So far, my previous two articles on the study of Daniel 9 and related topics have established the following:

In the Bible (Book of Daniel), the prediction about a possible birth of a Messiah the Prince failed because no Messiah was born in 3 BCE, according to Daniel 9.

  • Matthew says a Yeshua (now called Jesus Christ) was born by a virgin in 6 BCE, but Luke says the same person was born in 7 CE. The difference in year of birth in the two records is 13 years.
  • The New Testament claim that Yeshua had twelve disciples, 12 + 1 = 13 persons.
  • John says Jesus Christ died on the Preparation day for Passover (Nisan 13th) [John 19:14, 31] when the Passover was yet to be eaten [John 18:28]. However, the other gospellers wrote that Jesus ate the Passover with his disciples on traditional Nisan 14th before killing him.

From the three key episodes, the birth, ministry, and death of Yeshua, the son of Mary are riddled with the number 13.

  • The Bible alleged that Yeshua or Jesus Christ died at 33 years old, having started his ministry at about thirty years of age, and he was “cut off” in the middle of the 70th week – the last seven years of Daniel seventy weeks prophecy.

Numbers 13 & 33 are associated with Masons, a powerful ancient Secret Society that has grown into many branches over the millennia, including Freemasons, Illuminati, etc. 33o is the highest rank Freemasonry.

  • The Mother Church at the Vatican used the two contradictory years of birth in Matthew and Luke to create the Christian (Anno Domini) calendar in the sixth century. By so doing, they arrived at 1 CE as the birth year of Jesus Christ.

Daniel 9 is a Messianic Chapter because in this chapter is the word “Messiah” first used in the Bible. However:

  • The writer lied that he saw his vision when Darius of the Medes became King (Dan. 9:1) – no such person existed in history.
  • The writer also lied that he saw the vision when the Jews had completed seventy years in Babylonia Captivity (Dan. 9:2) – the Jews spent less than sixty years in Babylonia exile.

In this article, I shall attempt to uncover the motive of the Bible writers whom we have now unmasked as an ancient Secret Society that still exists to date. Why was the birth year of Jesus so compromised and mutilated? I shall stand on a personal maxim that says: GOD NEVER WROTE A BOOK!


In my year 2020 book titled: THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity And Islam Religions Were Forged, I juxtaposed three calendars and overlapped them on the Gregorian Calendar. This unique action helps me review humankind’s historical past, present, and future quickly and, more importantly, I think, accurately. The four calendars I juxtaposed are:

  1. The Gregorian calendar365 days make one year, and there are 366 days in a leap year.
  2. The Mayan Long Count Calendar spans 144,000 days or 394.25 years for a Baktun.
  3. The Zodiac calendar has a span of 2,160 years for each zodiac sign. There are twelve signs.
  4. The Nibiru Orbit calendar spans 3,600 years for a Shar of Nibiru orbit with a 40-year window when the planet is in Earth space. The calendar is credited to the late Zechariah Sitchin, who wrote about a dozen books on his translation of the ancient Sumerian text. I am aware that some scholars labelled Sitchin as pseudo-historian, but this notwithstanding, I found some of his work very appealing. Besides, the Bible writers also confirm a segment of Sitchin’s work. I leave the reader to be the final judge.
  1. THE GREGORIAN CALENDAR (the straight line in the diagram).

The ancient world had long noticed that the Sun is exceedingly crucial to human existence. All other planets revolve around the sun, and without the sun, there would be no life. As a result, all supreme deities had always been accorded the status of a sun god. It, therefore, came as no surprise that from the second century BCE, following the choice of Rome over Jerusalem (read details under the Nibiru Calendar), Rome discarded the lunar calendar inherited from the Greeks for the Egyptian solar calendar. The ancient Egyptians regarded the obelisk as a solar symbol of regeneration. In no time, too, many of the tapered monolithic pillars were transported to Rome to symbolise the power transfer. Ever since and till now, many obelisks have been displayed in significant cities across the world.

Rome also inherited the Septuagint from the Greeks. Septuagint is the Greek version of the Hebrew scripture, produced under the instruction of Ptolemy in the third century BCE. And, to be precise, by 524 CE, the creation chronology in the Septuagint hit 6,000 AM (Anno Mondi), thus fueling the speculation that the world would end that year. However, the Vatican called on a monk, Dionysus Exiguus, to recalibrate the calendar and also reset Easter to a more realistic period that would consistently remain close to March 21 as it was done at the earliest time. In THEY LIED TO US, I unfolded how the monk was no doubt aware of the double dates in Matthew and Luke. And being an initiate of the Secret Society which we have now identified as the composer of the New Testament and many books in the Old Testaments, he knew that the 13 years difference in the two accounts was Masonic, a symbol, not an error, and not a mere numerical nomenclature. The brilliant monk picked the middle point between the two contradictory dates in Matthew (6 BCE) and Luke (7 CE) to arrive at 1 CE as the birth year of Jesus Christ. The new date signifies six years after Matthew and six years before Luke’s records. It was coined in Latin “anno Domini nostri Jesu Christi” (AD) 1 – In the year of the Lord Jesus Christ. The terminology was first used in the year now known as 532 CE. Thus, retrospectively, and without any historical backing other than the contradictory accounts of Matthew and Luke, the Vatican declared that the birth of Jesus Christ took place 532 years ago. This claim can only be a joke because no historical person can be born on three different dates of 6 BCE, 1 CE, and 7 CE, separated by thirteen years.

Upon discovering that the solar year is 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, 45.25 seconds instead of an outright 365.25 days as used in the Julian calendar, there was the need to correct the excess of 10.8 minutes/day in history. By Pope Gregory XIII’s time, the glut had accumulated to 14 days.  Therefore, in October 1582, 14 days were deducted in the month, such that October 4 was followed by October 15 of that year. The order of the week was unaffected. The revised solar calendar has been known as Gregorian Calendar ever since.

  1. MAYAN 8TH BAKTUN [353 BCE – A.D. 41] – the blue sine curve in the diagram.

The fulfilment of the seventy weeks of Daniel from 458 BCE to AD 30 sits pretty well in the 8th Baktun of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

Thoth was an Egyptian god, a grandson of Ptah,  who, at a time, was the representative of the sun god, Re (Ra). As Sitchin recounts the story, Re (Ra) forced Thoth to abdicate the throne for him in Egypt after his failed coup d’etat to take Babylon in the Tower of Babil saga. Thoth then proceeded to an unexplored region in Southern American to found a new civilisation. Thoth became Quetzalcoatl, the Winged or Plumed Serpent of Mesoamerica. Enki or Ptah’s symbol was the Serpent. The Pharaohs of Egypt wore Serpent on their crowns. Thoth discovered and established since 3114 BCE that at every 144,000 days, a new civilization rises and then falls within the same period again as if mimicking the wavy serpentine movement. Re (Ra) would later leave Egypt to become the Babylonia sun god, Marduk. At that time in Egypt, Re (Ra) assumed the meaning of the unseen god because he was no longer resident in his temple.  

Historically, Hammurabi (c. 1810 – c. 1750 BCE) was the sixth king of the First Babylonian dynasty of the Amorite tribe. According to Wikipedia,

“He is noted for his surviving set of laws, which were inscribed on a stela in Babylon’s temple of Marduk.”

On the stele, he credited his choice as King as a favour from Marduk. Likewise, when Cyrus the Great (c. 580  –  c. 529 BCE) conquered Babylon without a fight, he (a Persia warlord) credited his success to Marduk. He recounted and inscribed the story and Marduk eulogy in his famous cylinder (Cyrus Cylinder); the original is kept in the British Museum to date. The reader can find the cylinder’s correct translation on the British Museum website. These references confirm Marduk alongside his son, Nabu, as the primal deity of the henotheistic twin-peaked Age of Aries. However, the Marduk’s reign from Babylon was regarded as an aberration. Before that period, by casting a lot, King Anu approved Sumer as the home to Enlil. And unto his granddaughter, Inaana, he gave Akkad. Unto the first son, Enki, and his family, the lot of Egypt and Africa fell. Enki and Enlil are the two sons of King Anu, according to the ancient Middle East texts. Anu is the King of the Anunnaki of Nibiru planet. Some schools of thought say it is an artificial planet! Thanks to the late Zechariah Sitchin, we would have thought that the individuals mentioned in ancient texts never lived but mythological figures. Sitchin’s works prove otherwise.

As the glory of the Babylonia Empire fades in the sixth century BCE, Enlil took the Jews and formulated a glowing, ego-rubbing history for them while in Babylon and after the exile. He ordered the priests to write a new book for the Jews in which he claimed that God spoke Hebrew at creation. According to the Jewish text, the Israelites, and later the Jews, were Yahweh’s (Enlil) chosen nation, and elohim (the Anunnaki gods and goddesses) became only one imaginary God. Under the new religion, Enlil attempted to erase the memory of Marduk by tagging him a demon, Baal. He also demonised his brother, EA (Enki), by making the Enki symbol, Serpent and Dragon, synonymous with evil or Satan instead of symbolizing the wisdom of a creator god. Enlil and his priests rebranded the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to claim that God created the first human race 5781 years ago (this year is 2021) according to the Adam chronology preserved in the Jewish scripture. For a fact, humankind had long been on Earth before 3761 BCE, contrary to the Jewish Anno Mondi date claims. Enlil’s symbol is Eagle (and a double-headed Eagle).

When the Greek version of the Hebrew Scriptures, Septuagint, was produced in the third century BCE, it was intentionally corrupted with Messiah-related mistranslation. To the 21st century society, the most important lesson about the 8th Baktun is that it corresponds with our era, the 14th Baktun (2012 – 2406 CE). Just as the 8th Baktun was the last destructive period in the Age of Aries, so is the 14th Baktun in the current Age of Pisces. This knowledge implies that while humanity is still fighting and clinging to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, another religious or philosophical idea is secretly brewing to replace monotheism in the next 200 – 300 years’ time. Secondly, the world is not expected to get better soon as the UK/US civilisation loses its grip on the world affair, and another power bloc shall take over. This inevitable change is by order of global rulers.

  1. THE ZODIAC CALENDAR (the green arch in the diagram)

If anyone stands at any point on the Earth on the 21st – 24th of March and looks to the east before dawn, such a person would see a constellation sitting on the horizon where the sun would rise. The persisting constellation in the past 2000 years has been in the ‘House of Pisces.’ The slight problem is that the wobble on the axis of the Earth unfolds very slowly, and it is very hard for everybody to observe this phenomenon easily. Scientists, therefore, had been generous to track backward the sun as a pointer against the zodiac. They concluded that the Earth moves back one degree every 72 years! This backward movement is called the precession of the equinoxes. The Zodiac signs were derived by joining the scattered stars in a constellation at an identified location to form a recognisable object or animal shape. Since there are twelve zodiacs (“circle of animals”) in the 360o space, the Earth spends an approximate 72 x 30o or 2,160 years in each house of the zodiac. It takes the Earth an approximated 26,000 years to complete a Great Cycle around all the zodiac signs. It is common knowledge that the reference to “a man bearing a pitcher of water” in Mark 14:13 and Luke 22:10 secretly allude to the Age of Aquarius (the Pitcher) that follows the Age of Pisces (Fishes). While the West uses Babylonia Zodiac Signs, the Chinese also have twelve zodiac signs but assign different animals.

From the diagram above, the Age of Pisces commenced circa 140 CE. This is contrary to the 1 CE set by the Church. The Church did not make a mistake; they only intended to confuse the novices. The Bible writer knew that the Age of Pisces did not commence by 1 CE as they promoted, but by 140 CE. When 140 CE is added to the 2,160 years of the Age of Pisces, we arrive at 2300. Here is wisdom, 2300 is carefully tucked in the Book of Daniel 8:14.

“And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.”

The best interpretation of this passage is that by 2300 CE, the Earth shall be cleansed from “Age of Pisces” rules and influences. Or simply put, the Age of Pisces shall end, and the Age of Aquarius shall begin. Therefore, the reason why the Bible writers jettisoned Daniel prophecy, provided contrary dates in Matthew and Luke, and then used the middle point to arrive at 1 CE at the expense of accurate report on Jesus’ birth year was to ensure that the memory and record of the end of Age of Pisces are never lost in history. This is astrology in simple terms. If astrology is so essential to the Bible writers as against the authenticity of Christ’s existence, there is more than meets the eyes.

Going back to Daniel 9:1, where the author named two instances and lied on those two occasions, it will appear that the author inserted caveats to warn any would-be reader. What else could be the message other than saying:

“If we lie in telling you that Daniel saw this vision in the first year of King Darius of the Medes’ reign when there was never such a person in history, then we invariably tell you to NEVER BELIEVE THIS STORY ABOUT THE MESSIAH THE PRINCE.” Daniel 1:1

“If we lie to you that the Jews spent seventy years in Babylonian Captivity when they spent less than sixty, then we are confirming to you that the Messianic story is fake and unreliable.”

“And if we told you that a Messiah the Prince would be born in the year 3 BCE after Herod had died, but there is no record to support such claim, then you are a fool if you believe there was anybody in the first century who was called the Messiah.”

  1. THE NIBIRU CALENDAR (the two dotted arch in the diagram).

According to the Late Zechariah Sitchin, 3,800 – 3,760 BCE was a Nibiru Window when the Anunnaki (ancient astronauts) home planet came closest to the earth space for about 40 years in its 3600 years orbit. During this period, the Anunnaki top chieftains would meet with their representative on Earth Mission to discuss long-term plans for humankind. Going by the content of the Enumā Elish as translated by Sitchin, the Anunnaki had observed, monitored, and recorded the evolution processes within the Milky Way long before some planets were formed around our Sun. See THEY LIED TO US or Sitchin’s works for details.

To prove his Nibiru Window claim, Sitchin established that according to archaeologist findings, after the Flood, the foundation of the first Temple of Enki was built at Eridu circa 3,800 BCE. Also, the Jewish calendar carries a start date of 3,761 BCE (and 5,781 2021). Further inquiry shows that long after Enlil (head of Sumerian pantheon) had invented and designed the lunar calendar at Nippur, he gave the calendar to the Jews when his family adopted the Jews as a CHOSEN GENERATION from the Babylonian Captivity. In the light of the above, 3,761 BCE or 5,781 A.M. in the Jewish calendar was never the year when God created Adam and Eve as the Jewish Scripture wrongly propagated for the past 2,500 years. 5,781 A.M. signifies the beginning of the Enlil Nippurian calendar, indicating the close of the 40-year Nibiru Window of that era. Shortly after this period, human kings were installed over territories and lands as the Shepherd of the black-headed humans under the watchful eyes of the Anunnaki. First at Sumer and later at Egypt.

Here is the acid test. If 3,800 – 3760 BCE was a NIBIRU WINDOW, then the year 200 – 160 BCE should also be another Window where a hard decision would be taken on humanity. Was there anything like that in history? Standing on Sitchin and Abelard Reuchlin works in my mind, I made a quick summary of Jewish history as follows:

Cyrus the Great was at PEACE with the Jews: 538 BCE – Bible and general history as the primary source.

King Darius was at PEACE with the Jews: 520 BCE – Bible and general history as the primary source.

King Artaxerxes was at PEACE with the Jews: 456 BCE – Bible and general history as the primary source.

Alexander the Great was at PEACE with the Jews: 323 BCE – Josephus as the primary source.

Antiochus (IV) Epiphanes was at WAR with the Jews: 167 BCE – Josephus and general history as the primary source.

It is a known fact that the persecution of the Jews by Antiochus IV Epiphanes from 167 BCE ignited the Maccabees revolt and two other revolts against Rome. The Bar Khobar revolt of 136 CE ultimately led to the expulsion of the Jews from Palestine. It became imperative to investigate the immediate and remote cause of the invasion of the Jewish peace in 167 BCE. Could Nibiru Window between 200 and 160 BCE be the answer?

History says a single elderly Roman ambassador named Gaius Popillius Laenas delivered a scroll to the Hellenistic King on his way to attack Egypt in 168 BCE. If Egypt was saved by that letter, but Judea was severely punished in the following year, the question is, who chose Egypt and Rome above Judea? It could not have been Yahweh that saved the Jews from the claws of Babylon, only to give them up to be punished by the Greeks and later, Rome. Secondly, knowing that Rome went ahead to rule the New Age, invariably, the choice between Rome and Judea was made a long time before the Common Era and not in the first century as New Testament writers would want its reader to believe. Thirdly, the opening verses of Daniel 9, which appear to promote that a Messiah would come, cleverly told its readers that their record was a forgery. We can, therefore, concede that Yahweh never made the choice of Rome over Judah. Only the Anunnaki high chieftains could have turned down Enlil’s option of the Jews for the Romans during the last Nibiru Window. See more in THEY LIED TO US.

                             *                    *                    *                    *               *

The overlapping of these calendars and the effective study of the details opened up the composite factors influencing global happenings over a given period. Sitchin put the beginning of the Age of Aries at 2024 BCE. He correctly identified the expulsion of the Jews from Palestine as the end of the Age of Aries. He, therefore, calculated back from 136 CE when the Jews last revolted against Rome and were expelled from Palestine. However, when I discovered that the Bible writer went further and secretly gave the close of our current Age of Pisces as 2300 CE (Daniel 8:14), I adjusted Sitchin’s date to 2020 BCE. Therefore;

AGE OF TAURUS: 4,180 – 2020 BCE

AGE ARIES: 2020 BCE – 140 CE

AGE OF PISCES: 140 – 2300 CE

AGE OF AQUARIUS: 2300 – 4460 CE

Thus, with a slight adjustment, the Bible writers confirm Sitchin’s hypothesis on the termination date of the Zodiac signs.



For the solar calendar and Egyptian obelisks to have played a significant influence in the making of Rome, it would not be far-fetched to uncover that the mystery of Jesus Christ story is embedded in the sun. For a fact, the Roman aristocrats created Christianity. Now that we have discovered that there was no historical Messiah in the first century; the world is kept waiting in vain for a never Second Return.

The Masonic signature in the birth, ministry, death, and age of Jesus Christ is a secret signature showing that no God or Holy Spirit inspired the Jewish Scripture or the New Testament. The Vatican became the seat and custodian of the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian mysteries, and the city oversee religious affairs globally. For this reason, the Vatican was called a modern BABYLON, THE GREAT CITY.

And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.  Revelation 14:8

The word “fornication” in the passage should have been written DECEPTION or FRAUD.


Historic evidence abounds that the Age of Aries, leading to the 8th Baktun, belonged to Marduk. We mentioned Hammurabi stele and Cyrus cylinder, and these are hard evidences. But, no hard evidence confirms Abraham as a historical person who did any exploit. The Israelites story and the details about the God of the Jews are most unlikely, just as the likelihood of any historical person called Jesus Christ. The compiled fanciful story is never a factual recount of historical events. Instead, it was carefully crafted by the Shakespearean Roman aristocrats and the general secret societies members at large.


Since 1971 the Vatican speaks in riddles when they constructed an immense monument in Rome to honour the Serpent. The VATICAN AUDIENCE HALL tells whoever cares that the pendulum is swinging from the Eagle (Enlil family) back to the Serpent (Enki family). See my second book, THE VATICAN SNAKEHEAD AUDITORIUM. While the 14th Baktun would end in 2,406 CE, the Jewish calendar, patterned after the Masoretic texts, will hit 6,000 AM by 2,240. But the Age of Aquarius would begin 2,300 CE. These are significant landmarks in humankind’s history that would cause a big stir in the future.  


The Anno Mondi date is the Sumerian master leash on the Jew’s neck. To admit its true meaning would concede that it was not Yahweh but Enlil who adopted them from Babylon. It will also expose that there was no Adam and Eve in any garden of Idin 5,781 years ago. To admit it is to confirm that the Order From Above rejected the Jews by 168 BCE for the Romans, which never correlated with the popular notion that the Jews were exiled because they killed a fictitious Messiah called Jesus Christ. Admittedly, the exposure and ensuing ridicule would be too much for the Jews to bear. Hence, they would rather hide the truth, hold their peace, and suffer in silence.

There was a twist to the long Jewish years in diaspora across the globe without a homeland. In the 1400s, King Anu abdicated the throne of Nibiru. Nanna, the old moon god in Mesopotamia, the son of Enlil, was enthroned, and He remembered the Jews and reinstated them unto mainstream global history. In the same vein, the black people were severely punished for the rebellious attitude of Marduk, who refused to bow to Nanna and take orders from Ša.A.Me. (This is what the Anunnaki call their home planet, and the people call themselves Ša.A.Mi). It is a case of when a deity errs, his human followers would get punished.

For seekers of the truth, the facts above undermine the legitimacy and reliability of the Bible record regarding the possible existence of a historical Messiah some two thousand years ago. For the Vatican to have used the middle point in Matthew and Luke’s records to derive a third birth year (1 CE) for Yeshua (Jesus Christ) means that there is no error in our discovery. Instead, it is proof that Jesus’ story is a well-scripted scheme, purposefully created by the body that later enthroned itself at the Vatican City, and at a later time, at the Mecca City. We must remember that the same Jesus, son of Mary’s report, is an integral ingredient of what became Islam. Therefore, Christianity and Islam are two sides of a coin minted by the Sumerian and Anunnaki chieftains. Whether Christian or Muslim, you are a slave to this great power-thirsty, highly advanced race and their sympathisers. They regard the Earth as their zoological garden and humankind as pawns and guinea pigs.

Will the human race break free or forever eat from the slave masters’ fingers? In THEY LIED TO US, I used the illustration of the six blind men who went to touch the elephant. The progeny of the six blind men are found among the following: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Traditional beliefs, and Atheism/Agnosticism. The only group untouched by the blindness is the King and his men, who mock the six blind men.

Let the true men learn the secrets and antics of the King and his men so that they can live free, earth-caring life that will guarantee true human brotherhood. Let’s halt the conquer, divide, and rule scheme where everyone feels disjointed and promotes ethnic superiority and skewed worldview.

Tunji Adeeko (September 2021)

TUNJI ADEEKO is a Nigerian and a private researcher. I have written two books.

  1. THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity And Islam Religions Were Forged.
  2. THE VATICAN SNAKEHEAD AUDITORIUM – Is The Black Race Destined To Rule The New Age?

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