Tunji Adeeko is a black man born and bred in Africa, a Yoruba man from the Ijebu tribe, a Nigerian.

In his quest to find an answer to the question WHY IS BLACKMAN BACKWARD? he uncovered a global secret which indicates that the earth is a colony under a superior race. This race controls the earth like a private estate.

At the head of this superior race’s family is two brothers who hide their identity on earth in the symbols of SERPENT (+ Dragon) and EAGLE (+double-headed Eagle).

The superior race who are extremely small in number controls the massive population of humanity.

For effective control, they invent religions, technologies, and dictate trade and commerce across the globe.

They are headed by two brothers and each brother rule the earth from one Age (2160 years) to another.

He further uncovers that though humankind has been around for a pretty long time, civilisation was only given to humanity in the past three ages, starting from Sumer, in Mesopotamia. Evidence of human existence before this period was under the direct rule of the superior race. Hence, the period is regarded as prehistoric – the unwritten history.

The chieftains of this family ruled as gods and goddesses of the ancient world.

Starting from the first dynasty in Sumer and Egypt circa 3800 and 3100 BCE, respectively, human history has only gone through three ages. These are

AGE OF TAURUS – 4,180 to 2,020 BCE [±6 years]

AGE OF ARIES – 2,020 BCE to 140 CE [±6 years]

AGE OF PISCES – 140 to 2,300 CE [±6 years]]

During the Age of Taurus, the chieftains of these beings ruled the key civilised spots. However, during the Age of Aries, the world was under the control of the elder brother and his family (the Serpent). In the current Age of Pisces, the world has been under the control of the younger brother and his family (the Eagle).

While the elder brother dictated the religious and cultural system of old in Egypt and Babylon, the younger brother created Judaism, and later Christianity and Islam religions to control the earth. The rule started from the ancient Roman Empire, Roman-German Empire, and the current British-America Empire.

My books and articles shall be targeted at unveiling the secrets of this superior race, and to reveal what I will call the destiny of humankind. It is my ultimate belief that the universe would rather have the humankind to control the planet under a greatly improved love-based ideologies.

Join me as we revolutionalise humanity’s mind by sharing undiluted truth to further raise the standard of humankind consciousness. Moving from the blind following of these aliens and their draconian rules to a more earth-friendly, earth-protecting rules and policies.