Following the Deluge of 13,000 years ago, which was plagiarised in the Bible and Qur’an, King Anu divided the Earth into two. The upper half He gave to EL and the lower half He gave to EA. The far East and the far West were to be contested for. In Sumer, EL was Enlil, while EA was Enki. Enlil built his temple at Nippur. According to Wikipedia, archaeologists were surprised to find NOTHING at the temple of Enki at Eridu – the oldest town in the world. The answer to this was straightforward. When the lower half (Africa) was given to EA as inheritance, Enki became Ptah at Egypt and he abide at the place of his destiny. One of Egypt’s ancient names was HUTKAPTAH, meaning ‘temple of the soul of Ptah.’

Enlil ruled ancient Sumer as the great Eagle, the flying disc, signifying the Lord of the Command (Earth). Enki ruled ancient Egypt as the great Serpent (double-stranded DNA), indicating the creator god – the god who re-engineered the Apes of Africa’s genes to produce the Homo sapiens.

The 3.760 BCE date in the Jewish calendar, erroneously interpreted as the year when Adam was created, signified the period when the children of King Anu, the gods and goddesses of the ancient world, granted humankind permission to begin to rule the Earth. The human dynasty started first at Sumer and later at Egypt. Before this time, these extraordinary beings ruled the prehistoric era. In Egypt, they were Set, Osiris, Horus, Isis, etc.

In the Age of Taurus (4,180 – 2,020 BCE), Enlil reigned over Sumer, Enki reigned over Egypt, and Enlil’s granddaughter, Inanna/Ishtar, by trick reigned as a great and beautiful goddess over Akkad. By the latter influence, the wrath of Marduk, the first son of Enki, was incurred. By force, by war, with Nabu his son leading in battle, he snatched the Earth. So devastating was the clash that the India Mahabharata recorded it, and the Bible writer stole the story that God rain sulfur and brimstone over Sodom and Gomorrah. Marduk rewrote human history and its cosmogony he encapsulated in the Enûma Eliš. After that, unto Marduk was given the Age of Aries (2,020 BCE – 140 CE. By deviance, he did not rule from Egypt but Babylon. As one of the earliest settlements founded by his father, unto EA, he claimed it. By his absence, Marduk became Ra and Amen-Ra (the unseen or hidden god) of Egypt. He was a sun-god. In Babylon he reigned alongside his son Nabu. Nebuchadnezzar means, “Oh god Nabu, preserve my first son.” Unto Marduk and Babylon, the Israelites served as slaves.

According to the Order of Time, 538 BCE nosedived into the last interregnum in the Age of Aries. Because unto Enlil was given the Age of Pisces, in preparation, he remembered the Jews. Through the Jews, He lied unto humanity that He is the only true god. The ancient world knew the gods; besides the father in heaven, King Anu, one God, was anathema. Monolatry, the worship of one god amid plenty, was the practice of the Israelites. Unto the Jews, Enlil lied that he was the creator God, the only one. King Anu visited during the last Nibiru Window to burst the bubble. He listened to the plan of Enlil to use the Jews to rule the world in monotheism. The King rejected the Jews because unto the Romans a promise he made. To save face, Enlil made propaganda that the Jews were rejected and cast aside because they killed a saviour, a fictitious Messiah, the Prince. This lie among humankind was peddled for 2000 years. This false story was used to write the Bible and the Qur’an. For rejecting his chosen Jews, Enlil demonized his elder brother and turned the symbol of the true creator god, the Serpent, into humankind’s adversary. This falsehood the world believed for the past 2000 years.

By Eagle and the double-headed Eagle, Enlil and his children’s symbols, the Age of Pisces, was ruled with an iron fist, deceit, bloodshed and wars. Egypt, the ancient citadel of learning, was their first target, to destroy the spirit of the black race, the people of Enki, Marduk, and Nabu was their mission. When Nanna took the throne because Anu stepped down in the 14th century, he took a pound of flesh upon Africa to extend the battle won against Marduk. They sent HIV/AIDS, and then it was Ebola. To steal the future of the Africans, they spread COVID 19. They forgot that the Africans are the sons and daughters of the Sun. Unto the counterfeit Son of God, the fictitious Jesus, surnamed Christ, the upper half of the world could not be saved.

After Egypt of old, before the forces of evil from Arabia invaded, Africa’s glory goes with Nigeria. And unto the once giant of Africa, they plagued with self-destruction. Against their Youth, the barrel of a gun, the unknown soldiers turned. In the battle against the misinformed Jihadist and anti-civilization in the North, the Army remain a coward. Again, Enlil and his children did this as if to emphasise that the black race is incapable of self-rule.  The hawk that hoover the sky would overlook small African countries that show promising signs of success, but Nigeria will never grow uninterrupted. The foundation of destruction was long laid; before independence, the Muslim North was forced into marriage with the Christian South. The two beliefs are products of falsehood created by Enlil.

Let the city dwellers hear and tell it to those in the rural. As long as Africans continue to ride on Enlil’s wings and the religions He fabricated beginning some 2600 years ago among the Jews, Romans, and Arabs, the black man will never know any peace. As long as the people wait for a saviour that never was, the land will remain untilled and no invention would be for the good of the black race.

From the horse’s mouth, the Vatican, the master storyteller, the return of the Serpent is around the corner. This is the truth behind the reptilian Audience Hall built by the Vatican in 1971.

Let humankind transform their minds.

Let greed, disaffection, and materialism be gone.

Let true love be enshrined.

Let peace reign.

                                      Tunji Adeeko

October 25, 2020

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