- A critical review of the origin of Monotheism


Monotheism, that is, the belief that there is only one God, has been promoted among humans for at least 2,500 years. The uninformed would argue that this belief has been with humanity from the creation of the world and man. Howbeit, when was the world really made, when was the Earth created and when was mankind granted the right to take dominion and control of this planet?

The author dared to review the past. The efforts paid off because he made an enormous discovery with what looks, most likely, a huge cover-ups in the making of Christianity and Islam religion. The truth you thought you knew may never really be true. You will be shocked by what the author uncovered. There seems to be a lie too many in the past two and a half millennia. It is unlike what you were ever told.

The author took the reader a step at a time in this highly informative and exciting journey to uncover the when, how, and why monotheism was created for mankind.  

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