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The last book in the Bible happens to be a good place to round off the search for the meaning of the word ‘serpent’ as used in the Bible. In the book of Revelation, the dragon was used interchangeably with the serpent as the symbol of Satan, the Devil. And, in contrast to that, a woman was mentioned who was given two wings of a GREAT EAGLE (Revelation 12: 9, 14-15; 20:2 [Isaiah 27:1]) and she was saved from the claws of her abovementioned enemies – the dragon and/or the serpent.  

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Is it a coincidence that the insignia of the Holy Roman Empire is an eagle? Is it also a coincidence that the prominent symbol on America Great Seal is an eagle? Since the Holy Roman Empire, as well as the United State of America, is the product of EL or Yahweh of the Bible, the eagle can as well be called the symbol of EL. In one of my articles, I shared the discovery of what can be called the concealment of the Sumerian god’s name, EA, in the United States twenty-dollar bill. It appears, therefore, that where EL is, EA is always present. Ironically, the Bible from the inception of all things in Genesis had always portrayed the serpent (EA) as an adversary of God of the Bible, EL/Yahweh. However, when we trace the origin of EA and EL to the ancient Sumerian clay tablet, the two are brothers. On deeper consideration, sometimes there may be disagreement between the brothers and there is no doubt that there were strives among their offspring. Despite these, there had never been a permanent enmity between them. They always watch each other’s back. This will account for the reason why the name of the older brother was concealed in the same currency that publicly displays the symbol of the younger brother, the eagle.

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If my assumptions and permutations are correct that the EA and EL (Enki and Enlil respectively) are brothers and the symbol of one was displayed in the open while the name of the other was concealed, why was this the case? Again, if the two are brothers, why was one always represented as the enemy of the other when such is not the case in the Sumerian text? Could the drama of the Bible have been stage-managed? Could the two brothers have agreed to take mankind for a fool and sow the seed of discord among the human race and then pull the strings in the divide and rule scheme? Is there a time allotted for this pranks? Is the current situation in the world whereby the Dragon (the Republic of China) raising an ugly head with the use of her 5G technology, accompanied with the Corona Virus Disease (COVID 19) against the Eagle (the United States of America and Europe) a part of the game? Is there a blueprint to this panorama that could be deciphered and understood? Would that imply that the Sumerian chief deities, EA and EL and their offspring, are those ruling our world under various guises till date? These will form the bulk of my future articles. However, the reader may reach out for my book THEY LIED TO US to read and buy on Amazon.

In the main time, let us reflect and highlight the various findings in the course of the search for the meaning of the Vatican reptilian auditorium.

  1. The Bible is filled with Masonic/Illuminati signature in the use of the number 13 & 33 secretly scribbled across the pages and content of the book, hence, the earlier the mankind understands that monotheistic faith is the brainchild of a secret society, the better it will be for the entire human race.
  2. The anachronism found in the serpent’s offer of the high status of the gods to the supposed innocent first mother, Eve, in exchange for a taste of the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil is an indication that the Bible was not written at the time ascribed to it.
  3. That the ‘serpent’ possesses more wisdom than the first human couple is an indication that the ‘serpent’ is either equal to God or at least one of the gods; the serpent of the Bible is never an animal as portrayed. Therefore, the serpent story is a metaphor or parable and the serpent is a symbol of a personality other than the Satan or Devil as many people were made to believe.
  4. That the serpent was embedded in astronomy and masonic numerology in the verses and chapter which carry the number 33 is a pointer that astronomy/astrology plays a major role in the formation of the religion of the Jews and the Christian though this is not popularly understood so. And because the generality of the masses who share the faith failed to see this connection has not and will not in any way diminish that fact.
  5. Hitherto, it is assumed that there was never any connection between the Bible and the Mesoamerica civilisation. However, a careful study of the serpent story has revealed otherwise. Not only is the ancient wisdom of the Egyptian god Thoth reflected in the reference to the 144,000 souls that shall be saved out of the Jewish people corresponding to a b’ak’tun calendar, but it also appears that the Mayan Long Count Calendar had been strictly followed in the execution of ‘divine’ orders in the ancient time and at present. This must be properly understood and explained.
  6. The discovery of the Sumerian god’s name EA on the America twenty-dollar bill has added a twist to the understanding of human history and the likelihood that the world and human existence had always been a chess game.

Is there a serpent displayed in the America Great Seal. If there is and this can be clearly exposed, then, the ancient mystery would have been totally uncovered and a long false belief can now be laid to rest.  

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