To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. Isaiah 8:20

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

What is truth? John 18:38

The trio of quotes above consists of an age-long priestly injunction, a candid comment, and a genuine query.

Where people had romanced an opinion for so long, they formed set(s) of belief(s) around it. Typically, it is not all beliefs that are true even though people hold to them firmly. When the content of any idea is dissected, reviewed, and declared to be faulty, it mostly becomes tough for the same people who held to it at first to face a new truth and be freed. Instead, they would naturally resist, rationalize, scorn, fight, and most likely reject the revised case(s). Only a few wise ones would take the lead and carefully consider the pros and cons of the reviews to form new or different beliefs. It takes a while before more people begin to admit the errors and change their paths. However, the laggards wait for almost forever before they shift grounds, albeit too late.

In this article, and in my bid to search out the truth relating to the religious beliefs bestow on me and billions of people across the globe from childhood, I shall open up a not too popular approach of reviewing our agelong faith.  Whether many believers are willing to admit it or not, the Bible contains lots of irreconcilable claims. And very unfortunate, the barrage of false claims is carried over into the making of Islam. In this write-up, I shall explain critical points central to the Christian faith but lack sufficient foundation to accommodate the agelong trust. The key highlight is as follows:

  1. Prophet Daniel did not prophesy about the coming of Jesus Christ as previously imagined.
  2. Matthew and Luke’s birth years have nothing to do with a historical Jesus Christ.
  3. Christian Calendar reveals the border of the Age of Pisces and Aquarius – astrology.
  4. The writer of Daniel 9 debunked the story they wrote about a possible “Messiah the Prince.”
  5. Isaiah 7:14 is unreliable to prove the virgin birth. The virgin birth is unscriptural.
  6. The first Adam and the first sin are a hoax.
  7. The Romans were chosen to replace the Jews long before the first century.
  8. The expulsion of the Jews from Palestine was unconnected with the supposed death of Jesus Christ.
  9. The three dates that shall shake the world are the years 2240, 2300, and 2400 CE.
  10. The Masonic signature confirms that God never wrote any holy book.


Prophet Daniel’s prophecy about the Seventy Weeks period leading to the arrival of “Messiah the Prince” created anticipation in the first century (Daniel 9:25, John 1:41, 4:45). The reader may wish to read the general interpretation associated with the prophecy here. The prophecy further states that the “Messiah the Prince” would be cut off (killed) in the middle of the seventieth week – seven prophetic days/years. With the explicit guideline provided, the Messiah ought to be born in 3 BCE at the earliest.

According to reliable sources Herod, the Roman-appointed king of Judea, began to rule by 37 BCE and died in 4 BCE. Therefore, according to Daniel’s prophecy, the Messiah should be born after King Herod had died. However, historically there is no record that any Messiah was born among the Jews after King Herod’s death. Therefore, the prophecy of the Seventy Weeks of Daniel did not apply to the famous Jesus Christ of the Christian world.


The death of King Herod of Judea is put at 4 BCE, and Matthew mentions the infanticide that King Herod carried out on children two years old and below (Matthew 2). By so doing, the gospel writer tactically put the birth of a baby born by a virgin named Mary at 6 BCE. However, Luke associated the birth of Mary’s baby called Jesus to Cyrenius (Latin name is Publius Sulpicius Quirinus) ‘s reign as the Governor of Syria province. All available records, including Josephus, clearly state that Cyrenius was made governor of Syria after the banishment of Archelaus in AD 6. The enrolment mentioned in Luke 2:2 was carried out in the second year of Cyrenius’ reign, AD 7 or 7 CE.

Instead of Matthew and Luke corroborating Daniel’s claim in #1, the reader could see that they compounded the problem by creating two different dates. The Christians worldwide and some scholars had imagined that either Matthew or Luke made a mistake since the two dates declared as the birth years of Jesus are mutually exclusive. And for the sake of this assumption, the inconsistency had remained unexplained till now. However, since no historical person can be born on two dates separated by 13 years, I branded this Bible report a mystery that must be resolved throughout my research years. I then set out to find the truth, which must be reasonable and tenable to be accepted. The most appealing attention was that the difference between the two dates is 13, and 13 is a suspected Masonic number. Could this be pointing the finger at the brains behind the writing of the gospel? If the ancient Masons, which has now formed many secret societies around the globe, wrote this story, what could be their motive?  


Until the sixth century, the Septuagint, the Jewish Scripture in the Greek language, was in use. The chronology of Adam in Septuagint differs from the same in Masoretic Text by almost one thousand five hundred years. Therefore, when the Septuagint chronology hit 6,000 AM (Anno Mundi) in the year now known as AD 524, there was speculation that the world would come to an end. The intervention of the Vatican caused a monk, Dionysus Exiguus, or Denis the little, to revise the expired calendar and introduce the anno Domini calendar in AD 532. How did the monk determine that Jesus Christ was born 532 years ago in that year?

The truth as I discovered it is this, the difference in Jesus’ birth year in Matthew and Luke was handy for the Vatican monk. Hence, he picked the middle of the two dates as the year Jesus Christ was born. Thus, the anno Domini calendar commenced six years after Matthew’s date and six years before Luke’s date. Other than this, there was no historical reference to the birth of the supposed Messiah. Invariably, Matthew says Jesus was born 6 BCE, the Church says Jesus was born 1 CE, and Luke says Jesus was born 7 CE. Could a historical person be born in three different years? With the Church’s action, the contradictory dates in Matthew and Luke were no longer errors. The dates were secret symbols anticipatedly put in place for use when the chronology in the Septuagint had expired. Thus, the Septuagint can best be described as a carefully manipulated work positioned to maneuver critical events in history. God could not have done these things, but the ancient secret societies would. Please read my article on the first three reasons here.

#4 THE ASTROLOGICAL CALENDAR                              

If my work is correct in discovering that a secret society that operates from the Vatican used the double birth years of Jesus to create the Anno Domini calendar or Christian calendar, I also took it upon myself to find out the significance of the Christian calendar. The purpose must be enormous, or else it would not warrant the stain and shame brought to Jesus’ story.

In chapter two of my second book, THE VATICAN SNAKEHEAD AUDITORIUM, I showed how the Bible writers secretly romance astrology in the story of Jacob in Genesis 49. By this, I began to note that the secret societies behind the writing of Jesus Christ story are foremost astrologers, among other things. Their action was baffling, considering that no portion of the Bible openly supports Christian believers’ interest and interactions with astrology.

It is a fact that the precession of the earth’s equinox records a movement of one degree every seventy-two years. There are twelve zodiacs in earth space; therefore, it takes approximately 2,160 years for the earth to journey past a zodiac sign.

Scholars have established that the expulsion of the Jews from Palestine by 136 CE marked the end of the Age of Aries (2020 BCE – 140 CE). However, when 2,160 years of the current Age of Pisces is added to the Age of Aries, we arrive at 140 + 2,160 = 2,300. Unknown to many Bible readers, this date was secretly put in the Bible, only if any reader can correctly identify and interpret it.

And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. Daniel 8:14

The reader may wish to click here to read my comprehensive article on this topic to understand the subject matter properly. By this discovery, Jesus’ year of birth was mutilated and undermined because the secret society wanted to ensure that the border of the Piscean Age and Age of Aquarius was never lost in human history, and it is 2,300 CE. There is no better way to illustrate loyalty other than this. To the Bible writer, astrology is much more critical than the authenticity of Jesus Christ’s story.  By the actions of the Bible writers, the historicity of Jesus Christ is heavily compromised and questionable. Of what use is a Messiah who was born by a virgin in an unknown year?


As if to warn the would-be readers, the writer of Daniel opened what best stands as the Messiah chapter (Daniel 9) because the word “Messiah” was first used in the Bible in this passage, with two fallacious statements. The writer claims he saw the vision in the first year of King Darius of the Medes, and according to many reliable sources, no such person or king existed in history. Secondly, the writer claims that he saw the vision when the Jews had completed seventy years in the Babylonia Captivity. This statement is untrue because the Jews spent less than sixty years in the Babylonia exile. Please read my article on the topic here.

Therefore, the writer of Daniel 9 substantially left a caveat to warn the reader of the chapter never to believe or expect any “Messiah the Prince” after the demise of King Herod as he speculated by his “prediction.” And, historically, no Messiah came after Herod had died. As said earlier, neither Matthew nor Luke agreed on the authenticity of Daniel’s claim. Both records secretly guided the change in the calendar in the sixth century and never attested to the birth of a historical person called Jesus the Savior in the first century. No Jewish record claims that the saviour of the world would be born of a virgin. Hence, they ever rejected the story. The reader may read chapters eight, nine, and ten of my book; THEY LIED TO US by Tunji Adeeko.


One of the decisive arguments for supporting a historical Jesus, otherwise called Emmanuel, who would be born of a virgin is the quote from Isaiah 7:14. It reads:

Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

If a reader would read chapter eight of my book, THEY LIED TO US; he would understand the gravity of the main dispute. In summary, I explained, as many scholars had done, that “Matthew quoted this portion of Hebrew Scripture because of the word ha-almah (the maid), which in Hebrew meant a young woman of childbearing age who had not yet given birth and who might or might not be a virgin, has been replaced in the Greek translation with parthenos which means ‘a virgin.'”

Just as I explained in #3above, since circa 287 BCE, the Greek’s Septuagint introduced many mistranslations of the Hebrew Text to support the Angel-Messiah ideology. All the efforts to find appropriate scriptures to back the claim of virgin-born-son fails. The closest story would be the story of the Egyptian god, Horus, whose mother conceived without natural intercourse with her husband, Osiris, who was gruesomely murdered. Isis took the semen from the corpse and fertilised herself. After that, Isis declared that the sun impregnated her and that her son was a chief deity, the son of the sun or a sun god.

The Emmanuel child of Prophet Isaiah and King Ahaz saga could not and should never have been used to propagate the unsubstantiated story of  Jesus story in the New Testament because the circumstances were unrelated.

#7 THE NIBIRU WINDOW [3800 – 3760 BCE]

Before thousands of ancient Sumerian clay tablets were excavated by archaeologists, and its writing was dated to circa 2500 BCE, a long time before Father Abraham and the nation of Israel was born, the Bible content was deemed a true story about the past ages it speaks about. However, with ample evidence, the Bible content has gradually been relegated to a secondary source. Bible content is now understood as a plagiarized form of the original texts scattered in Sumer, Egypt & Africa, Babylon, India, Persia, and possibly other places. According to the Sumerian king list, humanity came into existence much earlier than the Bible Genesis claims.

The late Zechariah Sitchin mentioned how archaeologists unearthed the Temple of Enki at Eridu and put the date of the first foundation circa 3,800 BCE. He also attributed the Jewish calendar that stipulates this year 2021 as 5,781 AM as of Nippurian origin. While Eridu was home to the Sumerian god, Enki, Nippur was home to Enlil, the two sons of King Anu of the Sumerian pantheon. Anno Mundi estimated that Adam was created 5,781 years ago or 3,760 BCE. The 40-year gap had greatly influenced the Jewish use of previously unexplainable 40 (days or years) in their history and literature. However, with this new understanding, 5,781 AM only represents a fraction of Sumerian history and never the year when Adam was created.

This revelation implies that the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (E.din) was created by the imagination of the Bible writers, the secret society. Creation never took place as Genesis portrayed it. The ancient Elohim was never represented as ONE GOD but the many gods and goddesses of the olden time as relayed by the Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, and many others. The secret society crystalised the image of God to become one to control the world populace effectively.

The most significant implication of the truth I now share is that there was never a Mr. Adam in Genesis who sinned and plunged the entire world into the natural state of sin at birth. If there was no first sin, there was no need for Jesus Christ, the second Adam. So far, there has been no verifiable evidence of Jesus Christ in history.

#8 THE NIBIRU WINDOW [200 – 160 BCE]

Just as the first Nibiru Window of 3,800 – 3,760 BCE and the Sumerian king list disprove the creation of a man named Adam, there is the need to look at the repeat of Nibiru Window at 200 – 160 BCE in our pursuit to unravel the mystery of Nibiru 3600 years orbit around our sun. The reader can read the details here. Our finding summarizes that between 200 & 160 BCE, the Jews were rejected as the chief custodian of monotheism in the approaching new Piscean Age. Instead, Rome was chosen. And since power was transferred from Egypt to Babylon and then to Rome, Rome changed from using the lunar calendar to the Egyptian solar calendar. Many obelisks were also transported to Rome and many chief cities across the globe. Rome became the new BABYLON THE GREAT (Revelation 17:5, 18:2).

This discovery implies that God did not expel the Jews from Palestine because they killed a fictitious Jesus Christ in the first century. Instead, the Sumerian god El or Enlil became Yahweh unto the Jews and desired to use the Jews to propagate monotheism. But, during the NIbiru Window of 200 – 160 BCE, the much higher Anunnaki council decided to use Rome. And from 167 BCE, the Jews had to fight for their lives—first, the Maccabbees war against the Greeks, and subsequently three revolts against Rome.


Many Christians must have read in Revelation that God would save twelve thousand souls each from the twelve tribes of Israel. That would make a total of one hundred and forty-four thousand (144,000) souls (Revelation 7:4, 14:1). But, I am not sure that many Christians are aware of a segment of the Mayan calendar where a B’ak’tun consists of one hundred and forty-four thousand (144,000) days? Someone may say, ‘What is the connection?’

Having been raised as a staunch Christian, I never imagined that the Holy Bible has anything to do with astrology. I had always thought of the Bible as a sacred book written and compiled by divine inspiration from God. To me, the allusion to one hundred and forty-four thousand appears that the Bible writers went further to have a romance with the ancient Mayan calendar, which has a starting date of 3114 BCE. Can this be proven?

The B’ak’tun explains that at an alternate period of one hundred and forty-four thousand days, a civilization would rise and then fall for another to rise and fall again. When a secret society knew about this established order, they could “predict” many things and put them in the mouth of Jesus as the New Testament did. In that case, these are not divine predictions but knowledge-based.

Predicting our current era, the 14th B’ak’tun (2012 – 2406 CE), the Bible rightly calls this period a time of tribulation because the UK/US civilisation would fall during this period. The Bible went further to say, “except for the elect’s sake, no soul shall survive it.” Therefore, the tribulation period would be cut short or reduced. The followings are the true and false observations about this postulation.

  • True – During this period, the UK/US civilization shall lose its grip on power and global control, and it is expected that a nation of US caliber would not give its power away easily. Therefore, global wars appear inevitable for resource control.
  • False – No period will be cut short because of the elect. However, while the period of tribulation is expected to end circa 2400 CE, the Piscean Age will come to an end by 2300 CE, and the Age of Aquarius will begin. Hence, the expected change in baton of power before the 14th B’ak’tun expires causes the Bible writer to coin the event as a long tribulation cut short for the elect’s sake.  

Three dates that would cause a stir across the globe in the years to come are:

2240 CE – The Jewish calendar would hit 6,000 AM, and they would speculate that the world would end in that year or that Jesus Christ would Return the Second time. This claim is untrue.

2300 CE – The end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. There could also be speculations as mentioned above.

2400 CE – The end of the 14th B’ak’tun of the Mayan Calendar. The same speculations may repeat themselves, except humanity become adequately enlightened.

It is essential to explain that the tribulations or infightings within the past 2,000 years of the Piscean age occurred primarily among brothers of the same family. However, the great battle of the current period shall ultimately snatch power from the UK/US power bloc. Power and global control would transit from one clan (Enlil’s) to another (Enki’s).


The reader can read the more elaborate details on this topic in my second book, THE VATICAN SNAKEHEAD AUDITORIUM.

  • Matthew says a Yeshua (now called Jesus Christ) was born by a virgin in 6 BCE, but Luke says the same person was born in 7 CE. The difference in year of birth in the two records is 13 years.
  • The New Testament claim that Yeshua had twelve disciples, 12 + 1 = 13 persons.
  • John says Jesus Christ died on the Preparation day for Passover (Nisan 13th) [John 19:14, 31] when the Passover was yet to be eaten [John 18:28]. However, the other gospellers wrote that Jesus ate the Passover with his disciples on traditional Nisan 14th before killing him.

From the birth, ministry, and death of Jesus Christ, the number 13 resonates. Jesus was reported to have started his ministry at thirty years old, and he was killed in the middle of the seventieth week of Prophet Daniel’s prophecy. Thus, Jesus died at the age of 33. It is more than a coincidence for two Masonic numbers of 13 and 33 to have featured in the story of Jesus Christ.

My humble submission is that the ancient secret society, and never a Father-God in heaven, inspired and wrote the holy books promoting monotheism. Jesus and the twelve disciples represent Jesus as the sun and the twelve zodiac signs. We have seen sufficient prove in this report, and I have established that there are no bases to establish a historical Jesus in human history going by the available records. However, the same story was planted in the holy Quran that a virgin called Mary gave birth to Prophet Issa with intercourse with any known man.

Therefore, the same secret society with the secret use of the 13 and 33 symbols masterminded the composition of the Bible and Quran. The two books are two sides of a coin. For a comprehensive report on how Jesus is sun, and never a historical person read THEY LIED TO US or a free article here.

Tunji Adeeko

(October 10, 2021)

TUNJI ADEEKO is a Nigerian and a private researcher. I have written two books.

  1. THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity And Islam Religions Were Forged.
  2. THE VATICAN SNAKEHEAD AUDITORIUM – Is The Black Race Destined To Rule The New Age?

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