The world has been carefully programmed to regulate what individuals, nations and races should and would know or have access to. The controls are expected to suppress some people’s ability and capability at the expense of others. Who would have thought that the Bible largely originated during the Babylonia Captivity era and the many centuries that followed? Who would have thought that the Bible carry a copious signature of the Illuminati or Freemasons? Who would have thought that Christianity and Islam were carefully modelled around astronomy/astrology? Who would have thought that the Bible writer included the Mayan Long Count calendar in the scope of their worldview? Who would have thought that a possible Nibiru Window in the 2nd century BCE would change the fortune of the Jews and the slot reserved for them would go to the Romans? Who would have thought that the earth has been under the stern rule of two brothers only known to a few in the symbol of the Eagle and the Serpent? Who would have thought that the Vatican which presides over a holy book that promotes serpent as the Devil, Satan or Lucifer would erect a reptilian edifice at Rome to signify the return of the Serpent Warlord – something different from the Devil, Satan or Lucifer notion held by many people? This is a scenario that the world at large is yet to recognise or have an inkling about till date [in the year 2020.

In my search for a proper review of human history, I made use of an unconventional approach. I used four calendars, three of these are ancient and one, in particular, is almost unknown or unrecognised. Before I provide insight into how the four calendars came about, it is important to share my understanding of human history. Evidence abounds that hominids and precursors to modern human have roamed the earth for millions of years before the emergence of Homo sapien. A theory I feel comfortable to consider is that of Panspermia which suggests that life was seeded to Earth from an existing planet in the universe which already had life in it.

According to the interpretation of the ancient Sumerian clay tablets by the late Zechariah Sitchin of THE EARTH CHRONICLE series, Nibiru was believed to be a planet whose path crossed Tiamat (another primordial planet from which our earth was formed). The collision between the Nibiru moons with Tiamat was believed to have seeded life unto the emerging new planet which became the earth.

The history of human civilisation can only be traced to the ascension of Etana as the first human king of Kish in Mesopotamia and Pharaoh Mene ascension to the throne of Egypt to begin the First Dynasty. Therefore, human civilisation began circa 3,800 BCE when the foundation of the temple of Enki was laid at Eridu and years later a lunar calendar was designed at the temple of Enlil at Nippur. (Enki and Enlil are principal actors in the ancient Sumerian clay tablets.) The Nippurian calendar was later entrusted into the hands of the Jews which has a startup date of 3,760 BCE. Hence, the forty years spanning 3,800 – 3,760 BCE was a Nibiru Window. As it is a common knowledge now, Adam and Eve could not have been created in Mesopotamia 3,760 BCE. The Bible does not tell the true story of mankind, rather, it is a book of allegory.

Any period before the emergence of civilisation at Sumer and the invention of writing is called prehistoric. What we know of the prehistoric era is largely due to the work of the archaeologists.

The notable four calendars I used to review human history, past, present and into the near future are:

  1. GREGORIAN CALENDAR (365 days makes a year [366 days in a leap year]): The Julian calendar was introduced at 46 BCE and it held sway till 1582 when it was adjusted by as many as 10 to 13 days to give birth to the modern calendar. However, there was an event in the year now known as 532 AD when the “Anno Domini” was first used to determine the dates. Anno Domini is Latin words meaning “in the year of (our) Lord (Jesus Christ).” By 524 AD the chronology in the Septuagint hit 6000 AM (Anno Mundi) and the people of that era speculated that the end of the world had come. This and the need to have the Easter festival celebrated at a consistent period made it necessary to call for the revise of the old calendar. Dionysus Exiguus (Denis the little), a monk at the Vatican, introduced a new calendar system whereby the supposed birth of Jesus Christ became the beginning of a new era. However, the adopted date was never the real year of birth of Jesus Christ; the date was picked as the mid-year between the dates mentioned in Matthew (6BCE) and Luke (7CE). Therefore, the action by the Vatican monk confirms that the contradictory Matthew and Luke’s date were never errors but a Masonic code (13 years difference) secretly inscribed in-waiting for the likes of Denis the little to act upon at the appropriate time. It could also mean that the chronology in the Septuagint was carefully corrupted so that it would expire at a time it did so that a return to the Hebrew text would be imminent in the 6th century.
  2. MAYAN LONG COUNT CALENDAR (B’AK’TUN is a 144,000-day calendar): This calendar was said to have been invented by Thoth, an Egyptian god, who left Egypt before the commencement of the First Dynasty and founded a new civilisation in the Mesoamerica where he became Quetzalcoatl, “the plumed serpent.” The reference to the “flying serpent” in the book of Isaiah (Isaiah 14:29, 30:6) made it necessary to consider a possible romance between the Bible and the Maya calendar. The calendar has a startup date of 3113 BCE and recognises that at an approximate 144,000 days (a b’ak’tun) a civilisation rises and in the subsequent b’ak’tun it falls, only for a new civilisation to rise and fall again. It could, therefore, be inferred that the 144,000 Israelites that were “sealed” at the supposed return of Jesus Christ in the book of Revelation has everything to do with the b’ak’tun calendar and never an event that would materialize at any time in the future.
  3. ASTROLOGICAL AGE (The Babylonians recognised 12 zodiac constellations): These are known as the 12 astrological signs. Astrologers maintain that an astrological age is a product of the earth’s slow precessional rotation and lasts for 2,160 years, on average. One Great Year equals 25,920 years of precession.
  4.  NIBIRU ORBIT (Nibiru is also transliterated Neberu,  Nebiru. It is a term in the Akkadian language, translating to “crossing” or “point of transition” and it was translated by the late Zechariah Sitchin as a strange planet with a 3,600 elliptical orbit that strayed into our solar system and its moons collided with Tiamat while it crossed in a retrograde):Nibiru is a highly controversial topic going by the contradictions in its presentation by different authorities. However, when the Jews, contrary to expectations, never became a world power post-exilic, there is the need to find the possible answer why “God” saved them from the Babylonia Captivity and left them in the cooler thereafter. When Flavius Josephus, the supposed first-century Jewish historian, made a careful observation that the world was at peace with the Jews from the exile in Babylon until Antiochus IV Epiphanes’ return from an aborted trip to Egypt having had an encounter with lone, old, Roman senator; one cannot but begin to seek for the answer as to why “God” suddenly chose Rome instead of the Jews. When unexpectedly the Romans midwife the Age of Pisces and the Jews were sacked from Palestine in the second century, this called for a very critical search for an appropriate solution to know what went wrong with the Jewish resettlement plan by “God”. And when sufficient contradictions and fallacious statements were encountered in the Bible (in the Old and New Testament) that makes a historical Jesus Christ a hoax, there was the need to critically review the entire human race history for a possible unprecedented occurrence of a Nibiru Window in the second century that changed all known narratives.

From the illustration above, the recorded human history of about 6,000 years has passed through 3 ages (Taurus, Aries and Pisces), 15 b’ak’tun or 13 from the official startup date and two Nibiru Windows.

AGE OF TAURUS (4,180 – 2,020 BCE): In the trine-peaked age, POLYTHEISM prevailed at Sumer, Akkad, Egypt and the entire civilised world. The head of the pantheon at the various centres of civilisation was Enlil, Inanna (Ishtar) & Enki (Ptah) respectively.

AGE OF ARIES (2,020 BCE – 140 CE): In the double-peaked age, HENOTHEISM prevailed among the Kassites, Neo-Babylonians and Neo Assyrians and the key religious document was the Enûma eliš. Marduk was imposed as the king of the other gods (and goddesses).

AGE OF PISCES (140 – 2,300 CE): In the trine-peaked age, MONOTHEISM (Judaism, Christianity & Islam) was ingeniously created. The fable of a Garden of Eden, the first Adam that gave rise to the supposed last Adam (Jesus Christ) who was born of a virgin and then became the messiah of the world has been the central theme.

The two principal actors of the Anunnaki from Nibiru are Enki and Enlil and till date, their symbols are preserved in human history as the SERPENT and EAGLE, respectively. The influence of Enlil and his offspring are preserved in the nations that are known by the eagle insignia, be it single-headed or the double-headed eagle. The influence of Enki and his offspring are preserved in the nations that are known by the reptilian insignia – the serpent and dragon. I have shown in another article that the Akkadian name for Enki, EA, is cleverly preserved in the American twenty-dollar bill. The American Great Seal is also riddled with items grouped in 13 and 33 which, as I have explained are Masonic numbers. Evidence abounds that the outgoing Age of Pisces has been under the control of the Eagle family as an eagle could be seen in the ancient Greek coins, ancient Roman’s coins and in America Seal. The long rule of the Eagle family has greatly eroded the imprints of the serpent family on the fabric of history in the past 2000 years. Human history has repeatedly been tampered with, and the truth covered up.

What became the America Great Seal of today has passed through many stages of designs and approval.

Charles Thompson drawing 1782

From the pictures displayed, the reader can see clearly how the image on the ancient Roman sculpture was clearly drawn and then cleverly compromised with the serpent becoming the scroll. The two Anunnaki brothers cannot be separated and their loyalty is to their kith and kin, and not to humans. The earth is their colony and they do as they deem fit. With humans heavily divided, and the black race carefully broken and psychologically bruised, it would be a herculean task for mankind to be on the driver seat in the control of the earth. As things are, the earth is being ruled by powers that are not human. This power sees mankind as pawns to be tossed around wherever and however they deem fit. The human race has been heavily infiltrated and programmed to the extent that they consider the rules of the Anunnaki as normal, God-ordained and beneficial.

Will mankind ever rise and shake off the shackle of mental and emotional slavery?

Tunji Adeeko

I am the author of the book THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity And Islam Religions Were Forged. Click to buy on Amazon here

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