Eve was expected to know that besides Yahweh Elohim (LORD God), there were gods whom Eve should envy sufficiently to disobey GOD. These findings show that the source of the stories is anything but GOD. The story is a careful fabrication perpetrated when the story of the gods and goddess was prevalent among humans. Every field of study has proven that mankind was not created just about 6,000 years ago or precisely 3,760 BCE going by the chronology provided in Genesis (either in Masoretic or Septuagint texts). Following my due diligence in the search for truth, I can say with emphasis that the story was picked to commemorate when mankind was granted civilisation and allowed to control human affairs starting from Mesopotamia to Egypt. The more we educate ourselves about the content of the ancient Sumerian clay tablets, the larger overview we have and the more we come to term with the reality that the Bible is a forgery.
  2. A QUOTE OUT OF CONTEXT: In THEY LIED TO US, I also stated that the prophecy that was given to King Ahaz between 734 – 732 BCE and written in Isaiah 7 was misapplied to the fabricated story of Jesus Christ. Most probably the original prophecy was fulfilled as delivered to the King. A child was most likely born by a young maid (not a virgin as misinterpreted in the Septuagint) and was named Emmanuel. And before he became a teenager the two Kings of Syria and Israel (the northern kingdom) ceased to exist beyond 722 BCE.
  3. TWO FALLACIOUS STATEMENTS AS CAVEAT: The Daniel prophecy about the 70 weeks to the arrival of a “Messiah the Prince” has shortcomings. Besides the fact that Matthew and Luke disagreed with Daniel’s prediction and picked a different date each for the birth of a supposed Jesus Christ, the story as conveyed in Daniel 9 came with a caveat. The two opening sentences are fallacious, and this clearly shows that the writer succinctly warned any would-be reader never to believe the story.
  4. MULTIPLE BIRTH DATES: Matthew guided a careful reader to understand that Jesus was born in 6 BCE, which in itself contradicts the prophecy of Daniel that Jesus would be born 3 BCE. Luke also provided necessary guidelines to prove that Jesus was born 7 CE. I pointed out that the difference between the two dates is 13 years, a Masonic signature. To take this disparity beyond a possible error in the record-keeping or a leak of memory, I pointed out that the Vatican monk in the 6th century picked the middle point between Matthew and Luke dates to determine our current calendar. And to cap it all, I discovered that the importance of this manipulation was to ensure that the end of the Age of Pisces is well preserved as recorded in Daniel 8:14. Had the monk not properly calibrated the calendar, the date in the Bible would never have had any meaning. If it is true that 2300 CE is the end of the current Age and the Bible writer intentionally contradicted the birth date of Jesus Christ to ensure the accuracy of the astrological age, then, the latter was considered much more important to them than the former. The authenticity of the birth of the supposed saviour of the world was unimportant to the New Testament writer, leading to a deserving conclusion that a historical Jesus Christ never existed in the first century. Had he been, Daniel’s prophecy would never have failed and a historical person would not have been born on 3 different dates of 6BCE, 1 CE & 7 CE.
  5. DOUBLE DATE OF DEATH: The Synoptic gospels put the death of Jesus at the Passover (Nisan 14th), however, the Book of John records that when Jesus was killed, the Passover was not yet eaten. In other words, Jesus was killed on Nisan 13th. Having come to term that the Masonic signature is carefully encoded on important issues in the Bible, it is not a surprise that these were intentionally carried out.

In conclusion:

If Bible statements and prophecy are unreliable, unsustainable and untenable in making categorical and independent verification of how and when a “Messiah the Prince” was born and died, yet the Qur’an was established to force another religion building on the faulty foundation of the Jewish scripture without clearing the air by providing a more reliable account, then Christianity and Islam are simply the two sides of the same coin – a tool of deception. No wonder the two religions had ever remained a viable schism tool in the DIVIDE AND RULE SCHEME.

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