1. To experience
  2. To learn
  3. To awake
  4. To evolve

The achievements or failures of a life span rollover as a seed to begin a reincarnation. Every reincarnation undergoes all four stages over and over again. Only the perfect soul escapes the cycle of earthlike life unto a higher and different plane where they serve as guardians to other life forces. They might even evolve further and farther. Every failure tie human to the endless earthlike life cycle.

TO EXPERIENCE: At every rebirth, the required life experience is different for all souls since the previous life dictates the new life path (reincarnation). To maximize life experience, every soul needs to reconnect with the previous life’s memories via intuition, red flags, premonitions, visions, etc. When a soul is well connected, it helps make decisions very fast and avoids many limiting preambles, such as seeking public approval in every endeavor. Some souls are newborns, young, fragile, and inexperienced, who chose to be part of the human life experience.

TO LEARN: There is no end to learning across all four stages. However, there are various degrees for knowledge application. Hence,  each soul is categorised into different growth levels or classes.  

TO AWAKE: Every soul attains enlightenment, ‘awakeness,’ or ‘consciousness’ when life experiences and learning have resulted in conscious awareness. The most prominent is the awareness that there is more to life than the general public understands. Another typical understanding is that 99% of the human population belongs to one of the groups created by the proverbial six blind men. The groups make up the following: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Traditional beliefs, and Atheism/Agnosticism. Every group attempts to explain the universe in the best way each understands it. They describe, using their limited faculties, the infinite space with inexhaustible beings. Man is not alone in the Universe. The incomplete human knowledge is the bane of the chaos in the world today. The most idiotic is to imagine that the religious ideology forced down the human throat in the past two thousand years is a correct representation of human history.

TO EVOLVE: Only souls who had uncovered the vanity attached to human life and history can be said to have adequately evolved. As many as those who promote the six blind men views are yet to know the truth. As it were, the earth is a prison (Plato’s allegory of the cave), and only those who would diligently perform their soul duties can escape onto a higher plane.

PERSONAL NOTE: Judge no one because everyone is in the war of self-discovery. Some are conscious of the task at hand, while many are only cruising through life experience in cheer ignorance, unwilling to LEARN, AWAKE, and EVOLVE.

Tunji Adeeko (July 19, 2021)

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