Dear Tunji,

"Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your most interesting, enthralling and informative manuscript. With such ardent, passionate and tenacious zeal to uncover what is true and lay bare what is false, you have written a thoroughly researched and credible book that will, I think, open many peoples’ eyes and minds, but is also likely to stir up much controversy, as you well know! I, for one, have certainly learnt so much of real value and have gained an expanded perspective and understanding of many things whilst working on it, even though I am very much in alignment and agreement with your beliefs.”
Franklin Kartun
Reach Publishers, South Africa


The Author

The author was born over four decades ago to a late African king, Oba James Bodunrin Adeeko and Olori Felicia Odunola Adeeko (Nee Shobanjo).

He is a Nigerian and a graduate of Agricultural Science (OSU now OOU). He holds a Master degree (MBA) in Production and Operations Management (LASU). He is also a certified Purchasing And Supply Manager (CIPSMN).

Tunji is a self-driven individual who never looks back when pursuing a cause. ‘THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity and Islam Religions Were Forged’ is his first book.
He has passion in many other areas but he is primarily consumed with how he could contribute his quota towards the repositioning of the earth populace to becoming One.

About The Book

The world is filled with many religions with monotheism claiming half of the world population; that is, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other branches of the Abrahamic faith. Most of these religions were created in the Middle East and then spread across the Western World, Latin America, and Africa with little success in the Far East. 
As a young African prince, growing up in my semi-urban town, I would often wonder in my teen ages how I could possibly rule over my people if and when called upon to do so - my grave concern was not unconnected with the multiple religions in the land.
The drive to find accurate answers to the origin of the beliefs that there is one God and yet so variously displayed became the impetus for my search, and now I make public my findings with the hope that it will set many free. Only the truth sets free.

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